My Sexual Journey – Part 7 (Friday Night Out)


I was sitting naked on the couch and my ex-girlfriend Aisha was on my lap riding my cock. She was bouncing really hard on it; she had turned her head upwards with her eyes closed. She was moaning and screaming with every bounce, “Ohh yesss..mmmmm..fuck me ahhhhhhhhh”.

I was moaning too and looking at her tits which were bouncing in rhythm; her belly was bouncing too and her body had gotten full sweaty. I had gotten sweaty too and we both were so wet that with every bounce, there was coming this sound, “pyach.. pyach.. pyach”.

Aisha had her hands on my shoulder and I had put my hands on her waist. I could feel our slippery juice spread all over our thighs as she was bouncing hard on me.

Aisha increased her speed and I moved my hips as well to match with the rhythm. I was about to cum inside her tight fat pussy and hearing her screaming so hard, she was about to cum as well. But suddenly, her phone rang.

My ex-gf stopped and asked me to check who it was. It was from her mom and as soon as I told her that, she got off my lap and took the phone. Speaking on the phone, she walked towards the door and me still unaware of what just happened and why she got off my lap was looking at her fat ass which had gotten all sweaty.

I couldn’t hear what she was talking on the phone but in no time, she put her clothes back on after hanging up the call and left my house.

I was there sitting naked on the couch and still unaware of what just happened! A few moments ago, I was about to have an intense orgasm and now, my big six-inch rod had transformed itself into a small wee-wee. I was still not able to figure out what happened and why my ex-girlfriend left suddenly without saying anything.

Still clueless, I took a bath and went to my room. I tried to contact Aisha but there was no response. After a few attempts, I gave up and tried to forget everything happened that day.

The next day, my parents came back home and my classmate Mausam and her sister Alisha came back too. I was still in some kind of shock, so I was ignoring calls from Mausam.

A few days after that, my mom told me that Aisha’s younger sister had eloped when she was not home. That moment hit me so hard and I felt really bad and I regretted my decision to flirt with her and make her come to my house.

Then the classes resumed and I was slowly moving on from that situation. I had not talked with Mausam for like a week and I could no more ignore her as we were going to meet at the college. She was really angry and even ignored me all day. I had to say sorry so many times to make everything normal between us.

Eventually, I and Mausam got back to our normal ways and it was all fine between us. While returning back from college, we didn’t leave any opportunity we got to touch each other.

I was sure we will be doing our usual video sex at the night and as expected, she called me. I was already hard and dreaming of an intense orgasm, I was not wearing anything down below.

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I took the call but it was not as usual; she was wearing pajama and a loose top, she was not flashing anything at all. But I was there flashing my hard rod and looking at her in a dress like that, I kind of felt embarrassed.

So I turned my phone towards me to not to show her my dick. We greeted each other and were having a normal conversation and then Alisha joined us in a video call.

Unlike Mausam, she was wearing tight blue leggings and a tight white tank top. I could see the shape of her nipples and her vagina down in her crotch which means she was not wearing anything inside.

“You should teach something to Mausam, haha” I joked and both of them laughed as they both knew what I was trying to say. Mausam winked and raised her top to show me her boobs, “You can still see them”.

We all laughed and by that time, I also flashed my throbbing dick to them.

“I miss that” Alisha looked at my dick and bit her lips. Mausam did the same and took her hand inside her pajama. Still looking at my dick, Alisha said, “Actually Sam, we have to tell you something. We have made a plan to take all this to the next level” she was still looking at my throbbing dick which was releasing so much precum.

Rubbing my dick gently, I said, “Okay, tell me what it is”.

Mausam with her hand still inside her pajama, “We are planning for a night out”. I got excited and asked, “What? We three are going for a night out?”

Alisha replied, “No, there will be a few other people too, it will be fun”.

First, I got a little anxious as I had to deal with the strangers but the feeling of having more girls to fuck got me excited. Then Alisha explained the plan, “So we are planning to book a resort for Friday and there will be my friend Kriti who will be with her boyfriend David”.

So there was going to be a total of five of us and I was feeling both excited and anxious about it. But I still agreed. Why wouldn’t I? I will have one more girl to fuck!

After understanding the plan, we all got naked and masturbated in front of each other. We all had intense orgasms and the same thing happened all week.

Then came Friday, Mausam and I went to college together and as per the plan, we had to leave early. So Mausam and I bunked the class and returned home.

I convinced my mom with a lie of group study and took a bath. I made sure to trim my beard well and also to shave myself clean down there.

I put on a blue jeans and a white t-shirt and packed some clothes and went to the place where Mausam had told me to wait for her. After waiting for a few minutes, she came and god, I had never seen her in that look before. She was looking extra beautiful, maybe because of the red lipstick and makeups.

