My Hot Sexy Bhabhi With The Driver – Part 4


Day 5
In the morning I called them as aunty was calling bhabhi. She wore a dupatta and opened the door. Bhabhi said she will come soon. The door was a bit open.
She took the phone and texted the driver but no response first. She called and told him to come online.

Bhabhi- Hi, how was your night?
Driver- I missed you. I was assuming your husband seducing you.

Bhabhi sat in front of the mirror and removed the dupatta. She was wearing a pink silk nighty. It was not transparent but the shape of her body was clearly visible. She rubbed her fingers over boobs and closed her eyes.

Bhabhi- I missed you too. Yesterday I slept with my husband and we had sex. He is my husband how could I stop him.
Driver- Did you enjoy it?

Bhabhi’s boobs again got erect. As there was no bra inside her nipples were in shape and visible over nighty. She took a picture and send to the driver.
Bhabhi- Yes, I was wearing this and I enjoyed. I closed my eyes and assumed you are over me.

Driver- You are looking so hot. I wish I were there.
Bhabhi- Why?
Driver- To sleep with you.

Bhabhi- Naughty, that is not possible. I am loyal to my husband. You can do whatever on the phone but in real No. small things are fine but you can not sleep with me.
Driver- Are you serious?
Bhabhi-Yes, whatever you are getting, enjoy it. You are a driver so be in your limit.

End of the conversation. She kissed her husband and went to the bath. The driver came to our home and told me all the things. I took her picture from his phone to masturbate. He said I was almost there to fuck her but your cousin came. I said wait, time there.

The day over, nothing!

Day 6
Evening cousin Bhabhi, aunty, and cousin went shopping. The driver was with me. We went to bring something from someone’s house. The driver got a text from bhabhi and he was so happy.
Bhabhi- Hi!
The driver had seen but no response.
Bhabhi- I came for shopping. I am in the trial room. I need your suggestion. I am in a shop to buy a strapless bra 34D size. I selected two but I want you to select which one should I buy. I am sending a picture.

Driver and my dick got erected as we were waiting for the photo. She sent the photos just holding the bras in hand. We were sad. We thought that she would send wearing bikini pictures.

Driver- I can not judge like this. You wear and send the picture.
Bhabhi- You will see me in a bikini, no sorry that will not happen. One bra has flower design which is a bit transparent in the boobs area for air so that it doesn’t sweat. The other one is heavy but perfectly set my boobs.

Driver- No no send me a picture.
Bhabhi was not in a mood however she held the bra on hand and clicked a picture to send him.
Driver- No, I want you to wear it in the trial room and click a picture.

Bhabhi- You are always like this. Not happy with what you get. You low-grade people like this only knows how to fuck rich people and ask money. Go to hell.

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The marriage hall was a bit far from our home. For some work, every woman was there. By evening the work was done, so Aunty, my mom, another aunty bhabhi and one more female they came to our home to get ready. Bhabhi went to take bath.

Meanwhile, the other women decided that they will dress up in the marriage hall. They took their dresses and I told my cousin to take them in the car. I will bring bhabhi in the bike. I pinged the driver for the opportunity. Now only the driver, I and bhabhi were in the house.

I kept my go pro and camera in bhabhi’s room to keep an eye. Bhabhi came to room signing on her mind. She was wearing a nighty which was wet in some part and the bra, panty clearly visible. She locked the room and removed the nighty. We both removed our dick and started jerking.

She was in a black bra and pink panty. Her hubby called and told that they left she should come with me and she can bring the dress here. She said okay.
She rapped a bedsheet over her body and opened the door to check if I am there. She called me but I didn’t respond.

She kept the door slightly open and removed the bedsheet and opened the dress packet. She thought she would just dress and all face makeup and the touch up she would do there. Her ass was huge and bouncing. It was in perfect shape and tight. Her boobs were like mangoes.

Almost half of the boobs were out and trying to come out of the cage. 34C size was not able to hold the boobs. It was fully erect. She started applying lotion to her body and singing songs. We both already cummed twice seeing her body now I also wanted to fuck her. She was looking like a newly married bahu.

The mangalsutra rolling over her boobs. The locket most of the time, gets stuck in the cleavage, getting ready for the first night. She took her hands back to remove the bra suddenly she got a call and stood up. While she was talking and roaming she was checking some dresses

She took a saree and threw it on camera, we missed the main show. We thought all the fun was over but suddenly after 15 minutes, bhabhi called me. Bhabhi was applying lotion but she was not able to apply over her naked back. She was sitting near the mirror. I was able to see her back as well as the front.

Her back was so sexy, entire back was naked, just 2 strings were there which holding her blouse. Out of that, the upper one was not tied up. She tied the lower string so tight that it made cleavage at the backside also. As she was sitting her cleavage was clearly visible and the red bra.

