My Friend Got Lucky On A Dating App


Hi XS readers, my name is Rahul. I am 27, single, not well-built or athletic but surely a good-hearted person, I’m basically from Mysore. Now I have shifted to Mangalore, a beautiful city in Karnataka. This story was narrated by one of my friends, Yogi.

Yogi is basically from Andhra Pradesh, now working in Bangalore in an MNC. I’m writing this story on his behalf. It’s about how he found a partner in a dating app and had fun with her. I’m narrating in his view.

Let’s get into the story. I got a job in Bangalore and reached there on Saturday morning. I searched for a room and got one in the evening. Sunday I shifted to the new room and on Monday I joined the office. Bangalore was pretty cool and I loved the city.

It was nearly two months since I joined and life was going normal without any spice. I was missing many things here and sex topped in the missing list. It was nearly 8 months without sex. My hand was the only sex partner I had for 8 months. So, I decided to find a partner for sex.

I was a bit hesitant and shy to approach girls working with me. I was also not interested to go in search of a prostitute. So, I searched for some dating apps and found one. I installed it and started searching for some matches. After some days I found a woman.

She was 39, basically from Kerala and settled in Bangalore, and we started talking. It started with a formal, ‘Hi!’ and we got to know each other. We kept chatting for a few days. She was close to me by now. We had exchanged numbers by now and we were talking almost for hours daily.

One fine day she asked me to meet and accepted, and we fixed the date and venue. It was a café, and I went there before half an hour of the fixed time and was waiting for her. She came there in a yellow saree. I stood stunned looking at her. Though she was 39 she looked stunning and younger than her age.

I gave a formal handshake and greeted her. She was blushing by the way I was looking at her. She kept smiling, and I kept looking at her. We did not speak a word until a guy interrupted to take the order. We laughed when he took the order. He gave a confused look and took the order.

We started talking now. Her husband was out for a long time and that was making her lonely. She said all these things, and I said about me, and we had a coffee and went for a movie. After the movie, I dropped her and nothing much happened that day.

That night she texted me saying that she likes my company and I’m trustable. I said thanks, I knew what she wanted. But I did not want to ask. I was worried about what if she is just looking for a friendship. We spoke the whole night, and it was nearly 4 in the morning.

I had an office at 9, so I bid good night and dozed off. I woke up at 8 and it was already too late. I checked my mobile and found 18 messages and 5 missed calls from her. I was in a hurry, so I did not respond. In the office, I had a meeting and did not talk or message her that whole day.

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The evening I texted back telling her my situation. She immediately called and started talking in a low tone and said she missed me a lot. We switched to a video call. This video call changed the mood. She was out of that worried face and became normal.

She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and something was written over it. I asked her what the wordings were written on it. She told me to read myself. I told her I can’t read as the edges of the words cannot be seen because of her boobs. I said this and both were silent.

I felt embarrassed for asking that. She broke the silence by turning the cam on the opposite side. I couldn’t see her, and she removed her t-shirt and kept it over the bed and asked me to read it now. I felt excited and asked her if she is nude behind the cam.

She said she was wearing a bra. I asked her what was her size, she asked me to guess. I said how I will know without even seeing it. She immediately disconnected. I became worried and was typing an apology when a message popped up. It was a pic.

I downloaded it to see a beautiful pair of milky and fleshy boobs of her. I deleted the apology message and asked if it were hers, or she downloaded it from any website. She said she took the pic now. I asked how can I confirm that it was hers.

She called me and said if I want I can see it for real and get confirmed. I was in heaven now and asked her when I could see. She asked if I’m free on the weekend, and I replied positively. She asked me to book any hotel, and we can meet up there over the weekend.

I accepted, and we started talking dirty the whole night without sleep. I went to the office the next day. On Friday morning I booked a resort on the outskirts near the airport and informed her. She replied with a pic of her in bra and panty. It was hard sitting in the office after seeing that pic.

