My Modern Indian Housewife Mom – Part 2


Hello readers, my mom Rakhi is a housewife and she is 42 years old. She has a figure of bust 36, waist 24, and hips 36. That makes her the perfect MILF!

My dad worked for an international healthcare company and was transferred to the USA for 3 months. Mom used to have long talks with dad. But she could not get her sexual needs fulfilled. My mother needed a dick in her pussy desperately. Her pussy was basically starving for a dick.

One day, my mom told me to go to the market and bring some vegetables.

When I came back, I saw a car parked in front of our house. I thought someone must have come to meet my mom. When I tried to open the door, it was locked.

I climbed up the ladder and entered my house through the terrace. I had a feeling that mom might have called someone to fuck her!

So I came down the stairs from the terrace. I saw it was dad’s closest friend who worked with him in the office. Mom and Mahesh (dad’s friend) were sitting and chatting. They were sipping tea.

At that time, mom was wearing her usual black shorts that were only covering half of the thighs and a pink colored t-shirt. They were laughing and chatting.

Mom was about to take a sip of tea when Mahesh uncle got up to take a biscuit that was kept across my mom. When he got up, his elbow hit mom’s hand and she spilled tea all over her!

Mahesh – Sorry Rakhi, I was just trying to get the biscuit.

Rakhi – No worries. Wait here, I will get changed.

Due to the spilling of the tea, my mother’s bra got visible. Mom got up and went towards her bedroom to change. But Mahesh uncle instead of sitting went behind mom secretly.

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Mom went inside the bathroom and took off her t-shirt and bra and came back in her room with her bare upper body. Her boobs were seen clearly. My father’s friend was looking at this through the crack of the door.

Mom opened her cupboard to take a fresh bra and t-shirt. At that time, Mahesh uncle entered her room. Mom got startled and screamed and told him to get out. But Mahesh uncle advanced towards my mom and grabbed my mom’s boobs. I thought of going in but then I wanted to watch my mom getting fucked.

My dad’s friend grabbed my mom’s boobs and said, “Rakhi, you are so beautiful.”

Mom – Mahesh, please don’t do this. It is not right.

Mahesh – Come on, Rakhi. I know you have needs and your husband is not here. Let me help you.

Rakhi – My hole is only for my husband, Mahesh.

Mahesh – So, it is about your hole. Don’t worry, my darling. I am gonna make that hole even bigger today.

Saying this, he pushed my mom onto the bed and took out his clothes. He removed my mother’s shorts and pantie. He then laid down on mom and kiss her. Mom started responding positively to uncle and was kissing him back.

Uncle took mom’s boobs in his hands and started sucking them. Mom’s pussy was getting wet. She was enjoying it. Mahesh noticed that mom was getting wet.

Mahesh – Oh, damn Rakhi! You are getting wet down there. You are liking it so much.

My father’s friend started licking my mother’s pussy and that made my mom even more wet. Her pussy was drooling now! She kept on letting out low moans.

Mahesh uncle then took his big fat dick and teased mom’s pussy by only giving her a dickhead fuck. My desperate Indian mom became restless. She got up and held his dick and gave him a blowjob. She kept sucking his dick but then, Mahesh uncle took it out of her mouth and placed it between her boobs and titfucked her.

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He again sucked mom’s boobs and kept his dick stroking on her nipples. Her pink nipples were getting wet from the precum.

They again kissed each other. I could see my dad’s buddy putting his tongue in my mom’s mouth. Mom was enjoying it truly.

Mahesh then took his dick in his hand and made mom kiss it. Then he placed his dick at mom’s pussy hole. Mom was begging him to put it inside her. And her wet pussy made it easy to slip it inside. But Mahesh had something else in his mind. He wiped all the wet fluids from her pussy and let it dry.

When mom’s pussy got dried up, he placed his dick at her pussy. Now uncle got rough and it caused pain to mom when uncle’s dick got inside her. Mahesh uncle wanted mom to suffer. He slowly made his big dick enter her hole. And then when it was finally inside, mom let a loud sexy moan.

My dad’s friend started fucking my mom and my mom kept moaning, “Aaaahhhh aaahhhhh.. yesssss..ohhhhhhhh ouiiiii.. maaa oaaaaaa.. aaaaahhhhh.. uufffff..”

Mahesh – See Rakhi, now your hole will need many dicks.

Rakhi – Ohhhhh Mahesh…Fuckkkk… I needed thissss…

Mahesh uncle fucked mom brutally for some time. Then they changed positions many times and fucked in different corners of that room.

After a while of steamy fucking, Mahesh uncle cummed inside my mom’s pussy. Then they both were lying on the bed tired.

Mom’s body was all red. Mahesh caught his breath back and got up. He wore his clothes and dropped some cash next to mom.

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Mahesh – Here is the money for the pleasure you gave. Don’t worry, I won’t be coming back.

Rakhi – Why?!

Mahesh – I don’t fuck the same woman twice. Especially a whore like you. So keep the money.

He left our house. Mom got up and dressed. I got out of the house quickly and waited there for some time. And then I rang the doorbell.

Mom opened the door. She was now wearing a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Rakhi – Where have you been?

Me – I met a friend on the way and we started chatting.

Rakhi – Okay.

Me – Mom, I saw Mahesh uncle leaving.

Rakhi – He just came to say hi. Did he say something to you?

Me – Nothing. I told him ‘see you later’ and he replied, ‘don’t think so kiddo, but your mom is really good. What was he talking about mom?

Rakhi – Don’t know, beta. Maybe he liked my tea very much.

(But deep down, I knew what kind of tea he liked.)

Hope you enjoyed the story. Stay tuned for more.

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