She told me that she was not able to apply the lotion at the backside so she told me to apply. After hearing that the driver suddenly entered asking if we are done. My cousin was calling. She was shocked to see him. They could not make eye contact. I got a plan and told that the driver will help her, I have to make a call.

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She is like how can the driver do that, what if someone sees. I said no worries, no one is here, be comfortable and left. She started breathing heavily as he stepped close to her and everything was flashing on her mind what they two did before. He took the lotion and started to apply, rubbing her back.

It was affecting her body. soon the blouse became tighter. Her back was coming out of the blouse. We could clearly see that the area became red. Her front made huge cleavage, boobs were so tight that blouse came upside from the below boobs part. It was in the air not touching the body.

Bhabhi saw that his eyes are on her boobs. She quickly took a dupatta and covered her chest. They had eye contact and bhabhi ignored and started applying something on the face. After a minute he was done and about to leave but she stopped him and removed her hair from the back.

She told him to tie the upper string. He took the string and tied but it was tight. When he was about to tie the knot bhabhi moaned, “Make it lose it is paining.” He obeyed and then she told him loose the below knot a bit as it was paining. He slowly removed that and tied loosely.

I was surprised to see that he was controlling his feeling. I was hiding behind the door and enjoying the scene. After that done he started leaving and almost at the door, she again called her. She could see the movement on his pants as the dick got erected. It needs to be pacified.

She took a golden chain and told him to tie the knot at the back. She stood up and gave her to him to the back to tie the knot. He took both ends of the chain and about to hook it up. But it slipped from his hand and fell inside the blouse in the cleavage.

Before bhabhi could understand anything he inserted his hand to take the chain. That was the first time he was touching her cleavage. The driver looked at bhabhi from the mirror and they had eye contact. Bhabhi was about to say something and he suddenly squeezed her right boob hard.

Due to pain bhabhi started moaning and that never stopped. He started pinching her right nipple. Bhabhi closed her eyes and saying, “Please stop it, I am loyal to my husband. I am married. Devar can come anytime and see us.” He bit her ears and started licking her shoulder.

His 7.5inch dick was fully erected. He started rubbing his dick on her ass crack over the saree. It made bhabhi turned on. She was moaning. He slowly pulled down the blouse from right boob but it was too tight to go down. The driver whispered in her ears, “The mole is mine.”

Bhabhi didn’t say anything. Then slowly she untied the strings of the blouse from her back. She was the holder of the blouse from front to save it from falling. She made an L shape with hand and kept over the boobs. The driver was able to see the mole and her strapless bra.

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The driver started saying I missed you and kissed her back, rubbing his lips on her back. Bhabhi was saying you are dangerous, please leave me. The driver pulled her close and clicked a photo where bhabhi was in ghagra, her blouse is 80% open, the mangalsutra is on the cleavage.

She was covering the nipple with her hand over the blouse. The driver started rubbing his fingers over the mole on her right boob and slowly pulled her red strapless bra. The boob’s size became almost double. Driver to bhabhi, “How were you manage to hide these two mangoes in that tiny blouse and bra?”

Bhabhi moaning and saying in low voice it was paining. He quickly turned her towards him and now they were face to face. They both were looking at each other and the driver kissed her lips. He grabbed her hair and kissing deep throat. She started responding and she removed her hands from her boobs.

She hugged him tightly and started kissing, he was exchanging saliva. He smells so bad but bhabhi was enjoying his smell. She hugged him tightly pressing her boobs on her chest. Blouse and bra were hanging over her boobs because of the pressure from the driver’s body. The kiss lasted for 5 minutes.

They broke the kiss and released the hug, her bra and blouse fell on the floor. Now her naked upper body was in front of the driver. Bhabhi was feeling shy and her head was down. Suddenly she got a call from her husband. She ran on the bed to pick up the phone and talking.

But the driver’s eye was on bhabhi’s boobs. He grabbed her from the back and pushed her on the bed. Without wasting time he jumped over her body and started sucking her boobs. Bhabhi was out of control somehow she told her husband that she is almost done.

She grabbed the driver’s head with hand and pulled close to her boobs. He bit her nipple and she shouted in pain. Her husband asked what is the matter. She said ant bite and kept the phone saying I am coming soon. The driver was squeezing her left boob and sucking her right boob and swapping.

Bhabhi was caressing his hair and saying I missed you too. The driver removed his shirt and opened his pants to release the dick. Bhabhi started breathing heavily after seeing the dick. He slowly brought the dick close to her body and started rubbing the dick on her boobs. The dick was hitting her nipples.

He slowly removed the knot of her ghagra and inserted the hand inside rubbing her pussy. She was wet. Bhabhi blushing and saying, “You know how to handle me. You always make me wet in no time. I am yours. I love you.”

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