My Sexual Journey – Part 5


continuing from the last part.

Still kissing my classmate Mausam and rubbing her clit through her thong, I opened my eyes and looked down. Her sister Alisha was naked and was on top of me resting her knees on either side of me. She was rubbing my dick on her cleanly shaved pussy.

She was so wet down there that I could see cum dripping from her pussy. She looked at me and moaned, “mmmmm” as she slowly sat down on my dick. It went in easily and I was surprised as Mausam had told me that her sister is a virgin.

Then Mausam left my mouth and she looked at her sister who was sitting on my dick. She then took off her t-shirt and grabbed and pressed her boobs. Alisha was slowly moving her hips up and down and her hands were on my chest. She was moaning as she rode my dick, “mmmmm.. ahhhhhhhhh yessssssss”.

I was moaning too, “mmmmmm….. ahhhhhhhhh”. Then Mausam took off her thong as well and sitting on her knees behind me she showed me her wet pussy and started rubbing her clit.

Alisha was now bouncing really fast on my dick and I could feel the depth of her pussy on my dick. I was looking at Mausam’s pussy which was dripping and I really wanted to lick her clean.

She understood my desire and keeping her legs aside, she sat on my mouth. Alisha was screaming, “mmmmmm…yesss, fuck fuck..ohh god..sam your dick is so huge.. mmmmmmmm”. I was feeling so good and moving my hips in the rhythm.

As Mausam sat on me and guided her wet pussy to my mouth, I took out my tongue and put it on her clit. She moaned and grabbed her boobs, “mmmmmmm.. yessss sammmmm”.

I started licking Mausam’s clit holding her ass cheeks. Alisha was bouncing really hard on my dick and she started screaming,

“Mmmmmmm.. ohhhh yes, I am about to cum.. mmmmmmm”. That made me really excited and I couldn’t help myself and shot my load inside her pussy. I was so tired I stopped licking Mausam’s clit, so she stepped aside and rubbed her clit herself.

Alisha was tired as well, so she moved up and rested beside me. Her hand was on my chest and our breaths were heavy.

Mausam was yet to have an orgasm, so she got down and licked my dick clean. I was so tired and at the same time, I was so much happy. I looked down to Mausam and said, “where you guys learned all this? Haha!!”

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Both the sisters laughed and Mausam replied, “She taught me all these, she watches porn daily haha” pointing at her sister.

Alisha smiled and kissed me on my shoulder. Mausam licked my tip and looked at me again, “you guys only care yourselves, what about me?”

She looked sad, so Alisha and I both laughed and I replied, “wait for a moment, I am getting back in shape again haha”. Alisha replied too, “Me too haha”.

Mausam was playing with my cock and it was getting hard again. Alisha moved down behind Mausam and as Mausam was playing with my dick, she licked her sister’s pussy. Mausam moaned a little as she kept stroking my cock.

I was hard and erect again but my dick was paining little. But still, I got up and moved behind Mausam while Alisha slid herself below Mausam. I rubbed my dick on Mausam’s wet pussy as Alisha sucked on her clit. Mausam screamed loudly. “just put it inside Sam..I cannot wait.. mmmmmmmm make me your slut”.

I got really turned on by that and I pushed my dick inside her as I slapped her big ass. It went in easily this time.

I started fucking her hard and down below, Alisha was sucking and licking her sister’s clit. To make it more intense, I spread Mausam’s ass and spat on her asshole.

Fucking her pussy, I rolled my finger around her asshole. She got really excited and moved her ass very fast, “mmmmmm.. fuck me, Sam, fuck me harder… mmmmmm.. ahhhhhhhhh.. I am about to cum.. ohhh god”.

She had an orgasm but I still kept fucking her pussy. Alisha came up and was looking at my dick which was fucking her sister’s pussy. She took out her tongue and I understood and put it on her mouth. Mausam lied down resting her back and she was looking at us.

Alisha took my dick dick all inside her mouth and started giving me an intense blowjob. I hold her head tight and moaned hard, “ahhhhhhhhhh..yes suck it, suck it like a slut baby..mmmmm ohh yessss..I am about to cum..ohhhhh yessss”.

Then I released my spunk inside her mouth. She played with the cum before swallowing it all inside. We all lied down on the bed as we were all tired.

After resting for a while, Mausam stood up and said, “let’s take shower together”.

Alisha got up as well in agreement and they both held my hands and lifted me up. We both went inside the shower which was attached to my room. Mausam jokingly said to me, “I thought it was out of service haha” and grabbed my cock. She held it all inside her hands but the touch of her made me hard and it was trying to escape from her palm.

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I pushed Alisha and Mausam under the shower and turned it on. We were all naked and they were standing in front of me. I had never imagined that my first time would be like that.

They were laughing and rubbing their body. The water was streaming down from their faces to their boobs and all the way down to their crotch and their thighs. They were both clean shaved and looking at them naked and enjoying the shower, it was like heaven.

I was hard again but my dick was paining. Suddenly, Alisha held my hand and pulled me. Now, I was between them under the shower. Alisha was behind me crushing her titties again my back and Mausam in front of me crushing her big boobies on my chest.

Mausam held my dick and started stroking it, “you have such a big dick Sam”.

Alisha took her hand from behind to my balls and squeezed them, “I never thought it would be this much amazing”. Both the girls laughed and then I took my hands down to Mausam’s ass. I spread her ass and teased her asshole. She was biting her lips and playing with my cock which had started releasing precum.

Now, Alisha came ahead and sat down on her knees on my side. While Mausam was rubbing and stroking my dick, she started sucking my balls. Mausam looked at me and gave me a naughty look, “it would have been better if we had extra dick haha”. That made me a little sad but the thought of having group sex made me more excited.

I clenched Mausam’s ass and pulled her closer, “is it not enough babe?” Alisha was still sucking my balls.

“It is but more cocks mean you don’t have to wait for your turn haha”

Mausam rubbed the tip of my cock with her thumb and that really turned me on. I kissed her and bite her lips and slid my finger between her butt cheeks. I rubbed her asshole and we both started moaning inside each other’s mouth.

Mausam left hold of my dick in excitement and Alisha took a chance and put my dick inside her mouth. I was really excited that I released my man juice inside Alisha’s mouth. I got really tired and took my hand off from Mausam’s ass. I was so tired that I thought I won’t be able to do more.

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My dick was still inside Alisha’s mouth and she was licking it, I looked at Mausam and said, “I don’t think I will be able to do more babe”.

She looked disappointed but still hugged me and replied, “you did enough babe”.

Alisha also got up and hugged us, “this was the best moment of my life and all thanks to you Sam. It was a lot better than I ever imagined. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time than this”.

I was so relieved by that. Mausam then added, “you are all mine, we can do this anytime we want, right?”

Alisha laughed, “just yours?” and slapped Mausam’s ass.

We all laughed and cleaned ourselves. We rested naked and then the girls prepared the lunch. It was already past midday and after having lunch, they put on their dress and left. My dick was paining so hard that I went to bed and fell asleep in no time.

At night, we again had a video call and god, both the sisters were flashing and showing me their private parts. As things got really intense, we all got naked. We all masturbated and had orgasms looking at each other. Thighs really got intense after that day. Mausam, Alisha and I tried out various things which I will talk in the coming parts.

This much for this part. In the coming parts, I will talk about how I got into a sexual relationship with my ex-girlfriend. I hope you are enjoying and thanks for being patient and reading my story.

This series of story is my real sex experience. I hope everyone is enjoying it and I am really thankful to all of you for being patient and reading my story.

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