My Friend Radhika And Her Boyfriend


Hello, dear readers, love you all! Thanks for so much love and feedback for my story ‘Intimate Sex With My Office Senior’. I got lots of mails and hangouts and I tried to reply to each and every one. Love you! To them who did not get my reply.

Today I am going to tell you a story which is not mine. Its story of my friend Radhika (name changed). This is the most romantic story you all have read on ISS. It will be a little large in length but trust me you will love it. She is 26 years old and his figure is 32-30-32.

I know this story in detail because she is my best friend and we share everything in detail. Radhika is a teacher and Aman is working as a senior accountant in the same school. I am going to narrate this story as Radhika.

I am working as a computer teacher in a school and due to office work, I have to go to the school academic section. Where every day I noticed a very cute and smart guy looked at me and passed a very cute smile. I came to know from other teachers that he is Aman the new senior accountant.

I was not able to understand if he is new here why he smiled for me. I decided not to smile in response and show some attitude. On the next day, I went to the academic section. When he came in front of me again he was smiling and this time I ignored him. Every day I repeat this.

After 3 days he heard someone called my name in a very romantic voice when I looked back it was Aman. He said.

Aman: Radhika!

Me: Yes?

Aman: How are you?

Me: I am good. Why are you asking?

Aman: Actually I noticed from some days that you are not looking happy as before.

Me: No! It’s not like that. Btw from how many days you are noticing me?

Aman: From day one I joined.

Me: May I know why?

Aman: I don’t know. You have a very attractive smile. And your eyes so much shining that I am not able to stop myself to notice you.

Then some other staff came and he went. But I could see he was literally blushing and his romantic voice was like a violin in my ears. After school, I was thinking about him the full night. And in next morning when I went in his section he smiled.

I too smiled in response. In this way, our friendship started and we talked after school on the phone and chat also. We started caring for each other. We both loved each other but not showing the courage to tell. One evening when we were talking then suddenly I asked him.

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Me: Who I am for you?

Aman: You are everything to me.

Me: I did not get this, what you mean by everything?

Aman: From day one I started liking you.

Me: Really?

Aman: Yes.

Me: Then why you did not tell?

Aman: I wanted to make space in your heart before going ahead.

Me: Oh my god! Did you get that space?

Aman: You tell. Do you have that space in your heart?

Me: Yes I have.

Aman: I love you Radhika. I am waiting for this day for so many days. I love you so much.

Me: Love you too Aman. You are so romantic and caring.

Aman: Romantic? We have not done anything like romance yet.

Me: Anything like? What do you mean? I feel your voice is so romantic I mean to say.

Aman: Oh ok. Thanks, baby.

Me: You did not give my answer. What do you mean by anything like?

Aman: I mean to say kiss, hug, etc.

Me: Oh! I am feeling shy now stop, please.

Aman: You are feeling shy only by its name. What if we do this in real?

Me: I don’t know. I have not done this before.

Aman: Really? So I will be the lucky one to have your kiss.

Me: I have not given you permission for this yet.

Aman: Yes baby I know. I will not even touch your hand without your permission!

Me: Oh baby! You are so good. I love you.

Aman: I love you too, Radhika!

On that day we slept nearly 4 am. We discussed everything. And kissed on chat and phone. As being a virgin girl I feel restless down there but somehow I managed to sleep. In the morning when I saw him he was wearing a nice shirt and jeans. He was looking more handsome than before.

I asked him about the special handsomeness today. He said that this is all because of me. This was the first time I gave him hand for a handshake and he held it very gently. I felt an electric sock in the body. Suddenly my nipples were getting erected with a single touch of a hand.

Somehow I control myself and went to the washroom to wash my face. I was feeling that my bra is tighter than before. But I knew that I am in school and I have to teach the students and I controlled. In the evening when I came home I called him and tell him about this incident.

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He told me that this is natural. I am a young virgin girl so this is a nice feeling. I was loving this feeling. I asked him how I can relax my self. He told me that I can imagine him with me and we can do everything virtually. It was sounding good. That day we did phone sex.

He narrated each and everything in this much detail that I could feel his presence in the same room. I asked him if sex is this much enjoyable virtually then how much it would be in real. He told you can not imagine. I told him that I want to do this. He said ok. And we make it for the coming Sunday.

I told to my mom that I am going to Manpreet’s home. Aman was living alone in this flat his family is in Delhi. The day came and I explained Manpreet about this and also told her to handle my mom if she calls. Aman picked me up from outside of my home and took me to his flat.

We entered his flat. I was surprised to see the well-maintained house by a single boy. He said that he loved to maintain his house. We sat on the sofa and started talking he came close to me and held my hand and planted a kiss. I can feel the same electric shock which I got when he hold my hand the first time.

Then he came closer and kissed me on my cheeks. I was not able to move a bit I feel that my full body is stiff. I hugged him tightly and his chest was crushing my boobs. He approached my lips and started sucking them so softly. I was in heaven. I was feeling the leakage in my panties.

He started rubbing my thighs softly while kissing and was rubbing his back. He put his hand in top from the front and started rubbing my stomach very soft. He reached to my pumped up boobs and started pressing them over my bra. I told him that I am feeling very tight there he said, “Let’s remove it, baby.”

Then he removed my top and bra quickly. He got my perfectly round shaped boobs in his hands and started sucking them gently. I was moaning in pleasure. I held his head and was trying to push him in my boobs completely. I opened his shirt buttons and started kissing on his bared chest madly.

I was giving him love bites in love. He was enjoying this. He said, “Can we go to the bedroom?” I replied, “Yes honey.” He held my hand and we both went to his bedroom. He both jumped into bed and started kissing madly this time. He removed my jeans and panty in one go and started licking my thighs.

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I was raising my hips to touch my pussy to his tongue. He suddenly put it on my pussy. I shout in pleasure so loud. And he put his middle finger in my mouth and started sucking it so well. He was licking my nicely shaved pussy. I told him, “Please baby give me the real enjoyment of sex. I want your hard dick on my pussy now. I can’t wait anymore.”

He said ok baby let’s do this. I removed his jeans and boxers and held his hardcore dick on my hands and started sucking it so well. I was taking his shaft fully in my mouth and then make it out and then in again out. After 2-3 minutes he said let’s do the real action.

He wore the condom and placed his hard dick on poor little pussy and in one go pushed his shaft totally in. There were tears in my eyes for the pain his dick was giving my pussy. But after 2-3 soft strokes, I was getting normal and started enjoying. He was on me and my legs were on his shoulders.

He was fucking me with full force and speed now. His dick was going in and out. I came 3 times now and still, I was feeling so excited. I tell him to fuck me in the doggy position and we changed it. He held my hips and was fucking me so hard now.

In this position, he fucked me 10 minutes more and we both came together. And we kissed passionately. After taking 10-20 minutes rest. I cooked food for him and we had that together. After that, he fucked me again in a different position on the hall sofa.

It was really a nice experience to be fucked by the person whom you loved. We are still boyfriend and girlfriend and having fun together.

Friends I hope you liked my story. Excuse me for the length but I would love to explain things in detail. Please share your feedback on [email protected] I am waiting for your feedback.

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