My Sex Goddess Salma – Ecstasy – Part 3


Hello, horny bunnies! I hope you enjoyed reading the previous chapters in this series. I owe you, folks, an apology for the long hiatus. I am uploading multiple parts this time so that you have enough fapping material until my next upload. Getting down to business, a quick recap.

In my previous chapter, I had narrated how I finally took a leap of faith and kissed Salma. This led to an intense make-out session. It culminated in me shooting a huge load down her throat. In this chapter, I shall narrate how we finally got to consummate our relationship.

I guess it must’ve been two hours since we settled on the couch. The last thing I remembered was smelling Salma’s pussy and gently slurping her love juices. I heard Salma say, ‘Yes Pappu, lick me up good. Taste me. I feel so tired. I love the touch of your tongue on my clit. Lick me Pappu!’

Both of us were damn tired. I didn’t know when I slept. I liked my new nickname ‘Pappu,’ and Salma loved calling me Pappu. I woke up to the wafting smell of cum and saliva. The smell of our genital fluids had engulfed the room. I had slept on Salma’s lap, while she reclined herself on the sofa.

I could see the sofa sheets drenched with Salma’s juices. My drool was all over her milky thighs. At the far end of the couch was yet another stain, from fluids that had dripped from my wet dick. I noticed that Salma had a trimmed bush on her pussy. I inhaled her sweaty pubic scent and got up from the sofa.

It was still pouring down heavily outside. I checked my clothes, they were still wet. Both I and Salma were completely naked in the living room. It was getting quite chilly and I went and took a leak. I returned to the living room and stood there admiring Salma’s naked body.

Her smooth curves, perky nipples, plush pussy, and those succulent lips. Every part of me wanted to be one with Salma. I had an insatiable urge to taste every curve, crevice, and orifice on her body. I knelt down naked beside the recliner and started planting gentle kisses on her feet.

I slowly began to suck her toes and moved up to her voluptuous thighs. I suckled on her inner thighs close to her pussy. Salma seemed to be in deep slumber, she didn’t respond to my licking. I slowly spread her legs apart to reveal her pussy. It was a sight to behold!

Her pussy lips were thick and wrinkled from all the action earlier. They were still wet and slimy from all her cum. I gently licked her love nectar, it tasted slightly salty and musky. I licked again, and then again until my mouth was filled her fishy, musky taste. I wanted that pussy odor all over my face.

I parted those pussy lips and rubbed my face over her soft clit and labia. I could feel my face was all wet and sticky with Salma’s discharge. I now started licking the dark pink insides of her pussy. I used long broad strokes to lick her pussy from bottom to top.

I made sure that her delicate insides felt the friction of my tongue. When I reached the clit, I used the tip of my tongue to softly flip it. I licked her pussy on and on until I heard her moan. I looked up and could see the ecstasy on Salma’s face, her eyes were still shut though. That look was enough to edge me on.

I started to lick with much quicker strokes and now sucked on her clit. As I licked her pussy, I started stroking my rock hard cock with my left hand. My right hand was pulling up Salma’s pussy lips to reveal her clit. Salma’s moans increased. She was now caressing my hair and shoving her pussy into my face.

She was rhythmically moving her pussy up and down on my mouth. I let my tongue run over her pink insides, she was face fucking me! ‘Pappu, lick me good. Drink my juices, you like my cum don’t you! That feels so good,’she said. I started stroking my dick harder and could no longer resist.

I got up and kissed Salma passionately and let her taste her pussy discharge. She opened her eyes and saw her slimy wetness all over my face. She smiled and said, ‘Pappu, I want you to always smell of me! You can go fuck any girl you want, but I want you to only smell of me! You are mine Pappu, my lusty baby!’

I was on cloud nine hearing this. I felt that I was my goddess’ property. I couldn’t control myself any longer. While I continued to kiss her, I guided my dick into Salma’s pussy. Her pussy was already wet with her juices and my saliva. So my dick just slid deep into her love hole the moment I inserted.

Salma certainly wasn’t expecting me to make this move. The moment my dick hit the insides of her vagina, she was surprised. Her whole body quivered. She kissed even more deeply at this pleasant surprise. Salma’s pussy felt warm, soft and squishy.

