My Hot Sexy Bhabhi With The Driver


My cousin stays out of the station. He is busy with business and they have a boy who is studying in class 8. Bhabhi arrived a few days before the marriage with the kid. My cousin will join later before marriage as he cannot leave the business.

Everyone is happy and busy with something during the marriage and bhabhi too. We have a car but no driver as we only drive. But in marriage, everyone wants to go somewhere. Especially females of the house to shop, mehendi, makeup, and bla bla. So, we thought of keeping a driver for marriage.

Everyone pointed out the driver who stays close to our home as his wife comes to us to help cleaning, cooking, etc. But the driver is after women. He has fucked many married women. One day he asked about my bhabhi too when we were having a drink.

For a second I thought what if bhabhi sleeps with him. But later I thought bhabhi is so innocent and sanskari. After a bath when she keeps the wet clothes outside to get dry she keeps the bra and panty under blouse to hide it from being visible. My uncle called the driver and explained to him the details.

He agreed and started helping us and whenever someone wants to go out, he takes them in the car. He is 45 of age, dark with 7-inch dick. A very good friend of mine as I used to bring drinks for him and we used to have together. He used to tell me stories of how he seduced ladies.

That time he told me he has fucked many ladies and he was not lying. An aunty who stays close to our colony was enjoyed by him. He had shown pictures too but now they don’t talk. They had a big fight where a Muslim goon was involved. He beat the driver many times.

My bhabhi came in contact with that Muslim goon because of the driver. She surrendered her body to that Muslim goon with love. After that bhabhi just wants Muslim dick inside her. She forgot the driver and won’t let my cousin insert his dick inside bhabhi. I will tell you that story some other day.

Day 1
Bhabhi had to go to the market to bring some cosmetic items. She was feeling shy to go alone. So, I accompanied her along with the driver. She is innocent but her dressing style is hot. She always prefers a backless blouse but not that deep cut. However, she needs to wear a cup bra.

But that day she was wearing a normal pink blouse which was a bit transparent. Her black bra was visible from side and back. Her size is 34-28-35. We boarded the car and started the conversation. I asked her about life and cousin. She is like my cousin doesn’t have time for her.

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He leaves in morning 9 and comes 7 at night and she needs to take up son’s study etc. The driver Praveen was measuring bhabhi’s figure from the front mirror where the black transparent bra is visible. It made my dick hard too. He was trying to check her navel.

But I have never seen bhabhi showing navel when wearing saree. We reached and started shopping. Everyone was looking bhabhi’s side boobs and blouse back and enjoying the black bra show. The driver clicked picture too and I understood his intention.

After shopping, we reached home and Praveen left for his house. In the evening he came for a drink with me and we started pegs. After getting high he said he wants to fuck my bhabhi. I got angry but somehow, I also wanted to see how innocent and sanskari bhabhi is!

I said okay I will help you but no forcing. You can enjoy her body if she allows and has to inform me of everything. Or else I will tell your story to everyone. He agreed and said he would love to show and tell.

Day 2
From morning everyone busy working. Praveen the driver also came and helping us with his wife. But he was more interested to be around my bhabhi. I was arranging some flowers in the house with bhabhi. She was sitting down and giving me the flowers.

She was wearing a white transparent salwar with a red bra inside. As her knee was touching her boobs it made her boobs erect and made a huge cleavage. The sweat drops were falling in the gap between the boobs which made my dick erect. Same time driver entered and my bhabhi greeted him.

I understood his intention. I told my bhabhi I have some work so the driver will help you. He sat close and started enjoying the cleavage and red bra. There was a mole on her right boob. Her boobs were like ripe mangoes with full of juice. Suddenly he said, “Bhabhi you have a beautiful figure and I love red color.”

My bhabhi said thanks for the compliment. After sometime bhabhi realized that her boobs are visible and felt shy. She covered it with dupatta and felt shy. Soon she left the place and got busy with other work. Later in the evening, all the kids were saying that they want to go to a park.

