My Sexual Journey – Part 4 (Classmate’s Sister)


I and my classmate Mausam were under the shower, tired and relaxed. My dick was slowly getting smaller and it was crushed against Mausam’s big ass. Then suddenly I remembered that I had not worn a condom. I got scared and turned Mausam around.

Me: We did it without a condom! What to do now?!

I was so scared and was looking at her face. We were under the shower naked and she was looking so beautiful. She did not say anything but just laughed.

Me: Why are you laughing? What if you get pregnant?!

Mausam: You are so cute, haha.

She kissed me on my lips and I was surprised that she was not caring at all.

Me: Aren’t you scared?

Mausam: I will take a pill, silly. Now, let’s take a shower together, hehe.

She hugged me tightly and started rubbing her hands all around my back. I also felt relaxed and did the same. We cleaned each other’s body and then she took the towel and left.

Mausam: I will dry myself and give you the towel.

I was under the shower and I was feeling so amazing. I was not able to believe that I finally lose my virginity and even that with such a hot Indian college girl. Thinking about everything we did a few moments ago gave me a hard-on again. I started rubbing my dick and it again got into its full length.

Then Mausam came and gave me the towel. She was wearing my t-shirt which was covering half of her thighs. I could notice her erect nipples from the t-shirt which meant my sexy classmate was not wearing a bra.

Me: Where did you get that t-shirt?

Mausam: In your room, haha. Now dry yourself and come to the room.

She left and as she was walking, I looked at her ass. God, it was moving so gracefully. I dried myself and wrapping the towel around my waist, I went to my room. As I was so hard and erect, there was a huge bulge on the towel.

She was on my bed using her phone. As I entered the room, she looked at me and smiled. I lay down beside me and tried to look at her phone.

Me: What are you doing on your phone, Mausam? Why you hiding it?

Mausam: I am talking with my boyfriend, haha.

I got shocked by that. Is she crazy? She really has a boyfriend? Why she never told me that? So many questions raised in my mind.

Me: Really? You have a boyfriend, Mausam?

I was feeling so sad and that was clearly showing in my face. She looked at me and laughed.

Mausam: No, silly. I was just teasing you.

She moved towards me and now our body was touching each other. She turned towards me and I turned towards her. She put aside the phone and looked at me. Her feet was touching mine and our face was close.

Mausam: Actually, I have to tell you something, Sam. Promise me you won’t get mad.

She looked kind of nervous and I also felt anxious. She held my hand and moved closer. My bulge was now touching her belly.

Me: Okay, promise. Now tell me what it is.

Mausam: You know about my sister Alisha, right?

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I was hearing that name for the first time. That time, I realized that I did not even know about her family.

Me: N-no..You have never told me about your sister.

Mausam: She is messaging me..

Me: Messaging what?

Mausam: Actually, she knows everything about you and our video calls and about today.

Me: So? Are you afraid now?

Mausam: No, silly..actually..

Me: Actually what?

The young girl was all red and was not able to say what it was. So I hugged her and pulled her on top of me.

Me: Tell me what it is..I have already promised I won’t get mad..don’t worry, I won’t be mad.

Mausam: Actually..she wants to come here. That’s why she is messaging me.

Mausam held me tightly, her head was on my shoulder and my hands around her back. I was shocked and couldn’t believe what she was saying. Does her sister want to have sex with me? Is she really trying to say that? Does that mean we will have a threesome? I thought of so many things.

Me: Then, let her come. Why would I mind that?

Mausam raised her face and looked at me and smiled.

Mausam: Really? Actually..

Me: Actually what? Tell me stupid what it is.

Mausam: Actually, she wants to do what we were doing in the shower.

Mausam put her head again on my shoulder.

Me: What? Really? What do you think about that? Is it a good idea?

Mausam: Ummm..

Me: Then it is okay.. Tell her to come.

She raised her head and she was looking really happy. She kissed me on her lips and then messaged her sister to come.

After that, while waiting for her sister, we started talking. Mausam told me about her sister. This is how she explained everything.

“She is my elder sister and she is two years older than me. She is doing BBA and we share everything. Actually, I have told her everything about you and she has also seen your photo.

Actually, it was her who taught me to wear those clothes during video calls. And when you flashed your bulge and your hard dick, I had seen it and later showed it to my sister.

The size of your bulge is what got into my sister’s head and now she wants to be here. But, she is not a slut and still a virgin and she thought it would be easy to be here and try it”.

My classmate was all red while she was explaining it.

I was feeling so excited and happy that I hugged her tightly and pulled her on top of me. We started kissing and it got really intense. I took my hands down to her and slid them inside the t-shirt. She was wearing that red thong and that made me really horny.

We kept kissing like that and after 10 minutes, we heard a knock on the door. Also, Mausam got a missed call on her phone. It was her sister, so she rushed towards the main door.

