My Search For A Satisfying Dick – Part 5


Hello all, please read the previous parts of my story. This will be the final episode of my story.

I checked in the hotel and had a hot shower. I ordered wine for both of us and breakfast too. It’s just 30 minutes away to meet Chaitu. I was ready with my first night saree, wine, ice, and breakfast.

To make it interesting and memorial one, I broke Viagra into two pieces. But it’s broken into a 70:30% ratio. I make 30% tablet as powder and mixed with wine and rest I threw it away in the washroom. Finally, my pussy fucker reached the room, and we had breakfast and wine.

Chaitu doesn’t know that I mixed Viagra in wine. He drank wine and had breakfast. I purposefully wore my saree below my navel and exposed my belly area. Chaitu hugged me tightly, and he kissed me on my lips. I supported him with liplock. Our tongue got twisted, and saliva got exchanged.

We kissed for more than 5 minutes. Then I removed his T-shirt and making circles around his nipple area and pushed him on the bed. I removed his jean button and removed his jeans and boxer at one go. His dick was facing the ceiling, and something happened between my legs after seeing his dick.

My eyes were in lust, and I started giving handjob to him. Chaitu was moaning slowly. I was breathing heavily and doing a handjob like a desperate whore. My panty became so wet, and his dick sprang up to the highest point. I made a weird smile and started kissing him and doing handjob simultaneously.

Chaitu’s hands were moving inside my legs, and he pressed my thighs softly. I moaned softly. He then bit my lower lip hard, and that made me moan louder. He said, “My dick is burning and arising. I can’t control your hotness.” My pussy was completely wet, and Viagra was making him mad.

I wanted this meeting to be a memorial event in my life. So I reached his dick like a flash. I sniffed his dick like a dog and planted a kiss on his dick. Then I touched his dick with my soft tongue and made him a little wild. Chaitu started moaning softly.

To make him hot, I started giving a blowjob to him. I started twisting my tongue over the head of his dick. I was making moaning voice and sucking and squeezing his dick like a desperate whore. He closed his eyes with ecstasy and pushing his dick deep inside my mouth.

His dick was too long for me, and I couldn’t not able to take it fully. He cummed more than two times, and I drank all the cum like a desperate bitch. I made him horny with my blowjob and removed his dick from my mouth. His dick was full of my saliva and his cum.

He hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead. Then he started to move his fingers on my eyes, nose to neck to cleavage, and onto my boobs. He dropped my pallu was ready to remove my blouse. But I stopped him from removing my blouse and moved his finger on my pussy.

Chaitu understood what I want and had a naughty smile. He pressed my buttocks over my saree. I pushed him down, and he was at my foot. He started sucking my toes and I moaned. Then he bit my toes hard. I raised my hip and screamed.

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Then he started kissing on my ankle, calves and lifted my saree well above my thighs. His hands reached to my panty waistband in no time. I was breathing heavily and raised my hip a little bit. He removed my panty in seconds. He sniffed my panty and licked my wet juice on my panty with a naughty smile.

He started kissing me on my tighs. I was shivering and moaning. He was caressing my thighs softly and making my private parts wet. He reached to pussy and blew hot air on my pussy. I moaned and kept my fingers inside his hair. He sniffed my pussy and spanked on my wet pussy.

I raised my hip unknowingly and moaned. I covered him with my saree and pushed his head towards my pussy. He started licking my thighs and belly and making me more desperate. His warm breath was touching my pussy, and I was shivering and moaning.

He was licking around my pussy area and making me wet further. My desperation level reached my limits. I moved a little down to catch his lips on my pussy. His warm lips touched my pussy lips. I moaned with pleasure. His tongue was making me crazy.

I covered him under saree, and I placed my thighs around the back of his head. I was pushing his head with my things. Chaitu was licking my pussy hard and aggressively. I was in a different world with his licking. I was moaning very loudly. I was forcing his head hard with my thighs.

He licked my pussy for around 10 minutes, and he got up from my saree. His face was red and full of sweat. He took a deep breath, and again I pushed him under my saree. This time Chaitu was very rude and aggressive. He was making me moan heavier and making me mad with his none stop licking on my pussy.

I had a huge orgasm. He licked for three minutes and came over me and hugged tightly. I rolled him and sat on his calves and started to suck his dick. His hard erected dick made me mad. I put his dick very deep in my throat. Then I put his dick balls in mouth and started sucking his balls too.

Chaitu was moaning with my name, and his fingers were inside my hair. I didn’t stop blowjob for the next 10 minutes. I make him too horny, and he cum many times in my mouth. His cum was overflowing from my mouth, and it reached my black mangalsutra.