So, it was decided that bhabhi will take them and I will also join. Bhabhi took a bath and did shampoo. The smell was killing mine and the driver’s dicks. It was like someone kept flowers on the dick. Bhabhi wore a sleeveless blouse with normal bra black in color. The blouse was yellow.

I planned something. I switched off my bhabhi’s phone and kept it somewhere so that bhabhi cannot take the phone. As it was getting late, she started without a phone. We reached the park and started playing. To give space to the driver and bhabhi I went the other way with kids.

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The driver started talking with bhabhi and started to admire her body. Suddenly he said, “You can lower the saree and show the navel. It makes the woman sexy.” Bhabhi got angry and said, “I am not here to become sexy. Don’t talk like this next time.”

Suddenly he observed that bhabhi’s bra straps are coming out of the blouse. The driver told bhabhi that bra is visible, cover it. Bhabhi felt shocked and shy, how can the driver talk about her bra? But she was happy that the driver was so good. Bhabhi was trying to cover the straps but could not reach with her hands.

She needs to remove the blouse if she wants to do it on her own. As I was not there the driver said he would insert the bra inside the blouse. Now the inner connection begins. As there were no other options, she agreed and told them to do it fast before someone sees.

First, he clicked a picture of my bhabhi’s back and then touched her bareback with two fingers. That changed everything. Bhabhi asked, “Are you done?” He said not yet and continue rubbed his fingers on bhabhi’s back. His dick was 90 degrees and was wishing he could touch bhabhi’s cleavage.

The shocking part was it was almost 2 minutes. He was rubbing his fingers on bhabhi’s back and bhabhi closed her eyes. She started to feel his fingers and breathing heavily. It went on for a minute. Then she asked if that is done. He said yes and inserted the bra inside the blouse.

She said, “Thank you so much, so sweet of you.” The driver couldn’t imagine that on 2nd day he could touch my bhabhi and made her horn. They came and joined us. I can see that bhabhi’s boobs got erect and 34 sized bra was not able to handle her boobs.

The cleaving was coming out from the top and it made the environment unbearable. I respect how the driver controlled his feelings and made her like this in just 10 minutes. I understood something that happened and gave a smile to the driver. Bhabhi was going to enjoy it with the driver soon.

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It was time for a picture and bhabhi didn’t have a phone. I said my camera is not working so the driver said you can use my phone. Bhabhi said no need but later agreed. The driver told bhabhi that her boob’s upper part is visible. Hide it with the saree.

Bhabhi saw her boobs and got shocked to see how the boobs got erected. She felt embarrassed and felt low that the driver saw this. She hid it with saree and said thanks to him for caring, which was just to win her. The driver clicked many pictures.

He clicked side angle also where the round boobs are visible and waiting to be squeezed by someone. All the way bhabhi was silent in car and biting her nails. Sometimes there were eye contacts between the driver and bhabhi. After dropping me he asked if we would drink.

I said okay and we both went to his house. His wife was at my house working. While we were drinking, he told me what happened in the park. I can see his 7-inch dick ready to take my bhabhi anytime. He showed me the pictures he clicked and bhabhi’s boobs were waiting to come out from the blouse.

After having a conversation with the driver Praveen, I went to my home and I see everyone gossiping. I went to my room and saw bhabhi’s picture and mainly the picture where her back, bra visible. I started to rub my dick. Suddenly I heard someone is coming to my room, bhabhi entered and sat beside me.

She was wearing the same saree. She came to ask for the pictures, I said I have not taken yet but you can take his number and ask pictures. She said no I do not want to share WhatsApp number with a driver. I will take some other way and she left.

But something odd happened that night, bhabhi told her kid to sleep with me. She wanted to sleep alone. I do not know what happened at night. But I will surely know about it the next day. Please tell me if you liked the story so far on my email: [email protected]

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