My Sexy Bengali Bahu Soma


Hi everyone, I am Suresh and this story is about my sexy bahu (daughter-in-law) Soma. She is the hottest babe I have ever fucked and each time I explore her curvy juicy body, it feels like my first time with her.

Soma is a very beautiful and hot Bengali girl. She got married to my son Varun. Both of them met in college and decided to get married. My wife died quite a long time back and I was really lonely after she left.

We are Kayasth and so, initially, when Varun told me about marrying a Bengali girl, I was really upset. But the day he brought her to meet me, I knew I want her in my house.

Though at that time I didn’t know I would be fucking my bahu, but the very fact that she had worn very low-waist jeans and a deep neck top to meet me, I knew this girl will brighten up our house.

Let me tell you more about my beauty queen Bengali daughter-in-law. She is 5’7, with very fair and smooth skin. I can bet if anyone sees her sexy smooth legs, he just cannot control himself from licking them!

Soma has those huge soft juicy melons with pink pointed nipples. Once you make those pink nipples hard, you just want to continue sucking and biting them. My bahu’s ass is soft and round and she has this amazing shoulder-length soft silky straight hair.

All in all, my bahu is a woman, who I am sure has been fucked by every man (in their head) who have met her at least once. At least I certainly had till the moment came when my fantasy of making my daughter-in-law naked and sit on my lap and fuck her to glory.

Well, my bahu Soma is sitting right next to me and she is insisting that she wants to tell this Bengali girl sex story from her perspective. So, I will let my ladylove to tell it.

Soma here. So Papa ji has already given an intro. Let me tell you the story. So, the first time Varun had taken me to meet his dad, it was totally unplanned. We had gone to see a movie and he said let’s go and meet his dad. I was in a very low waist jeans and deep neck sleeveless tank top. I tried to stop him but he insisted.

So, finally, we went. I was really worried about what would his dad say seeing me in such a revealing outfit. We went inside and papa ji was sitting in the armchair.

Varun introduced me to him. Immediately, Varun got a call and he said he had to leave for work. I was like thank god, we can leave. But then Varun asked me to talk to his dad and he will be back in an hour. Varun left and I was there standing with my cleavage full-on display.

Papaji: So Soma, don’t you touch the feet of your elders when you meet them?

I was like in my mind, “Oh shit, I totally forgot”. I immediately went and bent down and touched his feet. As I was about to get up, papaji held my naked arms and stopped me from getting up midway.

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I was totally bent with my cleavage full-on display. I hadn’t realized this until I saw papaji staring at my soft milky breasts. I felt a bit uncomfortable as his hold was getting tighter.

Papaji: Look Soma, if you are to stay in this house, you have to please everyone. Make sure you cater to everyone’s needs. Do you understand?

Me: Yes, yes I understand.

Now, my father-in-law will narrate the next part of the story.

After marriage, my beautiful Bengali bahu came to stay in the house. Initially, she used to only wear sarees. Though her body would be completely covered, her beautiful cute face and those soft juicy lips made me wanna fuck her hard.

At nights, I could hear my daughter-in-law moan in pleasure as my son must be pumping her hard. So the next morning when I see her, all I can imagine was her sitting on my lap naked and jumping on my cock and moaning. I knew I wanted to feel her.

One day when Varun was at work, I asked my bahu to give me a nice massage on my leg. Soma had just got out of the bath.

Me: Bahu, my leg is paining. Could you please massage my leg?
Soma: Sure, papaji.

I sat on the sofa and she sat down. My daughter-in-law slowly lifted my dhoti and started to press my legs. Aah, it felt so nice! Her soft hands were amazing.

During all this, her pallu had fallen down and I was surprised to see her soft deep milky white cleavage. Due to her position, her cleavage had taken an amazing shape. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Me: Bahu, thoda upar press karo. Knees and uske upar.

Soma came a bit closer and I could see her soft breasts much more nicely. Her soft hands had already given me a hard-on.

Me: Bahu, thighs bhi dabao.

Soma: Par Papaji dhoti aapki..

Me: Arrey andar haath ghusakar karlo. It’s ok.

The Bengali beauty slowly inserted her hands and as soon as she touched my thighs, my hard on became really hard now.

Me: Aur andar..

Soma kept moving her hands and she hit my underwear and hit my hard cock. I saw her face. She looked shocked and then she stopped. I knew what had happened, but pretended to not know anything.

Me: Kya hua bahu, ruk kyu gayi? Ek kaam karo bed par chalo. Main wahan let jata hun, tum aaram se karna.

My daughter-in-law was a bit hesistant.

Me: Aur bahu, saree utar dete toh accha hota. Aasani se kar pati. Main bedroom ja raha hun, tum saree utar kar aa jana.

I went and lay on the bed and soon my sexy bahu arrived. She was in this sleeveless light red blouse and red petticoat. Her blouse was tight and her cleavage was clearly visible.

