My Erotic Fantasy Came True


Hi All, myself Rishi from Bangalore. I am 27, grew up with lots of fantasies in life. I thought of sharing the erotic fantasy I had while I was in junior college.

I would like to describe one of the most erotic fantasies which I had during my junior college. The heroine of the story is my teacher, who used to teach us zoology.

Sandhya was the name! Her age was between 32 and 36, fair in complexion, approximately 5’8 height. A very hot south Indian woman with perfect curves.

Initially, I never had any sexual intentions on this lady. I was happy with masturbating imagining erotic sex with actresses. But one day, I came to know about Sandhya ma’am’s problems. She was unable to conceive for 8 years from marriage.

She had also mentioned she was facing many problems because of not becoming pregnant. However, she visited many doctors, along with her husband. But there were no positive results. On hearing this, I felt very bad.

I couldn’t sleep that night. My mind was filled with Sandhya ma’am and the struggle she is undergoing. The very next day, when I saw Sandhya ma’am in the college, my eyes automatically started to scan her body curves. I slowly started developing feelings for her.

Within a few days, I started to imagine Sandhya ma’am in place of actresses in my sex sessions during masturbation. I used to desperately wait for zoology classes so that my eyes could enjoy her beauty, her curves. She had all the assets that a woman ought to have.

I used to visit the staff room quite often to have glimpses of her beauty. The most awaited lesson on the human reproduction system was up. Sandhya ma’am explained the concepts so openly without any hesitation. She explained the reproductive organs and how sex is the drive between a man and a woman.

After the lesson, she asked if anyone has doubts. Many students asked doubts, and the session was becoming more interactive. Soon I stood up and asked her about masturbation. How many times a man can masturbate, and is it healthy.

She winked at me and said, “Masturbation is an act both boys and girls do. One can masturbate daily, twice a day or more, it gives a lot of pleasure.” Now she turned towards me and continued, “Excess masturbation will drain your energy. as long as you can come to college, it is fine to masturbate more times a day.”

With time, I started to develop a conversation with her. I used to ask her many doubts about the subject. While she explained the concepts, I used to stare at her eyes, juicy lips, boobs, etc. I never had enough guts to make a move. But my imaginations on her were becoming much erotic during masturbation.

Very soon, we were nearing mid-term examination. I asked her if she can take me to the lab and explain to me the concept of dissection, analyzing the tissues on a microscope. She asked me to come on post-college hours so that she can help me out efficiently.

I was in cloud nine by hearing her words. I was desperately waiting for the classes to get over. Post classes, I went to the staff room. She asked me to wait for 20 minutes. It was already 4:45. By then, most of the faculty and students started to leave.

Around 5:10, she called me in and asked with to be seated for 5 minutes. Nobody was available inside except my sexy angel and me. I sat right opposite to her and started to glance at her beauty. Soon we went into the lab, she started explaining the concepts.

I was concentrating more on her assets than the subject. She started to set the microscope with the specimen tissues and asked me to have a look. For the first time, I went very close to her, I could smell the fragrance of her body. Though slides were set correctly on the microscope, I acted as if I was unable to identify anything.

Soon she put her left hand on my shoulder and started to set the microscope again. This time she was really close. I could kiss her lips with ease. My heart was beating so heavily. I was out of control. I held her waist, she immediately stared at me.

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Without wasting a second. I kissed her lips. She broke the kiss and slapped me right on my face.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, how dare you do that. I will complain to the principal.

Me: Ma’am, Ma’am, please, please listen to me. I have an explanation for this.

Sandhya ma’am: I never thought you are so cheap. D you think I am a whore? I want to see your parents tomorrow.

Me: Please, I never had this intention for you earlier. I got this feeling developed when I got to know that you are struggling to become pregnant.

Sandhya ma’am (shockingly she looked at me and asked): How do you know?

Me: I got to know from Deepti’s friend. I felt so bad for you and couldn’t sleep that night by hearing the struggles you had undergone. (with a lot of guts I continued) As time passed, sexual feelings towards you developed.

