My Search For A Satisfying Dick – Part 4


Hello all! Thanks for reading my story. I got more than 500 appreciation emails on my story. And everyone has liked my script. I put a lot of effort into my script because it’s was my life.

In this episode, I will explain about my sex life and changes in my life. I submit this story here because I can’t share my real incident with my near and dears ones. So please respect my privacy and don’t ask for sex chat with me.

Coming back to the story. I arrived in Bangalore and reached home at around 11:30 pm by taxi. Luckily my hubby was drunk and no more conscious. He slept on the bed. My body was full of love bites and sore in the pussy and ass hole.

I removed my hubby’s dress and made sleep naked so that I can claim he fucked me hard and left love bites. I was too tired and slept on the crotch. The next day I left home before my hubby woke up. I deposited my cheque in the bank for FD for monthly income.

Then I reached the office and started my day. I covered my neck with a collared dress not to show my love bites for others. The office air conditioner was a little high that day due to a client visit. I was slowly started shivering.

After sometime Chaitu called me and asked if everything is ok? I said, “Pankaj was drunk last night and slept before I reached home.”

Chaitu: I was missing you badly, Madhu.

Me: Why are you missing me? You are a playboy now and Ankita, Nomita, Pallavi and few more girls are waiting for you

Chaitu: But your pussy and ass are sweeter than any other girl.

I paused for a moment, and breathe heavily and don’t know what to respond

Chaitu: Can we meet once again? I am still unsatisfied and hungry for you.

I said yes unknowingly.

Chaitu: When should I come to Bangalore? Tomorrow is fine

Me: Yes tomorrow is fine. I will book everything and let you know.

Then I disconnected my call. My panty was wet after hearing his words. Later I realized that I should not encourage him for sex and I called him.

Me: Chaitu, can we stop this? I am married.

Chaitu: yes, but we can do it for the last time.

Me: Ok. Last time only

I couldn’t say no to him. I had sex with him on the last day like a bitch. He told me that he fucked 7 girls. But still I have a soft corner for him in my heart and wanted to lay down again with him. After some time I booked Hotel Presidency in Electronic city and flight tickets for him.

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I was waiting for a call from my hubby but he didn’t call me. So I called him and he asked me, “Why I was nude?” I told him, “Don’t you know what you have done with me last night?” He said no. I told him, “Kal raat aapne na sex kiya tha and you hurt me a lot.”

He smiled and said I mixed viagra in whiskey. I was shocked and don’t know what should I respond to him. He asked me, “How was last night’s chudai? Did you love it?” I said, “You left loads of love bites on my body,” And disconnected the call

Then I started to think why Pankaj swallowed viagra last night? What makes him take viagra? Did he do sex with any girl before I reach home? Like that more questions were arising in my mind. Finally, I left the office and reached home.

I reached home at 7:00 and Pankaj was drinking alcohol. I freshened myself and changed to a small shirt and small shorts. I cooked food and we both had dinner. After dinner, Pankaj had blue color pill along with whiskey

I asked him what’s the pill? He responded that “It’s Viagra, darling. Aaj tera chut ke sath masti karunga.”

Me: Pankaj, why you took Viagra? It may harm you.

P: It won’t harm. I want you to be pregnant

Me: Abhi pregnant nahi. First, you get a job otherwise we will be in crisis.

P: If you get pregnant then we will get support from your parents. I can do any small job later.

I was surprised by his thinking and denied him for sex

P: I am going to fuck you like a whore. It’s my last peg

I didn’t take his words seriously and went inside the kitchen. I was cleaning the kitchen and Pankaj was standing behind me. I turned back and he was in the nude. His dick was long and facing to ceiling. He came near me and said, “Randi, I told you that I will fuck you like a whore.”

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I told that “Pankaj, I am your wife, watch your mouth!” He got angry and tore my nightshirt in two pieces. Buttons were blown up. I didn’t wear any bra and standing semi-nude in front of my hubby. I covered my boobs with my hands and blushing myself.

I was very shy and standing semi-nude. His dick is larger than Chaitu. The first time in my married life I have seen an aggressive approach from my hubby on sex. He came and removed my hands and hugged me tightly. His long dick is touching my thigh and my boobs were crushing hard with his chest.

Without wasting any time, he removed my shorts. I was completely naked in front of my hubby. He spanked on my pussy and shouted, “Aaj tu meri randi hai.”

Then he moved me in doggy position. I was holding the kitchen platform for support. Pankaj started rubbing his dick on my ass crack. I moaned and bit my lower lip.

He was struggling to put his dick inside my ass. He searched for my ass hole and he spanked my ass cheeks hard and left the place. He spanked very hard and I was in pain.

After a minute, he came with a 90 ml peg glass. His dick was soaking in 90 ml whiskey. He shouted on me for doggy style position and I was in that position. This time he found my asshole and inserted his dick in my ass like a flash. I moaned heavily like and opened my mouth for two minutes.

I didn’t expect he put his rod in one go in my ass. It was hurting and he started to and fro shots. I can’t control my heavy moans. Pankaj was shouting He fucked me for 5 min and hold my backside of the neck and demanded me to walk like a dog to the bedroom.

I said no, but he is a muscular guy and he forced me to walk like a dog. We both reached the bedroom and he drank another 30 ml peg. Then after he fucked my ass with his powerful shots. I begged him to stop but he didn’t listen to me.

Later he placed me in the missionary position and dropped whiskey on his dick. He demanded me for a blowjob but I said no because of whiskey was fallen on his dick. He got angry and said, “Sali randi suck my dick.”

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And he moved in 69 position quickly and licked my pussy for ten minutes without break. I was just moaning heavily. His warm tongue making my pussy very wet. I had two huge orgasms and he drank all the juice. I didn’t give a blowjob to him but I was waiting for a serious fuck from him.

After licking and sucking my pussy, Pankaj kissed my thigh and said, “Dekho mera lund ko, abhi woh tera chut pa daal dunga saali, randi.” He spread my legs wider and he spat his huge saliva on my pussy. Then he put his middle finger in my cunt.

He was rubbing my g- spot very smoothly. I was in another world. I was pleased with his g spot rubbing and ready for big fun. After a few minutes, he shouted, and then he falls asleep. I begged him for sex but he was no more in conscious.

It was like a nightmare for me. I was too horny and tried multiple ways to wake him but all my experiments failed. My pussy was still wet after the shower. Watched porn videos, did fingering but still no use. I was in desperate to have sex but my hubby was sleeping with ejection lund.

At around 4 am I got a message from Chaitu that he is on the way to the airport. Then I remembered that today he’s coming to Bangalore to fuck me. I took a deep breath and packed my first-night saree and one more dress in a bag.

While going out from home, I picked one viagra medicine from my hubby’s kitty and left for the hotel.

I will continue in the next part! Stay safe.

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