My Rajasthani Maid, Vaishali

Hey, this is Rocky here with my 3rd story. I have got a good response for my previous stories which led to this 3rd story. Let’s jump to the story now. I am 6 feet tall, normally healthy coming from a good family. I stay in Karnataka but my native is in Rajasthan. The whole of my family stays here with me.

It was the rainy season all over India and Rajasthan had huge rains this time. So one of the neighbors in my native called me and said that the wall of my house is not looking good. It is about to fall if not repaired soon. So I had to rush to Rajasthan. I alone had gone.

When I reached there the condition of the house was not good. So I decided to stay there for a few days and repair the house fully. I asked a few contractors for the work. I finalized a contractor and he said that it would take 15 days for the work.

As I was alone in the home I needed someone who can cook food for me and do all the other work of the home. So I hired a maid for 15 days. The first 3 days went very busy as I had to bring a lot of material and do other work. After that, I had become free as workers were doing their job now.

They would come in the morning at 9 and leave by 6 in the evening. Now coming to the highlight of the story, my maid. Her name was Vaishali. She looked average in looks but coming to her figure it was just awesome. She had nice round pair of big boobs full of milk.

When I saw I had thought that they may be of 34 size. But later I came to know that it is much bigger. It was 36. Her tummy was not fat. It was around 30 and her ass also was round and it was of 32. As you can see her main attraction was her boobs. Anyone would fall for those round pair for milky boobs.

The moment I saw her I had thought that I need to plan something to fuck her. The maid comes at 8 in the morning and leaves at 8 in the night. I didn’t know how to approach her. I was thinking shall I ask her directly for sex by giving some extra money or shall I seduce her.

But I had a lot of days in my hand. So it was better to seduce her and then fuck her nicely. The whole night I was thinking of plans on how to seduce her. Next morning she came exactly at 8. I was in my t-shirt and shorts but my dick was not hard enough at that time.

So I teased my dick a little and it got hard. I went like that only to open the door. She came in. I was disappointed as she didn’t even notice my hard-on and went directly to the kitchen. But I told my dick don’t feel bad dude try until you succeed. Later she made the tea and breakfast.

The whole time I was staring at her. She brought breakfast and kept on the table. Breaking the silence I asked her did you have breakfast she said no. So I told her to have breakfast. She said no but later I forced her. So she said okay. I told her to get her breakfast and sit here as I was getting bored alone here.

She got the plate and sat opposite me but not on the chair. I asked her is she sitting down. She told she doesn’t have a habit of sitting on a chair. When she sat down her face was exactly opposite to my dick. But there was a table in between. But she could see my boner very easily.

This time she noticed that I was hard. But behaved as if she didn’t see anything. Later I went to have a bath and masturbated thinking about her. She was cleaning the house. As soon I came out I saw Vaishali was sweeping the room. I was only in my towel. She saw me.

She got nervous and left the room to clean other rooms. I was happy that one by one everything is getting into place. The whole day went on as workers were doing their job. I was watching TV and had a nice sleep at noon. Later as the workers left at 6, I went to the maid.

She was preparing for dinner. I just started to speak casually. I asked about her family. She said that she has 2 kids and lives with her husband and her husband loved her very much. I said it is good. She asked who all are there in your family. I told me, my parents, brother, and sister.

She asked if I was married. I said if I was married I would have brought my wife here. It would have been a nice honeymoon. She got a bit shy and gave a smile and laughed. I asked how is her financial condition. She told that it was not good to keep the children happy.

In my mind, I was thinking again let’s go for the second plan. As to seduce it will take more time. I could not control to take her big round 36 size boobs in my hand and press them. I told her I have an idea from which she can earn money. She asked to tell was it is.

I directly told her look I can give you money if you satisfy me. She with a question mark on her face said what I don’t understand what you’re telling. I again told her in a simple way. She should do a honeymoon with me for the remaining days. She was totally shocked.

She said, “You have gone mad.” I said, “I am just trying to help you and asking for some favor in return.” She said that she will never cheat her husband and told me that she will leave now. I said, “Okay you can go. It’s your wish but you have a whole night to think about it. Tell me about your answer tomorrow.”

The whole night I was tensed thinking that what if she tells other people about it. It would be a big problem. Next day in the morning the bell rang as usual. I was in my shorts. But I had a boner today as I was a bit excited. As soon as I opened the door Vaishali was standing in front of me.

I was very surprised by what she did next. She directly grabbed my dick which was hard and standing. She grabbed it and pushed me inside the house and pushed me down on the floor and closed the door. She said, “Idiot you have come here to fuck and make a honeymoon or to repair your house.”

I told I have come to repair my house. But it’s better right if I get pussy in my free time. She told me, “You have 9 days left here. How much will you offer me for 9 days of hot sex?” I thought and told that I would give her 2k per day. She told, “That’s not enough. The local bitches in the city fucked for 2k.”

I told okay I will offer you last 2.5k per day she thought for a minute and agreed. I said, “We have half an hour before the workers come.” She said, “Call them and tell to come a bit late as you’re not at home. Half an hour is nothing for sex.” I called the worker and told them to come at10.

As soon as I cut the call she jumped on me and directly sat on my dick. She came close to my face and kissed me on my lips. I was surprised she was the dominating. After almost 10 minutes of kissing, we broke. I turned her down on the floor and gave one slap on her boob.

She moaned and said what are you doing. I said I like it this way. I opened her blouse. She didn’t wear any bra. I directly pinched her nipples and they got erect. I started sucking one of her nipples and putting my tongue around her nipples and playing with it. Her breath got heavy.

Now she turned and put me down again and said my turn now. She pulled my shorts down now and slapped my dick as I did with her boob. Now she put my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I was in heaven. She was a pro. I told you are a whore and sucking it very good.

She sucked for 15 minutes and I cummed in her mouth. She drank all of it. Again we started kissing. I put my hand on her pussy and started playing with it. I again slapped her pussy. I started to finger her now first one finger later 2 fingers later 3 fingers.

She was moaning loudly now and told she is going to cum. Now my dude was hard again. I took her in the doggy position and applied oil on my dick. I put my dick in her pussy from the back. She screamed at first shot. I kept on going and increased the speed slowly and fucked for 20 minutes.

I told I was about to cum again. She told no problem and to cum inside her pussy. I left my load in her pussy and slept on her for some time. Later it was time for the workers to come. So I told her to get ready and I too got ready. Same day evening we fucked again after the workers left.

The next 8 days was just awesome with more adventures coming. I will tell you in the next part what happened in the coming days. Thank you all for your time reading this story. Hope you enjoyed it. Give me your feedback on my maid at [email protected]

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