My Dream Of Being A Sex Slave


Thinking of being used as a femdom sex slave makes me happy. I am fond of femdom videos. I have seen many femdom videos over my laptop and I have enjoyed every bit of every video.

So let’s come to the incident which happened to me 6 months before. We have one neighboring couple. The man is an IT engineer and woman is a housewife, both aged between 28-30 years. I used to call them Manish bhaiya and Shilpa bhabhi.

I want to tell you about Shilpa bhabhi. She is a sex goddess with firm boobs, round butts, killer eyes. She was my dream mistress. I was having a desire of being used and punished by bhabhi.

One day I wasn’t at home. Bhabhi came and asked my mother for my laptop as she had some urgent work. As no one except me uses my laptop I haven’t kept any password on my laptop. Also I haven’t cleared history from my laptop which was full of femdom porn video links.

Mom gave my laptop to her without asking me as she said she will return the laptop in 1 hour. I wasn’t supposed to be home in 1 hour. After her work was done she returned the laptop before I came home and mom didn’t tell me about it.

One day she came home and ask me to see her bedroom TV as it wasn’t working. I went to her home and then to the bedroom and checked connections. I found that the setup box wasn’t connected properly. In between, she got a call and told me that she will be back in some time.

She asked me to connect the setup box property and start TV. I said ok and I was connecting cables meanwhile she had gone down pulling the main door. The TV was on within a few seconds and I was waiting for her to come. While waiting I got to pee and I went to her master bedroom bathroom.

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As no one was at home I kept the bathroom door open and started peeing. While peeing I found that there were some unwashed clothes were there in the bathroom. I started finding bhabhi’s bra and panty in clothes and found them there. I started sniffing her panty.

Then I started sniffing and licking her bra. I was lost in her aroma and my eyes were closed. I started licking her panty was tasting her love juice and all of a sudden I got a hard slap. I came to senses and saw angry bhabhi standing there.

She slapped me 2-3 more times and held my collar and pulled me out of the bathroom. I was full of fear and was thinking about what bhabhi will do now. If she tells my parents they will kill me. I kept my head down and she was lecturing me.

Then she told me that she is going to tell all this to my parents. I held her legs and begged her not to tell this to anyone but she wasn’t ready. I begged her that, “I will do anything but please don’t tell my parents.” All of sudden I saw a spark in her eyes. She asked if I will do anything. I said, “Yes, bhabhi.”

She gave a hard slap and said call me mistress and not bhabhi. The inner me was happy that my dream is going to be fulfilled. I said, “Ok, mistress.” She asked me to remove my clothes and be ready to be punished. I removed my clothes and was ready for punishment.

She asked me to get on 4 legs like a dog and follow her towards the living room. I followed her. She made a dog collar using her dupatta and dragged me around. I was very happy of being used as a slave by my dream mistress. She then asked me to lick her feet and clean them.

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I was licking her feet very well. While I was licking, she told me, “You are such a good dog who serves his mistress very well.” She told me that I was trapped to become her sex slave. She told me that she had found femdom porn history over my laptop and she planned this trap to catch me.

I was surprised on hearing that but I was very much happy to serve her. Then she asked me to lick her pussy which was clean shaved and told me not to stop until she tells me to stop. I started licking her kept licking her pussy for half an hour. Then she asked me to follow her to the bathroom.

She told me to lie on the floor and asked me to close my eyes. Suddenly I felt a hot shower over my chest. I was knowing that she is peeing over me. After peeing she asked me to open my eyes and ordered me to clean her pussy. After cleaning her pussy she asked to get fresh and come to the bedroom.

After cleaning myself I went to the bedroom. She was standing with that bra and panty which I licked in the bathroom. Then she gave me that bra and panty and ask me to wear it. I hesitatingly wore that. She asked me to lie on the bed and started slapping me on my ass.

She started slapping me over bra which I was wearing. She took out a 10-inch dildo from the cupboard and wore it. I was knowing what will be happening with me. She asked me to lick it and give her a blowjob. She was fucking my mouth vigorously. Then she asked me to get in the doggy style.

She started inserting dildo on my ass hole but my hole was very tight. She wasn’t able to insert it. Then she stretched my hole with her fingers and lubricated my hole with some gel. After some time, she asked me to stretch my hole with my hands, and forcefully inserted the dildo in my hole.

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Half of the dildo was in my hole l. I screamed. She started fucking my hole and I was screaming in pain. After some time pain converted in pleasure and I started enjoying. She kept fucking me some time. Then she asked me to lick her pussy and ass. She was pressing her ass on my face.

After some hard licking she came on my face and asked me to clean her pussy and lick every drop of her cum. Then he slapped on my dick and told me to be ready every time to serve or else she will open my secret. I was also very happy to serve here and be her sex slave.

That’s all for now. The second part will tell you about how she and her friends used me for their kitty party. Till the time please do write feedback on [email protected] Any mistress bhabhi or girl from Mumbai can also connect with me on the same email id. Thank you.

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