My Intimate Sex With Mom – Part 2


Hi, incest lovers thanks for all your wonderful comments. Your interest in the story made me continue the second part. I want to tell yo about the intimate sex I once had with my mom in the kitchen.

As you already know I’m Mani having a wonderful relationship with my mom. We enjoy it when we get a chance and will try to do new things in sex always.

At the age of 52 my mom is so active in sex. She always gives me great pleasure that even a young girl cant give that. Those people who don’t know about my mom, she is 52-years-old having 36-36-38 stats.

Now coming to the story. We were having sex whenever we get a chance but that’s was not enough for both of us. Her womanhood has been woken up by me and it asked for my manhood always. So I decided to take a leave from the office so that I can enjoy and spend quality time with her.

As I expressed my wish of taking leave from the office and enjoying with her. she blushed like a newly wedded girl. She gave me a tight lip-lock for more than 10 minutes.

After a passionate kiss, she put her hand in my shorts and took hold of my dick which was already hard. She told me, “Your cock is better than your father’s cock and it gives me immense pleasure.” Saying this she became shy and went off.

Now the day has come. I took the leave from the office. I was quite silent till everyone goes for office except my dad. He is a patient with bedridden so no worry about dad. He can’t disturb our enjoyment. Later, after having breakfast she went to prepare lunch for us.

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After seeing her, I got the mood and went directly to the kitchen. I held her from the backside and my dick was poking her ass crack. I was only in my shorts without underwear. She asked me with a smile, “What my husband-cum-son needs now from this aged mother.”

Then I replied, “I need honey from your pussy, my dear mother-cum-wife.” Saying this I bit her earlobe lightly to give her some sensation. Later on I kissed her neck and licked for a while playing with her boobs. As you people already know, she does not wear any bra and panty. So it is easy to access her boobs.

Now turning to my side she folded her hand behind my neck. She started looking into my eyes very romantically, making my dick even harder. She gave me a lip kiss and rolled her tongue. Then she caught hold my cock and said, “I gave this to you and now it is giving me more pleasure.”

Now I lifted her saree and saw her pussy. She was so wet and cum was dripping I just kissed it hard she moaned. Now I started sucking her pussy. She was getting horny and biting her lips holding my head tightly to her pussy. I sucked her clitoris and started fingering her to touch her g-spot.

She got wild and asked me to suck her hard and empty her pussy juices. She said, “I am cumming!” and released all her juices into my mouth. I sucked her well till the last drop and then gave her lip lock to taste her own juice. She licked my lips and rolled her tongue.

She took her own juice drank it saying it’s nice. Now I made her sit on the kitchen slab and I become nude. I started to insert my cock into her as she was asking me to, “Go in soon, I can’t tolerate.” She guided my cock into her pussy and I pushed it in one go.

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She gave a loud moan and took a deep breath and said, “Fuck me hard, my son, give the pleasure to your mom. I am lucky I got you. Please give me hard fucks, my son, make me your wife.”

By hearing her words, I got hard and fucked her intensely. She was enjoying fully pressing her boobs and giving moans. Later, after fucking for 20 minutes she said, “I am cumming, my son, do it fast.” I increased my speed and she came with a good amount of cum.

My cock was feeling her heat giving me pleasure and I also cummed in her pussy. She was so satisfied kissed my forehead and said, “I never got this much of love from your father. I am happy that I gave birth to you.” She kissed my dick and licked all my juices wiped it out fully cleaned.

And after that, I just opened the fridge and took a bar of chocolate. I placed it in her pussy and waited for it to melt. Till it gets melted, I started sucking her nipples. She was stroking cock to make it erect again. Now the chocolate started melting.

I shifted to her pussy licking it fully sucking chocolate. It feels so nice to eat chocolate like that she enjoying fully. Now I got hard and entered her again pumping hard fully. We both were getting high in pleasure. The slippery movement because of chocolate was giving me a great feeling to go in and out.

At last we cum together and ended with lip kiss. Later, she dressed up, cooked lunch for us and we ate together. She told, “At night, be ready. I will come to give more pleasure, my son.” Saying this she pressed my cock smiling naughtily.

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At night, when everyone slept, she came to me and slept next to me under the blanket. She caught hold of my dick inside my shorts and started playing with it. I got to wake up by her actions and she gave me a romantic smile. She kissed my lips tightly playing with my cock.

My cock got so hard like a rod and she felt the heat of my cock. She told me to insert her hole in the missionary position. I fucked her for 20 minutes hard. We both came together and slept naked. Now we both enjoy almost daily when we find the time. She is really a sex bomb.

Please write to me on [email protected] or hangouts me if you like this story. I believe in secrecy, so nothing to worry about. Love you all, Mani.

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