I was on the bed wearing just a towel and there was a big bulge of my hard cock on the towel. Mausam and her sister entered the room.

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I looked at her from top to bottom. She was looking kind of shy. She was wearing a red off-shoulder top which was covering her boobs and just above her navel. I could see her navel clearly.

My classmate’s sister was kind of skinny and her height was almost the same as Mausam’s. Even though she was skinny, her boobs looked quite big for her body. It was around 32B in my guess but it was hard to guess as her top was loose.

As her bra straps were not visible, I thought she was wearing a tube bra. Down below, my classmate’s sister was wearing a tight white jeans. Her thighs looked so smaller compared to Mausam’s.

Mausam laughed and said, “You going to just stare at her or let me introduce you guys, huh? She is my sister Alisha and he is my friend Sam.”

Alisha looked at me and smiled, “Hi Sam”. She looked down at my bulge and bit her lips. That really turned me on and I gave her a naughty look, “Hi Alisha”.

Alisha laughed again as Mausam jumped on the bed beside me and said, “Call her didi (sister) stupid, she is older than you”.

Alisha was still standing and looking at Mausam. We all laughed and she jumped on the bed beside Mausam. Now, Mausam was between me and Alisha.

Alisha looked at my bulge again as I looked at her. She said, “It’s okay, you can call me Alisha”. She bit her lips again and Mausam was observing all these things.

Suddenly, Mausam put her hand on my bulge and started rubbing it. I moaned slightly, “mmmmmmm” as I was still looking at Alisha. Alisha kept biting her lips as she took her hand to Mausam’s boobs.

The moment got really heated, Mausam moved on my side keeping me in the middle. Alisha moved closer to me and put her hand on my dick. Both the sisters were rubbing my dick through the towel and I was really hard and wet. It was really intense and I was moaning softly, “mmmmmmmm”.

I gave a signal to Alisha to kiss me and she obeyed and now, we were kissing. Mausam unwrapped the towel and grabbed my throbbing dick. My eyes were closed and I was moaning inside Alisha’s mouth and she was doing the same. We were kissing really hard and slowly, I took my hand to her boobs and pressed it through her top.

While we were kissing, I felt Mausam moving downwards with her hand still grabbing my dick. After the instant, I felt my dick locked inside Mausam’s lips. She was making sounds as she was sucking the tip of my cock, “’s huge”.

Alisha and I were still kissing, I was sucking her tongue and she was doing the same. Kissing her hard and wild, I was pressing her boobs.

After kissing for a moment, Alisha broke the kiss and took off her top and bra. She came closer and put her boobs around her face. I sucked her nipples in no time and she let out a huge sigh, “mmmmmmm”. Down below, Mausam had my dick all inside her mouth. I was moving my hips in excitement.

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I was sucking Alisha’s nipples and she was moaning and grabbing my hair tightly, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Meanwhile, Mausam had started licking and sucking my balls and stroking my cock. I was really turned on that I bit Alisha’s nipples. She had fair skin like Mausam’s and her nipples were tiny and pinkish.

I was licking and sucking Alisha’s nipples turn by turn and she was moaning loud and hard. Everything was making me really horny and as Mausam started stroking my dick faster, I released my spunk all over her hand.

I felt so relaxed that I left Alisha’s nipples. Alisha looked down and after knowing I had released my sperm, she also got down. Both the sisters were looking up at me, Mausam’s hand was still on my cock which was still hard and erect. My cock was still releasing cum and it was flowing through Mausam’s hand.

Looking up at my face, Alisha licked the cum on her sister’s hand which was holding my cock. I was moaning softly, “mmmmmmm” as Alisha took her tongue on the tip of my cock.

Both the sisters licked my dick clean and moved up and lied beside me. I was between them resting my back on the bed and they were sleeping on their side looking at me.

Alisha put her hand on my chest and run her fingers around, “Thank you so much sister for this”.

Mausam put her hand on my belly and smiled. I looked at both of them and smiled, “Actually, I should thank you both”.

We all laughed and then I kissed Mausam. I was sucking her lips and my hand was between her legs. Her thong was all wet and I could feel her juice dripping out through her pussy. I slowly rubbed her clit and she started moaning inside my mouth, “mmmmmmmm..”

My eyes were closed and I could feel my dick getting hard again. Then I felt Alisha’s mouth on the tip of my cock.

I kept kissing Mausam and rubbing her clit through her thong. She was moaning really loud inside my mouth and then she started biting my lips really hard. Then I felt something down on my cock.


This much for this part, I will continue it in the next part. Thank you for being patient and reading my story!

This series of story is my real sex experience. I hope everyone is enjoying it and I am really thankful to all of you for being patient and reading my story. You can leave your feedback on my gmail or hangout [email protected]

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