Me: I masturbated several times imagining you on the bed with me. If you are okay with it, I will help you become pregnant. This will solve your problem and will fulfill my thirst for you.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, please get out of this place, Don’t utter a word. I will not tolerate it anymore. Get out. Or else I will complain this to the principal and make sure you are suspended.

I left the place with a heavy heart. I couldn’t believe what I have done. I was ashamed of my behavior and went home sadly. The very next day (Saturday), I went to college with a fear of Sandhya ma’am complaining principal about yesterday’s incident.

It was 11 AM I searched Sandhya ma’am everywhere in the college. She was not available. On enquiring in the staff room, I realized that she has not come to college. I went back to class with a big disappointment. On Saturdays, our college ends at 2 PM.

It was 1:45 PM an attendant came in and asked me to go to Zoology Lab post classes and meet Sandhya ma’am. I was confused. I started towards the lab after finishing the classes with a lot of fear within. I entered the lab and didn’t see anyone there.

I waited for 20 minutes nobody turned up. I was coming out of the lab, by then, my goddess showed up. I could see a beautiful angel in a dark pink saree with a black matching blouse coming towards me. My eyes started to stare at her assets.

She noticed that and went straight into the lab. I followed her in, and she started.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, please be seated.

I sat on a chair opposite her and looked into her eyes.

Sandhya ma’am: Please forget what happened yesterday and concentrate on the studies. I don’t want you to spoil your studies. These fantasies will not help you in life. Study well, get a good score in your exams, obtain a degree, get a job in a good company.

Me: Apologies for my misbehavior. I felt ashamed of myself.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, Don’t think about it. Now concentrate on studies. If you get settled in your career, you will find a beautiful girl, Marry her. You need not masturbate anymore after that. She will fulfill all your desires. (She said with a naughty smile)

Sandhya ma’am: Shall we leave now? It looks like it will rain.

She said by looking into the window. She started to leave the place, soon it started raining heavily. She stopped and asked me to wait until the rain stops and accompany her. Otherwise, she will be left alone if I leave the place. (It was already quarter to 3PM).

Me: Ma’am, Can I help you to conceive a child?

I started the conversation again.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, Don’t be foolish. I am a married woman. I have many problems in life. I am striving hard to overcome it. I don’t want you to be one of those problems.

Me: I’m trying to solve your problem. Let us have sex, use me as much as you can to become pregnant. I never had sex with anyone. I am starving for it. I am unable to concentrate on my studies.

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Me: Whenever I am alone, I feel like masturbating, imagining you on the bed with me. Please, Ma’am, don’t deny my request. Both of us will be mutually benefitted.

She was standing right next to me. I went closer to her and hugged her tightly. She tried to push me away, but I held her tight in my arms. She looked into my eyes and asked me to leave her with a low tone. I was not ready to leave her.

I ran my hands on her back, caressing her bums and bare skins uncovered by her deep blouse. Her eyes were filled with tears, without wasting a second, I kissed her lips. I tried to open her lips with mine, but she held her lips tight and was not ready to cooperate.

I touched her bare navel with my right hand and started to caress her navel and pinched romantically. I started to kiss her neckline. She continued to say, “Rishi, please, this is wrong. We cannot do this. I cannot cheat my husband.” Tears rolled out of her eyes.

I was not ready to step back. I tried to pull her saree pallu off. But the pallu was pinned to the blouse. I tried to cup her melons over the saree. I started to squeeze her boobs. She resisted my moves and slapped me again. I left her for free.
Me: Ma’am, you are not cheating your husband. In fact, you will keep him happy by becoming pregnant. I promise that this will be between us and will never let anyone know about our relationship.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, I feel this is wrong.

Me (I held her face in my hands and said): This is not wrong. We are noting committing any mistake.

By saying this is I kissed her lips. I tried to open her lips with mine again. Fortunately, she opened her lips and allowed me in. I smooched her for 5 minutes continuously. I could feel her breath heavily. She broke the kiss after 5 minutes.

We both looked into each other’s eyes. Soon I tried to unpin her pallu from the blouse and removed her pallu. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my sexy goddess was standing with her pallu off, exposing her navel. I unhooked the blouse swiftly and stripped it off her, she was wearing a black bra.

