My Hot Sexy Model Mom With My Friends


Hi, I am Shiva from Mumbai. I am 19 years old and studying in the first year of my degree in college. My father is a businessman who works in Dubai and visits us once or twice a year. He is 45 years old. Coming to my mom. Her name is Leela.

She worked as a model and quit her job last year. She is 40 years old with a hot bubble butt slim and fair skin with a handful of big soft boobs. Her structure is 36-28-34. Anyone would die to fuck her. Guys in our locality always sexually see her.

She usually wears shorts and sleeveless tops at home and outside she wears pants and hot sarees. The blouses are backless with a deep neck. The sarees are slightly transparent. She wears the saree well below her navel revealing her hot pierced navel. She had a piercing when she worked as a model.

Other than men what makes me angry is that even my friends lust for her. They use abusive comments on her not directly while talking to me but behind my back. Other than that I too have a sexual crush on her to fuck her. Of course, who would not want a 20-year-old looking slim sexy model milf to get?

Coming to the story it was the first day of my college I was very asleep my mom came and woke me up in bed.

Mom: Shiva darling wake up its time. We need to go to college.

Me: Wait for a while I need to sleep. (closing my eyes)

Mom: Wake u, lazy kiddo! (Shouting).

Me: (slowly opened my yes) Good morning, mom.

Mom: Good morning, get up fast you will be late to college.

When I opened my eyes I was very hard on seeing my mom. She wore a jeans short revealing her milky white thighs and a red sleeveless top without a bra. I could see her nipples. When she walked to me with coffee her structure is so sexy her boobs jumped up and down it made me even harder.

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I exclaimed that she is so beautiful today. Mom told me to get ready soon and she went to change for dropping me in college. I went to the bath after waking up and brushing. I can’t control my cock. I masturbated 2 times thinking of her. Then I took a bath and got ready to eat breakfast.

She too took bath and changed. She wore a backless tight salwar kameez black colored one adding to her beauty more with a low neck. I could see her milky cleavage. I was more aroused but controlled myself. We finished breakfast and went to college in our car.

After 15 minutes we reached my college. There were a lot of girls in college. But my mom looked sexier than them. When I and mom got down of the car. Many boys stared very eagerly at her cleavage. She didn’t wear a pallu to cover her chest. It was a treat for their eyes.

Even some professors can’t control themselves. Some bully students passed naughty comments on her like, “Who is this hot sexy doll?”

“Man I will fuck her and make her my slave!”

“Look at her milky boobs. I will cum inside her and I will give a boy to her.”

But she didn’t hear it. Then she talked to me to stay good in the college and left from there. Suddenly a group of boys reached me and asked me some questions and talked to me. The first asked whether she is my sister or girlfriend. I told them she is my mom.

They all thought that I lied to them I later convinced them she is my real mom. Suddenly a guy named Satish told me, “Dude your mom is so sexy and hot.” I got angry and left the place. They are some gangster type and seniors and I can’t offend.

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Among these sex talks and comments, I had a good friend named Vishal. He is a good boy who never commented on my mom and not even stared at her. Days passed the talking continued. Some of my friends and seniors would take pics of her and jerk off thinking of her.

At home, as usual, I went home, played my PlayStation and studied after 6 pm. Suddenly I had thought of mom. I looked out for her she was in her nightgown in bed reading a book. She looked so sexy I took some pics and jerked off looking at them.

The next morning at college many boys talked to me very friendly. I know they want to visit my home and make friends with me to get mom. They chatted with me some of the boys are well known to me as well as their name. They conversed:

Vicky: Hey Shiva! How is college going?

Me: Fine, bro. (he is a senior)

Satish: Do you have any girlfriend?

Me: No bro!

All as one: Don’t lie, you have one, don’t lie!

Me: No bro, definitely not.

Ranveer: Yes.

Vicky: Yes you have a sexy mom and why do you need a girlfriend? Hahaha.

Satish: Correct, he will have fun with her whenever he wants! Hahaha.

Me: Don’t talk to me like that, she is my mom!

Ranveer: Dude but your mom looks so hot and sexy like a 25-year-old solid hot bitch.

Me: She looks young because she is only 40 and a model. She keeps her body conditions correct by doing yoga and exercise.

Vicky: What a model! Dude, she may have fucked by a lot of men.

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Ranveer: Damn, really I like your mom. Dude, please introduce her to us.

I said I will think and left the place. In my class, my friends also discussed my mom and desired to fuck her. They shared each other’s desires on how they could fuck my mom and make her their bitch. I was angry but also a bit aroused and proud of having a hot mom.

One day suddenly my friends and seniors started talking to her. She chatted in a very friendly manner towards them for a long time. After that, I and mom left the place.

Mom: They look like very good boys. How did they get along with you so easily darling?

Me: They started talking to me on the first day of my college mom. So we became friends. (Those perverts acted innocently.)

Mom: Can we invite them to your birthday party next month?

Me: (bit nervous) OK, mom.

Mom: Yeah! They are good friends and they deserve that.

Me: OK mom( without any other word.)

At home, my jerk-off fantasies continued. I took pics of her when she is asleep. I used to remove their nightgown and take pics of her in inners. Some times when she wears nothing it is too good for me. Days passed and the flirts continued.

My mom too invited my seniors and some friends for the birthday party. Then an interesting thing happened at my birthday party. To be continued.

The next part will soon be uploaded for your feedback send them to [email protected]

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