Then I stretched his legs a little wider and was ready for ‘woman on top’ position. Slowly, I slid his dick inside my pussy, and it went so easy because of my pussy wetness. I covered his dick with my saree and removed my blouse and bra. Chaitu was in the joy of pleasure. I started jumping in a rhythm.

My boobs were moving up and down. And his dick was contacting deep inside my pussy. You have no idea how pleased I was at that time. I was moaning very badly and giving love strokes to him. After some time, Chaitu started to raise his hip and giving strokes.

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His dick was going so deep, and his cum was spreading deep in my pussy. I was in heaven with his strokes. We both fucked for some time in a good rhythm. Then I was tired and laid down on the bed. Chaitu removed my dress and crossed my legs wider. He put his dick in my pussy in one go.

I was moaned heavily with pleasure. He started to give strokes and kissing on my boobs. He was playing with my boobs, cheeks, lips, and other parts and fucking me like a whore. I was moaning like a desi randi. We had a good session of sex in bits and pieces.

We both had a shower and wore our clothes and were ready to check out as it’s around 3:30 pm. His flight is at 10:30 pm, but he should be at the airport by 8:30 pm. Before leaving out from the room, Chaitu hugged me tightly, and later we both smooched for a couple of minutes.

I felt so relaxed after his kiss. I saw a huge bulge again from him. Viagra is making him hot. I waved him to move out of the room with my gesture. But he lifted me like a doll and dropped on the chair. It’s a low height chair with a wide seat without side hands.

He sat on my lap and dropped my pallu. I closed my eyes, and my hands were around his neck. He started kissing my neck, and I moaned and said, “Flight time ho raha hai.” He said,” I can leave after 45 minutes. You are making me hot, Madhuri. My mind is desperate to fuck you. I am missing your pussy.”

After that, he moved my saree to my hip. He slid his hand on my waistband and removed my panty. Then he moved between my legs and started licking my pussy and removed his pant. He was licking at a good pace, and I can’t control my moans. He put his tongue deep inside my pussy and made me mad.

I was moaning hard and biting my lower lips with pleasure. My legs were wide, and my boyfriend’s tongue is making me crazy. I held his head hard and pushed him hard towards my pussy. He separated my pussy lips with his fingers and eating my pussy.

The chair was supported by the wall. He was licking, biting, and kissing my pussy like a desperate person. I was moaning loudly and pushing his head deeply and using bad words. After that, he widened my legs and inserted his hard dick in one go.

I was on the moon with his hard strokes and at the same time, my legs were in pain. He started giving me hard strokes for the next 10 minutes. I was in serious pain, but I moaned loudly too. I thought I lost my legs as I didn’t feel sense for the next few minutes.

I felt his warm cum was flowing out from my pussy and falling down my saree, which was under the chair. But still, he was horny. Without wasting any time, he again spread my legs wider and fucked me for the next 5 minutes.

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Once he was done with the fucking, he said, “ Behenchod. Randi mast maza aaya. Abhi doggy style karte hai.” I said no, but I don’t have any energy to stop him. He makes me in a doggy position on the chair. I was requesting him to leave. But he tore my ass lips in one go.

He reached the deepest point in one go and slapped my ass cheeks very hard.
I moaned heavily, and I am sure outside people from my room heard of my moans. He was spanking and fucking my ass hole hard. I was crying heavily. My body was in sweat now.

I was breathing heavily and begging him to stop. But he continued for some time and fell on my back. But his monster dick was in my ass and releasing cum inside my asshole. Chaitu was tired. I thought it was the end of his fucking. But he still his dick has power.

He asked me for a woman on top of the chair. I said no, but he told me that it’s a final one and forced me for that position. He fucked me in that position for the next 15 minutes and bit my boobs hard.

Finally, he dressed up and left for the airport. He made me dirty with his fuck. He pleased me more than my expectation. My saree was in cum strains. My body was full of sweat. I took the hot shower again and left the hotel. The hotel staff had a bad eye on my body because they heard my moans.

I reached home, and by that time, my hubby was ready with his dick. He was over drunk and fucked my asshole for some time and slept.

The next day morning, I had full-body pain and soreness in my ass and pussy. I threw his viagra and stopped financing his drink.

After one month, I became pregnant as the ipill didn’t work. My chutiya hubby was happy and informed my parents. I was happy with my parents but angry with my hubby. I was feeling bad about Pankaj, but his cheap mentality makes me angry.

I wanted to be loyal, but I can’t be faithful to him. After 9 months, I was blessed with a boy, and he is very healthy because of his good sperm.

My boyfriend didn’t know this fact till now. I blocked him once he left the hotel, but time has a different plan for me. I didn’t do any sex for two years, but one incident brought my desires again.

Thanks for reading my story.

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