My Sexual Journey – Part 2


In the first part, I didn’t talk much about the body size of my hot classmate Mausam as it was my first story. Anyway, let me tell you how she looked.

As I already said, her body kind of resembled the body of the pornstar “Valentina Nappi”. But to be more precise, she had the figure 34-28-36 and she used to wear 34D cup size. Overall, Mausam had this hot curvy figure with fleshy thighs.

So coming to the story, I returned home after the program and jerked off so hard thinking about her cleavage and her navel. I was still not able to believe that I actually touched her milky white soft skin.

The next day, I felt a little awkward and embarrassed to talk with my sexy classmate but she was acting all well. So, I also didn’t give much priority to that and acted normal.

But at night, when we were chatting on Facebook, she asked me if she can call me. I didn’t think much of it and said okay. God, it was a video call and I didn’t know what to do.

After a few rings, I picked up the call and thank god, I picked it. In the video, I could see Mausam’s upper body part!

She was flashing her tits wearing a very short and tight pink top. Half of her boobs was out and I could clearly see her white bra not being able to handle her big boobies. I was also showing my upper part but down there, I was already hard and erect inside my shorts.

Mausam: You looked off today, why?
Me: N-no, no..maybe the hangover, haha.

I was not able to take my eyes off my classmate’s boobs. I really wanted to get to her through that mobile phone and play with her titties!

Mausam: Haha right, I was feeling kind of dizzy too.

She stood up and went to her drawer. God, she was wearing a tiny white shorts which was just covering her ass.

She took out a comb from her drawer and standing there, she raised her hands to comb her hair. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Her top moved upwards as she raised her hand and I could see her belly and her sexy navel. My cock was already doing its thing inside my shorts.

That continued for like 30 minutes more and she went to sleep after that. I rushed towards the bathroom and shot loads of cum. It was so intense that night.

The next two days, same thing happened. My classmate was flashing all over and after the call, I had intense orgasms.

On the fourth day, we were on the call and I was really hard and erect. She was just playing with her hair and talking. I moved my phone intentionally a bit and flashed my bulge. I made sure she noticed that. Then I said sorry and put the phone back in its original position.

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I was feeling kind of shy but I could see that my hot classmate girl was shocked. Her eyes and mouth were both open. After a while, she looked at me and bit her lips. I was getting all kind of signs but still, I was not able to utilize them.

Another three days, the same thing happened and I made sure to show her my bulge. A six-inch hard and erect dick, you can imagine how large the bulge will be.

Then on Saturday, the classes were off and I was on my bed still sleeping. It was 10 am already, I guess. Mausam called me and god, she was wearing a towel. It was covering just half of her boobs and down below, it was just under her pussy.

I felt like she was not wearing anything underneath and I instantly got a hard-on. She had fixed her phone on a table and was looking for something on her drawer.

Mausam: Good morning, lazy guy!! Still on the bed?
Me: Hehe good morning!! What you looking for, huh?

I was looking at her body and slid my hand inside my boxer. Looking at my classmate’s sexy curves, I slowly started rubbing my dick.

Mausam: I am going to take a shower, so just looking for what to wear, haha.

She came back with a pair of red bra and panty in her hand and showed them to me.

Mausam: I got them, haha!! Bye, I am going to take a shower. Will talk later.

My hand was still inside my boxer and it was playing with my hard dick. I didn’t want her to go and I also thought I should make a move.

Looking at those red bra and panty, I was so horny that I just could not wait any longer to slide my cock deep inside my classmate’s pussy. Lust was all over me.

Me: Why don’t you talk while taking the shower?

I made my first move and she was looking kind of shocked.

Mausam: Haha, naughty boy!!
Me: Why? You take shower naked? Haha
Mausam: Everyone takes shower naked, you stupid.

She laughed and was about the disconnect the call. I interrupted her.

Me: You can just show your face in the video, nah? I am really bored, please you can do this for me?

Mausam: No..Bye!

She disconnected the call and left. I felt like she got angry and that made me really afraid.

I called her so many times but there was no response. I sent her many sorry messages as I was really afraid and was cursing myself that I took that bold step.