My dick was getting used to this new feeling of contraction inside her pussy. I was getting intensely aroused with every passing second. I started fucking her with quick short strokes, while Salma licked her juices off my face. I moved my attention to her breasts and sucked on her nipple.

Suddenly I sensed a finger in my anus. Initially, she was just rubbing it on my asshole. It aroused me to fuck her more quickly and increased my speed. Then, the finger went right into my anus. I felt a sudden surge of pain and I stopped midway in my stroke.

‘What is the hurry, Pappu? Are you planning to leave after a quickie? You fuck like a horny teenager, do you know that?’ Salma asked. I said, ‘Sorry Salma if I was too rough. I just couldn’t hold on. You look so beautiful and I just want to be inside you.’

She responded saying ‘Pappu, its ok to be rough. But this is your first time with me, right? Take your time, explore my body. Let your dick make my pussy a new home. Your dick head is hardly touching the deep insides of my pussy. Slow down, push deep into my pussy explore the deep insides.’

‘A lady likes it both slow and rough. You should know when to be gentle and when to unleash the arrogance of your cock.’ I removed my dick from her pussy and started licking all over her body. My cock was urging to be back in the comfort of Salma’s pussy, but she was right.

What was the hurry, I wanted to devour every inch of my goddess. So I licked all over her face, then sucked on those large areolas and nipples. I could sense the wetness dripping from my cock on the floor. I slowly moved down to her navel and inserted the tip of my tongue in her navel.

I gave it a swirl, making her shiver with goosebumps. I went down on her pussy again. This time I could see it was wetter than ever with a pungent-smelling discharge all over her upper thighs. As I licked her pussy, I heard Salma moan again.

‘See, how wet you made me. Fucking a woman is not all about thrusting your manhood into her. You need to see, feel, smell and taste me when you make love to me. I am all yours Pappu, treat me like a bitch, treat me like a queen, make love to me as you own me. Now get up and come kiss me.’

I lay on top of her and kissed her deeply this time, exchanging our saliva and genital discharge. She abruptly stopped and then said ‘Pappu close your eyes and kiss me deeply.’ While she said this she held my penis, rubbed it on her clit and guided it slowly into her pussy.

‘Thrust your cock deep inside me, don’t fuck me yet,’ she said. I pushed my cock as much as I could. I could now sense that my dick head was finding it difficult to penetrate her insides.

‘Do you feel that? That is my pussy contracting, now push harder, you can go in further. Push in until it hits my uterus, kiss me and let your dick feel its way inside my pussy,’ she said. I did exactly what my goddess told. I left my dick to itself and kissed her.

I kissed her with all my heart. My hands were caressing through her hair. I lay there with my eyes closed. Salma’s saliva was draining down my throat. My cock slowly started penetrating through the tight barrier. It was as though I was in a sexual meditative state.

I could sense the feeling on every inch of my penis now. My dick head was getting squeezed on all sides. I could sense pre-cum welling up to the tip on my penis. I could sense the crown of my penis brushing on Salma’s delicate inside, fighting its way into her narrower even more delicate fleshy cavity.

I could feel Salma’s perky nipples poking on my chest. Her breasts pushing on my nipples. Salma broke the kiss, lifted my head up, looked at me and said ‘Pappu, did you feel it? Your dick just hit my womb! Show me how much you love me, Pappu.’

I withdrew my dick to the edge of her pussy and pushed it back in until it hit her sweet spot. ‘Just like that Pappu, stretch my pussy darling.’ This feedback was all that I needed. I started fucking Salma with long slow strokes, with every stroke I tried to push deeper and deeper into her.

Salma was now moaning like crazy. ‘Pappu, fuck me deeper, fuck me like how Vinay fucks me. Vinay, fuck me harder, make me cum, Vinay!’ moaned Salma. I was confused. I knew Salma and I both were now in a state of sexual high. I wondered if she was thinking if I was her husband Vinay.

‘Pappu, fuck me harder, make Vinay jealous, show him how much you lust me,’ she moaned again. This was crazy, anything for my goddess. I started fucking her with long, fast strokes now. My face was nestled in her hair as I fucked her deep and hard with every stroke.

