My Hot DSC Date For The Night – Riya


Hello, friends in XS. I am Vishwas (name changed). Well, to tell a bit about me, I am single and I just finished my college studies. I just had a couple of flings with one of my classmates and she got married now. So, I cannot tell her name.

Let’s start with the story. I felt very desperate for the sex one day after reading some stories on this site. Since I do not feel safe in approaching call girls or prostitutes, usually I would just jerk off at night after watching some porns. But soon I started hating that routine. It only made me look like a loser. I wanted to do something in reality. Or at least in a virtual world involving some real girl. After thinking about it for a while, I wanted to do sex chat with online girls.

As I wanted to have naughty conversations in a dirty way, I searched for the best Indian sex chat forums. Guys, nothing would make it dirtier when you use naughty words in your mother tongue. That would make you feel damn horny. After some interesting searches, I came across this website called Delhi sex chat (or DSC as they call). I came across many hot girls there but a girl named Riya caught my attention most among them. She looked very hot and different from others on the display picture.

I decided to give it a try and soon I finished all the formalities and opened a chat with her. She appeared very sweet and humble in spite of the body like a sex bomb! She had the video on but she did not show her face. But the hot sex chat we had made me want her more. We did a private chat which went something like this –

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Me: Hi, Riya.
Riya: Hi, darling.
Me: Can I ask you something?
Riya: Sure.
Me: Is Riya your real name?
Riya: Does it matter?
Me: No. But I wanted to know your real name.
Riya: Honey, you can call me by any name you like. I will still respond to you. 😉

I liked the way she approached me. I did not want girls to flirt with me in an artificial way just because I paid them. But also, I didn’t want them to take advantage and treat me like a desperate wanker (No matter what I am in real).

Riya: So, tell me. What do you like in me?
Me: Well, I came here looking for a hot Indian sex chat.

Riya: Well, you have lots of girls in DSC. But why did you choose me?
Me: I agree. But you know, I am new to this Delhi sex chat. When I started to browse for girls, something in you attracted me the most.

Riya: Can I know what it was?
Me: Does it matter? (My turn to tease her)

Riya: Oh. I know what you are doing?
Me: You do?

Riya: You wanted to take a revenge for what I said?
Me: You are smart.

Riya: Please. I wanted to hear the real appreciation in my life.
Me: Well, I really like your body.

Riya: Oh. Thanks. But what part of the body?
Me: Hmm. Well, I can see just your breasts and waist.

Riya: Do you want me to show more?
Me: Yes. Can you stand?

She stood and I could see the sexy curve along the waist. She did not have any extra fats and looked fit. But I wanted to see more. So, I said.

Me: Can you turn over?
Riya: Anything for you honey.

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Riya turned around and showed her sexy back. I could even see her hot ass cheeks but covered with her black panty. So, I asked her if she wanted to wear the panty so badly.

Riya: I feel cold.
Me: How come you don’t have any tops to cover your hot tits if you feel so cold.

Riya: Just messing with you.
Me: Oh. So, can you take off your panties?

Riya: Sure. But can I see you naked as well?
Me: Yes. But do you really want to?

Riya removed her panty and did not listen to my question properly. Her sexy pussy made her look like a seductive animal. I really wished I was next to her so that I can have a hardcore sex with her.

Then, without me telling her, she understood my next wish. She slowly turned around to show me her sexy ass. I have already seen her ass cheeks before but not that hot ass crack. Guys, it did not have a spot. Such a flawless ass.

Me: Do you take special care of your body parts?
Riya: No. Just normal.

Me: Okay.
Riya: So, why don’t you take off your clothes. Even I like to have some fun.

Me: You really want me to take off my clothes?
Riya: Yes. Why not?

Me: I thought you are just telling this to make me feel happy.
Riya: I know your feeling. You must be thinking that I would just say this to all the men I chat with.

Me: Yes.
Riya: But honey, I am not like other girls.

Me: What do you mean?
Riya: I would not ask a man to strip if I really did not want to. I might say yes if he voluntarily offered me.

Me: Really?
Riya: Honey, please stop asking questions and take off your clothes!

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I removed my t-shirt and she liked my hairless chest. Then, I took off my pants. I waited to see if she tells me to remove my boxer as well. Just as I expected, she asked me to take it off. I stood naked in front of my DSC date.

My dick slowly became hard and she kept looking at it without any distraction. Even I had my eyes glued to her breasts and pussy. Then, I began to stroke my dick and asked her to touch herself. She did not waste any time and inserted her finger into her cunt.

Both had the same speed in fucking ourselves. I could see her reaching an orgasm after fingering herself in a wild and furious way. But I controlled myself not to cum. I might lose my mood otherwise.

To my surprise, she moaned loudly and still continued to fuck herself. After a few minutes, she removed her fingers and showed me her cumming. There was lots of it. Finally, she cleaned her cunt with her own pussy and soon we kissed goodnight.

I made this as a routine and kept chatting with her every night. Now, she kind of became my online date – a really wonderful date I came across through an Indian sex chat site.

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