My eyes were scanning her cleavage. She noticed it and immediately covered her cleavage with her hands. I couldn’t control myself. I took her hands off her cleavage and started to kiss it madly. I was out of control. She would have felt my hunger for her womanhood.

I tried to unhook her bra, she stopped me and asked me to close the door of the laboratory. Soon I bolted the lab doors and rushed towards the beauty. I went to her and tried to unhook her bra. She held me back, and she removed my t-shirt and ran her hands on my chest and neckline.

I hugged her tightly and started to suck her neck joints and moved towards her shoulders. I bit her bra strip on her right shoulders and move it out. I rolled my hands into the bra cup and caressed her right boob. She was breathing heavily. She held my hair and pull my face near her boobs.

Sandhya ma’am: Suck it, Rishi! Suck them hard. (She said in a romantic voice).

I started to suck her right boob nipple. Soon she unhooked the bra and strip her bra off. I saw both the melons free in the air. I cupped her boobs with my hands and started to squeeze them. Her eyes were filled with lust. And she asked me to suck them hard.

I didn’t leave her boobs for 10 minutes, I sucked them. I squeezed them badly. Soon I went down, I pulled her saree up and tried to reach her panty. She stopped me there and said.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, we will stop it here. This is not the right place to have sex.

Me: Ma’am, but, we can finish it soon, I want to fuck you. My cock is starving for you. Please let us do it. I cannot starve anymore.

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Sandhya ma’am: No, Rishi, listen to me. Even I need you in me, but this is not the right place. You come to my place tomorrow. We will do it. Now let us leave before somebody sees us here.

She started to put her clothes on. I was disappointed and put my t-shirt on and helped her hook the blouse. It was still raining outside. But she asked me to keep the lab door open, and I did as per her instruction. The corridor was empty, no one was found on the floor. I was all alone with my angle.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, how many times do you masturbate in a day she questioned.

Me: 3 to 4 times a day.

Sandhya ma’am: What is that you imagine while masturbating?

Me: I imagine myself having sex.

Sandhya ma’am: Sex? With whom? (She asked with a naughty smile)

Me: You.

Sandhya ma’am: What do you imagine?

Me: Imagine sucking your boobs, pussy, and fucking you in hard on the bed in various positions. Enjoying your assets on the bed.

Sandhya ma’am: What position do you like the most?

Me: Well, I don’t have real experience in it, but I excite a lot with the missionary position. And what position do you like?

Sandhya ma’am: I love to get fucked in missionary and women on top.

Me: Ma’am, will you suck my cock tomorrow?

Sandhya ma’am: Of course, You will get everything tomorrow. I will suck your cock.

Me: Can you suck my cock now? I feel it so hard down there. Could you please help me with it.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, what if someone comes in?

Me: You sit on the chair, I will unzip my trousers and pull my cock out. Keep sucking it, I will push it back into my trousers swiftly if anyone comes in.

Sandhya ma’am: Rishi, you are putting me in trouble.

She sat on the chair and pull me towards her. She unzipped my trousers and put her hand into my underwear, she held my cock and pulled it out. She took my cock into her mouth directly and started to suck it. I was lost heaven, she started to roll her tongue all over the cock. Sucked it badly.

Me: Ma’am, I never knew that it is so good to have the cock sucked.

Sandhya ma’am: (She looked into my eyes.) It is more pleasant to have your cock in my pussy than in my mouth.

And she continued to suck. I held her head and pushed my cock deep in her mouth till her throat. I loved it. She sucked me for another 5 minutes. I was nearing climax, and I discharged my load in her mouth. Immediately she went to the sink nearby and spitted my semen in her mouth.

The rain stopped. We exchanged our contact numbers and left for the day.

This was the happiest day of my life. I went home with joy and happiness. I will continue the description of how I sucked her pussy. Fucked her in her house in the next episode.

This is one of my fantasy which never came true, I wish I could have helped her become pregnant. In reality, I never had enough guts in me to make a move.

This is my first story, I will improve my vocabulary in every upcoming episode. I would love to hear feedback from you. You can leave your feedback on [email protected] Thank you once again.

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