My Father Fucked My Slutty Aunt


This is the real-life story of my family. My family consists of me and my parents. My papa is a very horny man. My whole childhood I saw him spend his nights with different gorgeous women. He used to bring home different women each night and my mom was helpless.

However, when I was in college and was 19 years old and giving my second-year exams this was taken to a new level. My chachi who was my dad’s cousin brother’s wife had come to town for 2 nights. She was staying with us in our home. She was newly married then and only 25. Her name was Shraddha.

My dad’s cousin did not come as he was having some work. Shraddha came home at night after the flight came in. She is slim, pretty and fair and most noticeably has high cheekbones and her cheeks have a pinkish glow even without makeup. She is super feminine and has great sex appeal.

She came home and after greeting us, went into the room to change. We waited outside in the living area until she came out. She was staying in our house for the first time and we wanted her to feel welcome. My mom went to prepare food for her.

Shraddha freshened up and came out looking fresh and clean. She wore a white t-shirt which fit her well. She did not put much makeup as she looked gorgeous without it. Her cheeks were rosy pink and her lips bright. She wore a blue Patiala pajama below.

She pulled her hair back in a sweet ponytail with a yellow hair bow. As soon as she came out I could see papa look lustily at her. No one said anything. Then she suddenly touched papa’s feet apologizing that she forgot earlier. He put his hand on her head in an intense manner.

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Then she sat down with us and started chatting. My dad told my mom to quickly get her food which she did. We had dinner and then I went into my room to revise. When I came out after half an hour, my mom was winding up the kitchen.

I saw my dad getting a shoulder massage from Shraddha and was surprised. I asked them what was happening. So Shraddha said, “Papa ke kandhe mei dard hai. Main unki seva kar rahi hu.” Meaning, “Your dad has pain in the shoulder. I am taking care of him.”

I went in again and came out again. This time I saw papa pouring himself a drink and asking Shraddha if she wants one to which she said yes. By now it was past midnight. I still had a lot of studies, of course, to cover and decided to focus on it. Mom also came into my room to help me.

Around half an hour later we heard a loud sound of glass cracking and we then went outside. Papa had dropped his glass of drink. In the process, a lot of alcohol had fallen on his vest and lungi (clothes ). But the shocking part was yet to come.

Shraddha all of a sudden could be seen opening papa’s vest and wiping his chest and stomach. It was rather in an intimate manner and I was horrified. Mom told me to clean the glass off the floor with her. Papa and Shraddha seemed to be in their own world.

Shraddha was rubbing papa’s chest sexually now and had slowly made her way into his lap. Now it was a matter of time before she opened his lungi. My mom and I stared shocked. But papa, noticing this, told us to go inside my room and not to disturb him.

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I wanted to confront him. But my mom stopped me and took me inside. However, I did not shut the door fully, and from the gap in the door, I saw sights that shocked me. I saw my chachi smooch and kiss my dad. I saw her rub his nipples and then he kissed her again.

Soon she opened his lungi like a shameless person having sex with a married man that too a relative and double her age. But there was no stopping. She tightened her ponytail and started sucking his dick. She even sucked his balls as he opened her T-shirt and ducked her boobs and nipped.

Soon my dad picked her up in his arms and took her to his bedroom. I and mom could hear Shraddha moaning as papa fucked her pussy. The loud moans went on for long, till around 2 am after which they stopped. I and mom could only sleep peacefully after that.

The next day papa went to work. My chachi went to the shops and to attend the engagement ceremony she had come for. But by 8 pm only me and mom were at home. My mom phoned dad up. Surprisingly my chachi answered the phone saying they were together now and to not wait for them as they will be late.

Still, I and my poor mom waited for them till 11.45 till we decided to sleep. I also had an exam the next day at college so slept off. The next morning I woke up at 4 to revise. I stepped out of my room and I was once again astounded to see the sight in front of me.

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On the sofa, I saw my chachi dazzling in a black and gold netted salwar kameez sitting on the lap of my dad. He was embracing her and being affectionate to her. Her gold earrings were shining as much as her cheek. It seemed they had returned home only sometime back.

My dad caught her hair bun made with a white hairnet. He looked at me and mom condescendingly before smooching her intensely.

He then took her inside his room and slammed the door shut. Once again the moans were heard. My mom cried and I consoled her. Then I got revising and left for my exam.

When I came back in the evening, I was shocked to hear from mom that my chachi has left my chacha. As I entered my dad’s room, I saw her sitting next to him in a dazzling new gold saree – this time, with lots of makeup and her hair wet tied back in a big bun and parted with sindoor (vermillion) in it.

Papa had taken her to the temple and married her and got her home as a new wife.

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