My colleague saw my hard-on and teased me thinking that she made me hard. That day was so hard as it was moving so slow. Saturday morning I called and informed her that I will pick her in an hour and to be ready. I went near her building to pick her and there she came in tees and jeans.

She was looking so hot. I was getting so excited, and she could see it in my face. I drove towards the resort and reached there in an hour. We checked in and spoke for some time. But I did not make a move as I was too shy to start. While I was thinking about how to start, she stood and went to get fresh.

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She came out after 10 minutes in the towel. My dick got hard seeing her and gave a salute to her. She came near me and said shall we or will you take a day. I was still smiling like a fool and was sitting on the sofa. She came over me and sat on my dick facing me.

She came forward and started kissing me. I responded and started kissing her. We almost kissed for 6 to 7 minutes and broke the kiss. I can see the lust in her eyes. She said do you want to confirm my size now and removed the towel. She was wearing just a black color panty and no bra.

I pounced on her and started pressing and sucking her boobs so hard. She was moaning and shouting. She was sitting over me and rubbing herself on my dick over my pants, the whole room was filled by her moans. I sucked her 36 size boobs for 10 to 15 minutes. (She was 36-34-36).

She removed my dress and started sucking my dick over my inner like a mad animal. It was a different kind of feel. She took my dick out and sucked it from gentle to hard. She was a pro at it, and I was getting such great feeling while I was getting, sucked.

The pressure was building in my dick as she went on and sucked my balls. I was about to climax and splashed my cum over her face. She licked my cum filled dick, cleaned it by her tongue and went to wash her face. I was so happy getting such a blowjob, and it was my turn to return the favor.

I took her in my arms and made her lie on the bed. I started licking and kissing from her toe I went up to her thighs. From thighs, I jumped up to her belly button. I was sucking her belly button and pressing her boobs. Slowly I lifted her arms and kissed over her neck and armpits.

I turned her and removed her pants and kissed and gave a bite on her ass cheeks and started licking her pussy. She was going crazy. I inserted a finger and was fingering and licking her at the same time. She lifted herself a bit and climaxed and rolled over the bed with a satisfied look.

It’s always a beautiful view to see a woman’s satisfied face. I fell near her. She started stroking my dick which became hard in no time and came over me. She sat over my dick and guided it to her pussy. She started riding me, those heavy boobs were bouncing in front of me.

I pushed my dick in her, and she was jumping. She started squirting. I made her lie on her back and entered in her, I almost fucked her for 10 minutes in missionary. I was giving hard strokes, and she was moaning so loudly. I was about to cum and took my dick out.

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She was not ok with it as she wanted me to fuck her and cum inside her. I again inserted and climaxed inside her, and we fell on the bed. I ordered food and some drinks. We went to clean ourselves before the food arrived. I cleaned her body and she cleaned mine.

I rubbed her pussy while she was cleaning me and gave a blowjob there. I lifted her one leg and inserted my dick again and fucked her there, it was so romantic to have sex in the shower.

Later, after the shower we had food with some drinks, I poured drinks over her boobs and drank, she did the same with my dick. I fucked her again that night and dozed off. We stayed till Sunday evening and enjoyed, explored and fucked a lot that weekend.

After this, I fucked her in her place and my place nearly for six months. Later her husband came, and we stopped meeting and talking after that. She called me one day and thanked me for being with her on her loneliness. She said that she liked me and will be in touch.

That was the last call, I got from her. Even I did not disturb her after that. She was a kind and good person. It’s been months for me without sex. But more than sex I miss her talk and caring attitude. I hope I get one more person like her not for the long-term but for a short term relation.

Feel free to respond, waiting to hear from you all. Your responses will encourage writing more stories. Contact me at [email protected]

I stay in Mangalore and keep traveling to Bangalore, Mysore, Kannur, Calicut, and Coimbatore. Women from any of these places feel free to contact. Only trusty people expected. Privacy will be maintained.

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