My love My MIL – The First Night Sex – Part 2


Dear friends, this is Sam back with another part of the story where I got married to MIL and had our first night sex.

Continue from the last episode, myself with kids and Maliti (MIL) started to the town. It was 7 hours journey and hence we started the very early morning at 4 am. My MIL was very happy and I could see that in her body language and smiley face. The previous day, my wife had taken leave as we were leaving and helped us in packing.

Nisha reminded her mother to visit the Devi temple on the way to the town as her mother had prayed to the goddess for both her daughter’s marriage and well-being. As per the custom, after the marriage, both the husband and wife need to visit the temple and pray. My wife suggested to go anyway and pray on her behalf.

We stared at 5 am as planned and the Devi temple was around 4 hours from my home. We reached the temple around 9 am and during the journey. My kids slept in the car and my MIL had to sit with them in the back seat. I enjoyed my center mirror throughput the journey by seeing my beautiful MIL and those inviting RED lipstick. As we reached the temple, my kids and MIL went inside and I went to park the car.

My MIL asked me to take Pooja ticket from the temple counter before coming inside. I went to the counter and asked for a ticket and how much money. He asked is it for marriage Pooja and I said yes and he said 1000 Rs and thought why was it so expensive. But I paid the money and I reached near the goddess, I handed over the Pooja chit to the priest. He looked at me, MIL and kids and said, “please, come this way”.

He asked my MIL to kneel and pray in front of the goddess for the well-being of the family. Then, he came near me and gave me the yellow color thread and said this is a mangalasutra which has been worshiped and now I need to tie on my wife’s neck. I was shocked and stood for a second what to do. I immediately made up my mind as I was in true love and did not want to lose my Maliti at any cost.

Maliti had closed her eyes praying. The priest came near me and started to chant the mantra. I tied the knot around her neck. My MIL opened her eyes and just realized what had happened. The priest asked my MIL to get up and take blessing from her husband and then the coupe to take blessing from Devi.

My MIL was in a shock for a few seconds. She did not know how to react and just blindly following what the priest said. We came out of the temple I could see tears in her eyes. She looked at me and asked, have I destroyed my daughter’s life?

This is wrong and I will never be able to face my daughter. I just let her console for a few mins and just hugged her tightly. She was still crying in my arms and I just told her that I love her and will never let her or Nisha alone. I will be with you both till my last breath. She hugged me tightly and said I love you. This was the first time she had said that and I felt I was the luckiest person.

She told me that this has to be kept a secret between us and no one should know. For the outside world, we are a mother in law and son in law but when we are alone we are husband and wife. We continued our journey and this time she sat in front. During the journey, she held my hand and kissed it many times and everyone rested her head on my shoulders. My kids as soon as they got inside the car, they slept off.

We reached the marriage hall and this was my MIL cousin’s son’s marriage. They had arranged for rooms for close relatives in a nearby hotel and they had given one room per family. As soon as I head this, I gave a naughty smile and my newly wedded wife was happy. We reached the room and got ready for the evening function. My MIL made my kids ready and she got dressed as well. She was in a blue saree and she was looking lovely.

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I just kept staring at her beauty and told she was looking outstanding and also this dress will be our first night saree, she blushed and ran off. I got ready and we all reached the function place. After the dinner, we started back to the hotel room. Kids were tired and slept as soon as they reached the car. My MIL sat in front and I just stared at her for a few mins before starting the car.

She shyly turned her face to the other side and said let go. We reach our hotel and I lifted the kids who were sleeping one by one and put them on the bed. The room given to us was a big one with one double and a few extra beds. I made the kids sleep on the extra bed. My MIL went to the bathroom to fresh up and I could hear her humming.

She came back from the bathroom and I could see she was full of shyness. Wrong time, My wife Nisha called me and I took the phone to the balcony to answer, I told her all is well and all had slept and I was about to sleep. She said to have fun at a function and wish the couple on her behalf and see us all tomorrow. I went back and could see my MIl was sitting on the bed with her face down.

I went near her and sat on the bed. The jasmine flower on her made her even beautiful. Slowly, I placed my hand on her chin and lifted her head, we looked at each other eyes, we were madly in love. I slowly placed a kiss on her forehead and she closed her eyes. Then, I move to her eyes and kissed them Gentle. I could feel my MIL breath heavy.

Her eyes were still closed and I moved towards her lips. Her red lipstick was very inviting, I put my lips on her soft lips. She gasped and made aah sound. I started to increase my kiss intensity. She also started to respond, we were kissing so passionately. I kissed her lower lips and started biting a bit, she started to enjoy the pain, I slowly inserted my tongue into her and wanted to feel her. Both our tongue met and I could feel her warmth and saliva.