Salma was nibbling on my ear lobes and pushing her pussy against my dick, to make it go even deeper. Her hands were pushing my ass towards her pussy. I fucked her. She moaned in my ears ‘Pappu, do you want me to come on your dick?’ I said, ‘Salma, yes, drench my dick with your cum.’

‘Then push it in deeper, come on Pappu push it in deeper and faster.’ I removed my dick entirely and then shoved it in her pussy in one single go, it went it deep and broke through the tightness. I could feel the pain on my foreskin. It was a rough slide in! Both Salma and I climaxed at the same time.

I could feel my dick ejaculating non-stop inside her. Salma, herself was uncontrollable. she held on to me tightly, both her legs wrapped around my ass and her arms around my neck. She quivered through her orgasm. I never knew I could cum so much.

With every discharge, I pushed deeper inside her pussy. ‘Daks, are you peeing inside my pussy or are you ejaculating? I could feel so much in me. It is dripping out,’ said Salma. I frankly didn’t know if it was pee mixed with semen or if it was just cum.

I said, ‘Salma I don’t know. This is how much I love you, my dick just wants to spray your insides.’ To which Salma responded ‘I don’t care Pappu, push deeper and hug me tightly, I feel dizzy.’ I have never ejaculated this much in my whole life. My cock just kept oozing out cum with every stroke.

Salma wasn’t helping either. The expression of ecstasy on her face, combined with her shivering body just made me cum more, with every passing second. She kept thrusting her pelvis and kissing me intensely without even breaking for breath. Finally, we descended down from our climax after a few minutes.

I lay exhausted on top of her. We had broken the kiss for want of breath. My face was buried deep in her curly hair. I had my eyes closed and could taste the perspiration on her neck and ear lobes. Salma was breathing heavily. She must’ve had an intense orgasm, I thought.

We laid on the sofa exhausted, feeling our bodies breathe in and out and relax in the comfort of each other. After what seemed like ten minutes, I lifted up my head and looked at Salma. Her eyes were still shut, her face wore an expression of fulfillment.

It seemed as though she was in a meditative state of joy, free from all worldly encumbrances. I held her face with both my hands and planted a soft kiss on her lips, Salma returned the kiss by sucking my lips.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine. ‘Pappu that was amazing! You are such a quick learner. Did you feel my orgasm?’ she asked. I responded ‘Salma, I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life! I want to spend every second of my living existence making love to you.’

Salma laughed uncontrollably on hearing me. ‘Pappu, this is just the beginning! I am sure you’ll grow tired of me in the days to come. Right now I am like a new wife. As we fuck more and more, we will not have the same enthusiasm.’ How can I grow tired of my goddess?

I wanted to let Salma know that my heart, body and soul belonged to her. I got up from the sofa, stood there admiring her naked body and said, ‘Salma, I know you are married. Yet I am yearning for you. This obsession is not short-lived. You’ll always be my new wife no matter how old we get.’

Salma offered her hand and asked me to pull her up from the sofa. Once up, she held my face with both her hands and kissed me deeply. ‘I like you a lot Pappu, you are so naive and innocent. Sooner or later I might get bored with you. Don’t get emotionally attached to me. Lust me, fuck me, treat me like your bitch, but do not fall in love with me,’ she said.

We stood there naked, hugging and kissing each other. I began to feel my cock springing back to life and it started poking her pussy. Salma broke our kiss, looked at me.

She said, ‘Pappu, you are hard already! You just cummed so much. Look at the mess you’ve made on the sofa. Even I and Vinay have never made such a mess, we’ve fucked on this couch so many times.’

I looked at the sofa, it was drenched with our genital ejaculate. I could see the white discharge still floating on the sofa. We definitely needed to mop it. I stood there embarrassed at the mess I’ve made and looked at Salma with a sorry face.

Salma giggled at me (how I loved that cute laugh!), grabbed my cock, wiped it on her wet pussy and said, ‘Pappu I know the right treatment for your over-working balls. We are going to play the first-night games.’

In the next chapter, I’ll narrate what was the first-night games and how our lust for each other grew manifold.

If you wish, please do share your feedback and let me know if you’d want me to be more graphic and descriptive about these events. Write to me at [email protected] or chat me up on Kik at sexytrinity69. Your feedback motivates me and helps me be more diligent at penning down my experiences.

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