After 20 minutes, she called me. She was again wearing a towel same like before but this time, her hair and body were kind of wet.

Mausam: Are you crazy? Haha. I went to take a shower, stupid.
Me: You should have told me at least.

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I was kind of sad and afraid at the same time and she started consoling me.

Mausam: Okay!! I am sorry..Actually, the solar was not working, so..

Me: It is okay!! What would have happened if had watched you take a shower, huh?

I took a very bold move this time as it was my hard dick doing all the talking.

Mausam: Haha naughty!! It is too risky, we are talking on an internet stupid. What if you leak my naked videos?

Does that mean she doesn’t mind taking shower in front of me? I thought I should take another bold move.

Me: So you would have no problem taking a shower in front of me if I was there?

Mausam: Haha, you are so naughty.

We continued the same kind of conversation for the next 20 minutes. She didn’t say anything on my indirect proposal but also didn’t directly reject it. So that was yes for me.

In those 20 minutes, I was just looking at my classmate’s boobs and her fleshy thighs and imagining her riding me. I was so hard and wet that I rushed inside the bathroom and shot shit loads of cum after she cut the phone.

We had a normal day at the college the next day but at night, during the call, another surprising thing happened. She was wearing a tight full sleep green crop top and down below, a black tight legging. Her nipples were peeking through her top and I was sure that she was not wearing a bra inside.

Down between her legs, I could see her camel toe. God, she was not wearing a panty as well. I got so hard that I pushed my shorts and boxer down and made sure she doesn’t notice that.

Talking with her and looking at her hard nipples and pussy shape down there, I was slowly rubbing my dick. I was getting really horny and she was feeling the same (I could see that in her face). Still, we both were acting like everything is normal.

After some time, I noticed a wet spot on my classmate’s leggings around her crotch area. God, that was so sexy and I was so helpless. I just wanted to fuck her so hard. Suddenly, my phone slipped from my hand and I was so sure she noticed my hard cock. I was all red but she didn’t say anything.

Me: I have to pee.. I will be back in a minute.

I just wanted to jerk off my cock and release my cum. She bit her lips and gave me a very naughty look.

Mausam: You can talk with me while peeing, haha.
Me: What? Haha.
Mausam: Just show me your face and pee!

I could not believe all that, it was like a dream to me. I was naked down below and I was just rubbing it gently. That was the sign I needed.

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Me: Are you serious?
Mausam: Umm..

I didn’t think much and just stood up and went inside the bathroom. She was looking at me and I could see her feeling kind of awkward.

Looking at her, I started jerking off and made sure to smile so that she won’t think otherwise.

Mausam: Are you really peeing?
Me: Yes..

I was about to cum, so I started stroking my cock faster.

Mausam: But I am not hearing the sound of your pee, haha.

Then I had an orgasm. I tried to control it but still, I shivered and she noticed that. I also let out a soft moan and I thought she noticed that too.

Mausam: Why are you shivering? Are you alright?
Me: Y–yes I am..

I was all sweaty and was feeling really tired. So I told her that I am tired and need to sleep, and then I cut the phone.

I washed my dick clean and god, it was so intense. I never had such an orgasm before that.

After that, I was thinking about the video call I had with her and so many questions were revolving around me.

Did she know I was masturbating while looking at her? I think she was sure I was masturbating. Maybe she wanted me to do that? If not, why would she not wear bra and panty inside? I fell asleep thinking about all these things.

That week, the same thing happened every night while we were on a video call. She flashed her nipples and camel toe and I jerked off on that.

Occasionally, I also made a bold move and made sure to flash my throbbing dick. Her reaction was priceless every time she got the view of my dick. She would bite her lower lips and I could see her leggings or whatever she wearing down below getting wet. It was intense and throughout that week, I had probably the most intense orgasms.

This much for this part. In the next part, I will talk about how I fucked Mausam in the shower and other kinky surprises. Thanks for reading!


I am trying to make the story detailed, so it might be long. I hope everyone will be patient and give their feedback on my gmail or hangout [email protected]

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