She was wearing a red crop top which was sleeveless and had a deep cut. Also, it had a thin lace means the straps of her black bra was visible on her shoulder. I could clearly see her cleavage and navel. Down there, she was wearing dark blue jeans which was tight and perfectly complementing her juicy thighs.

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“You are looking so beautiful today. It is going to be so much fun today”, I teased her as I rub my hand on her back. Then we headed to the place where Alisha had told us to come.

Alisha was there with two other girls and I was already feeling some nervousness. My face was all red by then; Mausam and I walked towards them and then Alisha introduced us all. The one was Kriti who Mausam and Alisha had already told me about. Another was Anju who was Alisha’s friend as well.

After having a little chat, I started to feel comfortable and then, I also made sure to take a good look at their bodies.

Kriti was really beautiful with brownish-white skin and she had cut her dark hair up to her neck. She looked fit and she was the tallest among all.

Kriti was wearing a sleeveless green crop top which was like a high neck. It was a bit short and tight which was complimenting her round and firm breast and her slim belly. Down below, she had a white jeans.

Kriti had that curvy figure with a slim body every man dreams of. Anju was kind of average girl but she looked slutty. During the introduction, she was already looking at my crotch; maybe Alisha had already told them about my six-inch fat dick.

Anju was average and her slightly dark skin was not helping her at all. She had put on red lipstick and that had already made her look so slutty. She was wearing a short black dress which was tight and I could clearly guess the shape of her boobs. It was small; maybe had the size of oranges. But the biggest asset of her body was down her boobs.

Anju’s belly was flat and her waist was really curvy. Her thighs looked big and fleshy and I was already imagining licking her thighs.

I took a good look at Alisha as well. She was wearing white shorts and a blue tank top. We were all having a normal conversation and then, two guys arrived.

Kriti introduced them to us. One was her boyfriend David and another was his best friend Ankit. They both looked average and had fair skin.

Both were shorter compared to me and I was like what Kriti is doing with this guy. Everyone has their own taste; I thought as we talked there for a while and after being comfortable with everyone, we took a bus and went to the resort.

Alisha had already booked a resort and it was in a hillside and inside a huge forest. There were trees everywhere and it was kind of cold over there.

Alisha had booked a huge hall for all of us to stay together. The hall had five low beds which were enough for ten people to sleep. It also had a huge attached bathroom with a big bathtub. The hall looked good and we all put our things down and planned to have a little walk outside so that we can know each other better.

It was already getting dark and after having lunch, we headed towards our room. It was really cold there, so we all had some drinks and later, we all got drunk. And that started setting the mood to everyone.

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As everyone was drunk and to make the situation even more hot, we planned to play truth or dare. We all sat on a circle; Alisha was on my left and Mausam on my right. Kriti was between her boyfriend David and Alisha. Ankit was on the side of Mausam and Anju was between David and Ankit.

So the game began; Mausam rolled a beer bottle and first, it turned towards Alisha. Alisha chose truth and Anju asked her, “So Sam really has six-inch..?”

Alisha laughed and said, “Yes, he has six-inch-long penis”. I kind of felt proud and embarrassed at the same time.

Ankit and David looked at each other; maybe they felt disappointed in themselves.

Mausam rolled the bottle again and this time, it turned towards me. Kriti asked me a question as her boyfriend was looking at her, “Is it right that you managed to do it 3-4 times with Alisha and Mausam?”

I replied, “Yes it is right, haha”. It was getting steamy and I could already feel my dick getting hard inside my pant.

The game was getting intense; this time, it turned towards Kriti and she chose truth.

So I asked her, “Have you ever fucked with another guy other than David?”

Kriti didn’t hesitate a bit, “Yes..I have” and pointed towards Ankit. We all got shocked, especially David but he didn’t say anything. The bottle was rolled again and it turned towards me and Kriti took revenge on me, “Have you ever done it with anyone except Alisha and Mausam?”

I fucked Aisha a few weeks ago and as per the rules of the game, I told her the truth.

Mausam seemed a little disappointed and even pinched me a little but it didn’t last long. Then the bottle turned towards Mausam and she chose dare.

Things were getting really steamy and Anju dared Mausam to took out my dick and stroke it to make the situation even hotter. Mausam obliged and I also made easy for her by unbuttoning my jeans; she took out my already hard dick and stroked it.

This much for this part. In the next part, I will write how truth or dare led us to a small kind of orgy. Thank you for reading. Keep loving guys.

This series of story is my real sex experience. I hope everyone is enjoying it and I am really thankful to all of you for being patient and reading my story.

You can leave your feedback on my gmail or hangout [email protected]

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