She was breathing heavily now and we were kissing madly. I sucked both her lips one after the other and was taking her saliva which I left so sweet. I slowly made her sleep on the bed and removed the saree pallu, wow for the first time I was seeing her melons. She was wearing a blue blouse.

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I started to remove the blouse button one after the other and removed it completely. She was only in a bra now and I could see her beautiful breasts. I started kissing her breast on top of the bra and she started was pushing my head further on to her breast, holding my hair.

My lips were wondering from left to right and I managed to remove her bra. She was top naked now and I could see those beautiful nipples. They were black, thick and were fully erect. I went mad looking at them and started to circle my tongue around her nipples. She was not able to control and begged me to suck her nipples and bite them. I started sucking them one after the other and bit them which gave her more pleasure, it was heaven and I could hear her mourning for more.

She was making a noise like, “ahhhh, yes. Rakesh and I have been dying to feel your mouth on my nipples for so long and every my husband never did anything like this, he always uses to lift my saree and insert his cock and would be done within 5 mins. Rakesh suck me hard and I want more, aaahhhhh, yes, oooohhhhhh, it’s so wonderful and heavenly, it’s so nice, I love you, my husband”. I quickly removed my shirt and was only in underwear.

I removed her sari, her petticoat, and her panty completely. She was fully naked. I started kissing her lips again and we kissed for 5 mins and in between, I started playing with her breasts, she was enjoying and I slowly moved my hand to her vagina and I could feel she had not shaved. She went numb when I touched her vagina, I could feel her wetness from our actions and it was oozing. I slowly went down and kissed her tummy and her navel. She started shaking and I went further down and kissed her vagina.

She shivered and pushed my head deep further and started to tongue fuck her, going deeper and deeper. Then, she was making a lot of noise, yes daring, I want more,aaahhhh, yes, yes please suck me hard, this is the best Experience I have ever had.

Yes aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, yes please do it fast, I want more and then I pushed for one final time and I know she had her first orgasm as she shouted on top of her voice and pushed her vagina. She lay still for a few mins and I slowly went on top. She opened her eyes and with a big smile, kissed me on my lips and said, Thank you my lovely hubby and this is the first time she has experienced and she never knew sex was so much fun.

Her hands went inside my underwear and started play with my cock. My cock is around 6 inch and average size. It was already erect and hard with all actions and she released it outside my underwear. I removed my underwear and was naked. She looked into my eyes and said, my honey, my love, make me your women completely.

She spread her legs wide and guided my cock into her vagina. Then, she guided the cock tip inside the vagina and I gently pushed it, she said ahh, I started to push it slowly as her cunt was a bit tight and I did not want to hurt her. My speed increased slowly and her moans increased. Now she started making a lot of noise with every stroke. Ahh, yes ahhhhh, ahhhhh,aahhhh,oohhhh,oohhhh, and I started fucking her faster and she was telling me he fucks her fast and cum inside her and makes her complete.

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We fucked for 10 mins and could not hold any longer and told her I am cumming. She said she is also cumming and hugged me tightly and bit my ears. My cum filled her cunt and she also came at the same time. We hugged each other tightly and remained in the position for 30 mins. My cock was still inside her, she kissed me and got up and went to the bathroom.

She came back after cleaning and hugged me and said I love you and never to let her go. We started to kiss again and my cock was erect in no time. This time she made me lie on back and started to play with my cock. She did not suck and I did not force her as this was new to her. She paid with my cock top with and soft fingers and nails. Soon, she was teasing me. I could not control and just dragged her, made her lie on back and inserted my dick inside.

She also was wet and my cock this time went inside easily without any problem. I started fucking her harder his time and she was mourning with pleasure. Oohhhh yes, aaahhhh, aaahhh yes, fuck me, yes Rakesh, do it hard. Aaahhhh, yes. I want your lovely cock. I fucked hard for 15 mins and we both climaxed. Both of were exhausted and spelled naked throughout the night. Early morning my new wife went and wore some clothes and slept next to kids.

Next day morning we woke up and I could see my newlywed wife blushing. I went to the bathroom and asked her to come as I was not able to find a towel. She smilingly came inside and we kissed her for a few mins. She was all hot but then my daughters started fighting and my MIL had to leave.

We got ready and also packed everything as we had to return back to home today. I was a bit disappointed as we had to go. We started back to Pune and as usually by kids slept and my MIL next to me. We kissed in between when possible in the car. Then, we reached home around 11 pm. My wife who was sleeping woke up and enquired about the function and friends. I was exhausted with last night and the drive and just went to bed directly. Both my wife’s chatted for a few mins before sleeping.

My next episode, how we fucked during my wife’s absence and my Malini wasn’t to have my baby. Please do not forget to send me your valuable feedback @ [email protected]

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