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Me: Aa jao bahu.

Soma sat down beside me and tried to press my legs but got caught within the dhoti.

Me: Ek kaam karta hun.

I immediately removed my dhoti. I was only in a banyan and underwear now. Soma was shocked to see her father-in-law like that. I could clearly see that she was feeling shy.

Me: Bahu, kya hua?

Soma: Papaji, aise thik hai?

Me: Tum meri beti jaisi ho. Phir mere se kya sharmana. Aao mere pass.

I pulled her and took her hands and placed them on my upper thighs.

“Lo ab acchese se massage karo”.

Soma started massaging my thighs and I was just lost in her beauty. Her sexy breasts and beautiful face was turning me on. My penis had become hard and it was clearly visible now. My daughter-in-law saw that but continued to press my thighs.

Me: Bahu, aur upar thoda.

Now I took her hands and placed them right on underwear.

Soma: Papaji, yeh kya kar rahe hai aap? Yeh galat hai..

Me: Bahu, mujhe aaram dena tumhara farz hai.

I slowly pulled my daughter-in-law towards me and took her hand and inserted it in my underwear. Soma felt my rod and was about to take out her hand when I undid her petticoat and removed it off her!

I was shocked to see my daughter-in-law’s sexy body. She was wearing a tiny red panty barely covering her pussy and ass. She was about to get away when I pulled her and pinned her on the bed and got over her! I made her lie down and held her hands.

Soma: Papaji, please mujhe jaane dijye. Main aapke bete ki biwi hun.

Me: Tujhe jaane dun? Tu jaanti hai, kitna hawas mere andar bhara hua hai tere nange jism ke liye? Kabse se wait kar raha hun, teri chuut ko chaatne ke liye. Bohot jabardast maal hai tu saali. Aaj mein tere saath suhaag raat manaunga.

Then I quickly tore my bahu’s blouse and took off her bra. I had only imagined her breasts, but when I actually saw them, I just couldn’t believe it. They were huge and firm with pink perky nipples. My daughter-in-law’s boobs were big, milky and so so soft. I can suck those soft juicy tits forever and ever.

As soon as I touched them, they were so soft. I just bent down and started sucking those juicy boobs. I then quickly made her naked and just went mad.

I was biting her naked body like crazy. The more she moaned, the more it turned me on. I chewed her nipples and squeezed those big soft breasts.

Soma: Papaji.. Please, we shouldn’t do this..

Me: Beti tum chahti ho sabko pata chale ki tum mere room nangi aa gayi thi aur mujhse chipakne lagi?

Soma: Papaji, yeh kya keh rahe hai aap, aisa toh kuch nahin hua..

Me: Par main toh aisa hi bolung aur mera beta mera hi sungega. Kyun apni zindagi kharab karna chahti ho. Aa jao mere upar.

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Now I just lie down and Soma stood and closed the door. She slowly became naked. Wow, my daughter-in-law looked gorgeous. That beautiful face with red juicy lips and her sexy body.

Me: Soma, open your silky straight hair. I don’t want it in a bun.

She opened her silky hair and the moment her hair fell, her breasts were slightly covered with her silky straight hair.

Me: Soma, go and make a drink for you and me.

As soon as my bahu turned, I saw her sexy white ass. Soma had absolutely no hair on her naked milky body. I knew I was going to fuck this babe.

My daughter-in-law came back with the drink and I asked her to drink both in one gulp. She hesitated at first but finished both the drinks in the end.

I asked her to get two more drinks. This time, I again made her drink both and asked her to get two more drinks. This time while she was going back, I could see that she was getting drunk.

When she came back, I asked her to drink again, but this time to keep the whiskey in her mouth and not gulp down.

As she took the drink, I asked her to come to me. As soon as Soma bent down, I kissed her lip and started to slowly suck the whiskey out of her mouth. Slowly, I sucked the whiskey and enjoyed my daughter-in-law’s sexy lips and tongue.

As soon as I finished emptying her mouth, I pulled her and made her lie down. There she was, my sexy Bengali bahu, naked and drunk. Her drunken eyes looked sexy. I wanted to tease this bitch more.

I slowly pinched her nipples hard. She screamed really loud and I then slowly took her nipples between my fingers and started to caress them. I flicked them and pressed them softly. Slowly, I bent down and took out my tongue and started flicking my bahu’s nipples with my mouth. I could see her closing her eyes and her breathing getting heavier.

I slowly sucked Soma’s left nipple and she let out a soft moan. When I sucked her nipple, it felt so good. The taste of the young beautiful hot milky white naked Bengali drunk girl was amazing.

It is said the pussy of a young Bengali woman could be oozing with hot sex juices. You just need to trigger them and once you charge her, just fuck her and fuck her and fuck and she will just continue to please you.

My bahu was slowly getting charged. The twitches in her body, her grabbing the bedsheet, were all indicating that her sexy soft cunt was getting ready to be pumped like a bitch.

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