My Sexual Journey – Part 3 (College Hottie Mausam)


Then came Friday, I and my beautiful engineering college classmate Mausam were on a video call and as usual, she was wearing a tight top which barely covered her boobs and down below, she was wearing a tight booty shorts. It was obvious she was not wearing anything inside.

I was already naked down below and holding and rubbing my dick while we were talking. So it was getting really intense day by day and as my parents were to leave for a vacation the next day, I thought about making a move.

Me: I am having difficulties to solve those math problems Rajan sir gave us, did you solve those?

It was the easiest way to lure her into my house.

Mausam: Yes I did. I can give you my note if you want.

Me: I cannot copy your note without understanding the steps. Can you please help me understand them? I will be alone at home tomorrow, you can come and help me out.

Mausam bit her lips. Did she just bite her lips? I thought it was working and the time has finally come to lose my virginity. I could already see a wet spot on her shorts and everything was going in the right direction.

Mausam: Okay!! Where your parents going anyway?

Me: They are going on a vacation with their friends. I will be alone for like 3-4 days, poor me haha.

Mausam: Okay!! I will be there after having lunch.

After that, we continued our normal routine and after the call, I had an orgasm and I was really happy that I might get to fuck my hot classmate’s pussy. I fell asleep in no time.

The next day, my parents woke me up early as they were leaving. They left at 6 am. I was really excited and wanted to do everything to lure Mausam into my plan. I went to bed and started watching porn to learn new things. I had two orgasms while watching porn and I felt like that would help me fuck her longer.

Then I took a shower and made sure to shave it clean between my legs. I had my lunch and was waiting for Mausam to arrive. It was like 10:30 am when she knocked on the door. I was wearing a trouser and a t-shirt and had put on a musk perfume.

After hearing the knock, I opened the door. There she was! But she was looking different that day.

Mausam was wearing a white loose dress that had a deep round cut. It was just above her knees. She had a bag on her hand and I could see a towel inside it. She was going to take a shower here in my house and that feeling made me so excited that I already got a hard-on inside my trouser!

Mausam: So you just keep staring at me or also invite me inside stupid? Haha.

Me: Haha. Come in, I was waiting for you.

Mausam: You look excited haha. So excited to solve the math problems?

We both laughed and sat on the couch. She put her bag on the side and sat beside me.

We both looked at each other and smiled. It was different that day, my classmate was looking kind of timid. Maybe she was feeling shy and afraid. Finally, I broke the silence.

Me: You took a towel with you.. You took me seriously?

Mausam: Solar not working at my home, stupid. I told you, didn’t I? You want me to stay dirty all week?

I was already a little hard and she might have already noticed that. We had some random conversations and then she took a towel and went inside the bathroom.

As she closed the door, I looked into her bag and god, there was a pair of panties and bra. I took one of her panties and sniffed it. I could smell her pussy on the panty. Another one looked new, it was a red thong and I was imagining how sexy Mausam would look in that.

My dick was completely hard and erect inside my trouser and I was not able to control myself. I slid my hand inside my trousers and rubbed my cock as I walked towards the bathroom.

Me: Mausam, I have to pee. Can I get inside?

Mausam: Use another bathroom, Sam!

I could hear the sound of the shower. I was so desperate to see my sexy classmate’s naked body getting wet with the water.

Me: This is the only bathroom we have. I don’t think you have another option than letting me in. haha.

I was just making excuses to get inside the bathroom and I thought she knew that as well.

Mausam: Then what about the bathroom you used while you were on a video call with me?

I got caught but I didn’t feel anything as I thought she already knew that I want to be inside with her.

Me: That’s not working recently. God, it’s coming, please let me in, Mausam.

Mausam: Okay!! Make sure you don’t look at me.

As she unlocked the door, I pushed it. God, Mausam was naked! Her milky white soft ass was right in front of my eyes. I was not able to believe what I was witnessing. The water sliding on her soft skin was looking so sexy that I could not help myself rubbing my cock looking at her.

Mausam: You getting in or not? I said no looking at me, just do your thing and leave, Sam.

This time my classmate sounded a little anxious. Maybe she was afraid that we were finally going to do it. That made me a little anxious too.

Still, I got inside and showing my back to her, I took out my cock and tried to pee. As I was peeing, I turned my head back and looked at her. She looked at me and I could not help turning myself completely towards her. I was holding my big cock and she was looking at it.

I don’t know what got into my head, I just walked towards her and our lips met. We were both under the shower and we started kissing. We both were moaning inside each other’s mouth.

Me: Mmmmmmmmm..
Mausam: Mmmmmmm..

My dick was hanging outside and suddenly, I felt Mausam’s hand on it. She held my dick as we were kissing. That turned me so much that I took my hands toward her back and hugged her tightly. My dick got squeezed between her hand and her belly. I felt the touch of her soft belly on the tip of my cock.

Then I took my hands down to her ass and started massaging them softly. She bit my lips as she started stroking my cock. I was feeling so good and was moaning hard inside her mouth. Mausam was doing the same.

I was getting so horny that I slid my fingers inside her ass crack and slowly touched her butthole. Mausam left my mouth and let out a soft moan. She didn’t resist me from touching her butthole.

I smiled at her as I rolled my finger around her butthole. Mausam closed her eyes and rest her head on my shoulder. Her hand was still on my dick and she was holding it tightly.

Then I moved my finger to my hot classmate’s pussy. It was shaved and was so wet that my finger was slipping around her pussy. As I touched her pussy, she got really excited and locked her lips with mine before letting out a soft moan.

I keep rubbing her wet pussy and her asshole as we kept kissing for like five minutes. She was holding my dick and rubbing it. I was so hard and excited that I was about to cum. She was excited too.

I don’t know what got into her head, she held my dick and put in right on her pussy! She was rubbing the tip of my cock on her pussy and it was really intense.

We were kissing and moaning hard as I couldn’t help myself and slowly pushed my dick inside her. Mausam tried to push me away but I held her very tightly and sucked her lips and my dick got half inside her. She was trying to escape from my arms, so I kept it inside and sucked her lips.

After some time, she became calm and then I pushed it completely inside her.

We were under the shower and for the first time in my life, my dick was inside someone’s pussy and I was feeling so intense. Putting my dick inside, we kissed for some time. Then I started fucking her, moving my hips. The horny Indian college girl was biting my lips so hard and moaning hard inside my mouth.

After a few minutes, I turned her around and pushed her on the wall. She was standing resting her hands on the wall. I spread her legs a bit and then pushed my dick inside. This time, it slid in easily.

Mausam: Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm

Me: Ahhhhhhhhh..How you feeling, Mausam?

I was behind her and I took my hands to her boobs and grabbed them hard as I started fucking her.

Mausam: So good.. Mmmmmmmm.. ahhhhhhhhhhh yes..Ohhh godddd…

I was so turned on by her moaning, so I took my hand down to her pussy again and rubbed her clit. This time, the college hottie got really excited and started moaning hard. I also increased the speed of rubbing and started fucking her really hard.

Mausam: Mmmmmmm…yesssss fuck me hard Sam..mmmmmmmm I am feeling so good..ohhhhhh yeahh, yessssssss..mmmmmmm

After a few minutes, I shot my cum inside the hot college girl. She had her orgasm as well.

Mausam was resting her whole body on her wall and I was resting mine on her. My hands were on her boobs and I was resting my head on the back of her neck. We were both moaning and resting under the shower.


In the next part, there will be a surprise. So please keep reading. Thanks!!!

This series of story is my real sex experience. I hope everyone is enjoying it and I am really thankful to all of you for being patient and reading my story.

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