My Dream Fulfilled At The Age Of 27 – Part 2


I was receiving several emails from the past few years. Sorry guys I couldn’t continue the second part as my system was sent to get repaired. I completely forgot to visit this site. Now I have got enough time due to lock down to continue Part 2.

Guys, I have promised the couple not to share their details with anyone and keep it secret. Still, you guys are asking me to provide contact details and address. I am sorry I have deleted the contact number the next day, as per their request. I cannot share their address as it is a matter of trust. Thank you!

Those who missed Part 1 can read it before reading this story.

Now coming to the story, before leaving Sneha’s (name changed) home, she served me lunch and gave her personal number. She asked me to stay for that night and book a ticket the next day. I reached the lodge and took a shower. I was thinking of all that happened.

I then got a call from her husband. He said to me that his wife was very happy. “You can stay for tonight with her, and you can book a ticket to Hyderabad tomorrow.”

I informed him I have already booked the ticket. “Your wife told me the same. I am going to stay tonight.”

He then wished me good luck and hung up the call. I took a bath around 9 PM. I had dinner at a nearby restaurant and started to her location. I reached before 10 PM. I passed the time and was waiting for her call. But I didn’t get any call. So I contacted her.

She said to me her son had not slept. Once he sleeps, she will call. I have got a call from her after 10:30. She informed me to check outside if no one is there, then directly enter inside and close the doors. I did the same. I entered her house and closed the main door.

She was in a nighty and watching TV. I went to her and greeted her. She apologized for keeping me waiting for a longer time. I said it’s okay. Her son was lying on the floor and sleeping in the hall. She said, “No need to panic. He won’t wake up till morning. You come and have dinner.”

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I said I ate just now only can’t eat anymore. She asked me to change into boxers and wait in the bedroom. I went into the bedroom and was lying on the bed. She said she will be back after 10 minutes. “I have to call my husband.”

I said okay and was waiting for her. Dumbest thing I have done. Last night I came into the general compartment without sleep. And before reaching her home, I roamed here and there that got me tired. I don’t know when I went into a deep sleep.

I woke up around 2:30AM and cursed myself that I missed a beautiful opportunity. I went into the hall, and she was sleeping next to her son. I woke her up and asked to come into the bedroom.

She came in, and I said, “I’m sorry. You should have woke me up.” She said, “I don’t want to disturb you. That’s why I didn’t wake you up.” I hugged her, and we both started kissing passionately. I lifted her and made her lie on the bed.

I then came on top of her again started kissing slowly caressed her boobs on top of the nighty. I undid my boxer and lifted her nighty up and inserted my penis in her pussy and started ramming her. I was kissing and fucking her for some time. We both cummed at the same time.

She went into the bathroom and came, and I went inside, cleaned, and came. By this time, she was completely naked lying on the bed. I went near her and lay beside her. She was telling about her personal details and how her house owner tried to seduce her and all.

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In the meantime, we both were cuddling. She then went near my dick, and it was erected again. She was just teasing with tongue and started sucking it. I was lying, and she was on top of me doing the blowjob. I was really excited and asked her to lie down.

I started fucking her in missionary position, she kept her legs around my waist. I was continuously fucking her. In the afternoon and before the session, I came earlier. But this time I didn’t cum. She is asking me to stop it and leave home as it was almost 4:00 AM.

People who go for walking might roam. It will be difficult again to leave my house. But I was reluctant. I said, “But I didn’t ejaculate, and I am still feeling horny. Let me do it till I cum.” She didn’t listen. She requested me to dress up and leave.

I said it’s okay and then I wore my dress. I was about to leave, but she asked me to wait. She then brought 1500 Rs and was giving me. I rejected it. I said, “It’s okay. It was my first time, and I should be thankful to you to fulfill my desires.” But she didn’t listen.

She told me that her husband informed her to give it in the afternoon. But she held it so that she can give it when I come back in the night. She requested me to delete her personal number. I did the same in front of her. She kissed me and thanked me.

She told me that if there is any need in the future, “We will definitely contact you. We have your number.” she opened the main door and checked outside and asked me to leave immediately, I did the same.

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This was one, and the only encounter that happened in my life to date. Now I am 30, still cherishing that moment.

Thank you, guys, for reading my story. If any female/woman interested in having any kind of short term/ one night stands/secret relationship can reach me at [email protected]

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