My Sexy Maid, Sita – Part 3


This is part 3 and the last story of ‘My Sexy Maid, Sita’. Please read the previous parts before you read this chapter.

After our first group session with Sita, the school final exams started. Mike became busy and could not visit us. Immediately after the exams, Mike made a plan to visit us. Sita also had less time because of the school holidays.

I managed to convince Sita and her husband to take their children and let them holiday with their grandparents. Sita sent her husband Bapu with their kids to the village. He would come back after a week. As soon as Bapu left, both Mike and I were ready and waiting.

Mike was already waiting at my house when she arrived in the afternoon. We took her directly to the bedroom. Mike and I started removing all her clothes. As always the video and camera were started. At first, she was a bit shy, but we started running our hands all over her body.

We then started sucking her boobs. Mike moved slowly down to her pussy and started licking. I moved up, sat on her chest, and made her suck my cock. Very soon Mike’s licking made her cum, but Mike didn’t stop. He kept his mouth firmly on her cunt.

She kept bucking her hips upward and cumming again and again. “She’s ready, Nish,” Mike said. I got off and lay down on my back. She sat on me and I slid into her cunt. She started bouncing on my cock as Mike started fingering her asshole. Slowly he started pushing his cock into her asshole.

She was squealing in pain as she was getting both holes stretched. We both waited until she relaxed her holes and then started fucking her. We were giving her alternate strokes, and she started cumming. She was leaking so much fluid that I thought she was peeing on me.

I could feel Mike’s cock through the thin membrane separating her two holes.
Mike started cumming first ànd soon afterward I exploded in her cunt. We all collapsed with me underneath both of them. I pushed them off and went to wash up. Sita was fast asleep next to Mike.

I went out to get some water. When I the kitchen, I noticed one of the female workers Parvati looking into the kitchen. I was nude so I pretended not to notice her. But she kept looking and smiling. She was a widow, her husband had died a few years ago in an accident.

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She had a great figure and a sexy way about her, but an ordinary face. When she caught my eye she asked, by sign language, ‘What’s going on in there?’ I signed back, ‘You can come in.’ She looked around, shook her head, and signaled, ‘Another time.’

When I went back into the bedroom, Mike and Sita were showering together. I dozed off for a while. When I woke up I found Sita cooking dinner and Mike was drinking a beer.

“Enough for the day?” I asked.
“No way. Sita is alone so she’s staying the night,” Mike said happily.

That evening we had a few drinks and even made Sita have a small vodka and coke. We closed all the curtains and made Sita serve us topless. We were all enjoying ourselves when Mike said, “let’s give her a surprise, we’ll double penetrate her pussy tonight.”

After dinner we got ready for our next session, Mike kept a bottle of oil next to the bed. This time Mike lay down and Sita sat on him facing away. I stood in front of her and made her suck my dick. When she was ready to cum I pushed her back and positioned my dick at her already filled cunt.

She realized what we were going to do and started struggling. “No, No, you’ll tear my cunt,” but we didn’t listen. Mike held her tight. I poured some oil on her cunt and started pushing. I could feel her cunt stretching.wide. Sita was moaning in pain.

I could hardly move my cock it was so tight. Mike kept still and I started fucking her. Slowly it became easier to move, but only one at a time. The sensation was fantastic. All three of us were close to cumming. I kept ramming her while holding her legs by her ankles.

We all started cumming and flooded her pussy. We fucked her till early the next morning.

The next day Mike and I were returning home from our walk, we saw Parvati hanging around. “What were those noises coming from your house yesterday?” she asked laughing. Mike answered, “Come and work in my home next door, then you will know.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said.

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We got some bad news that evening. Sita’s husband Bapu was returning early. their house was to be demolished and they had to leave for the village. Mike and I were very upset. We told them to stay in my servant’s quarters for a few days and try to find another room to rent.

For 3 days they searched for a place but couldn’t find any. They had to leave and go back to their village. Sita was crying and Bapu was sulking in the room. Mike said, “We need to get one more night of fucking before she goes. She’s leaving in 2 days. let’s get Bapu drunk and fuck Sita.”

“Good idea. Give him some cash tomorrow evening and tell him to go and say goodbye to his friends. I’ll keep a bottle of rum here just in case.”

When the workers got off in the evening, Mike gave Bapu 500 rs and told him to go say bye to his friends. We knew he would head straight to the country liquor bar.

Sita was ready and called us to the bedroom. But we had no intention of having a quickie. She was confused and asked why we were ignoring her. We didn’t answer her and kept on chatting. We told her to get dinner made early and waited for Bapu to return. He came back very drunk and asked Sita for food.

She gave Bapu his dinner and he seemed to sober up a bit. Mike went to his room and poured him half a glass of rum. Bapu knocked it back in one gulp and asked for more. Mike kept filling his glass until he had drunk more than half the bottle. We asked Sita for dinner and waited.

After all of us had eaten and washed up, we called Sita to her room. Bapu was flat on his back snoring. Mike called his name and shook him, but no response. I grabbed Sita from behind and started pressing her boobs. Mike started kissing her ànd lifting her saree.

She panicked as Bapu was sleeping right in front but Bapu didn’t stir. We stripped her completely and started sucking her boobs and fingering her holes. She was getting horny and scared as we kept ramming our fingers into her. Mike got naked and lay down next to Bapu and made her sit on his dick.

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I went in front of her and started fucking her mouth. Bapu snorted, and we all stopped. Then he turned onto his side and snored. We picked up the pace and soon she started cumming. Mike put her in the doggy position and we fucked her from both sides.

I came in her mouth first and didn’t remove my dick till she swallowed it all. After Mike shot his load, we took a break and all of us had a drink. Sita wanted to continue in the bedroom. but we dragged her to the servant’s quarters. Bapu hadn’t moved.

So Mike lay down right in front of him. Sita was terrified. I made Sita sit on him and pushed her forward. I knelt behind her and entered her asshole. Her face was a few inches from Bapu’s so she kept her eyes shut. She started cumming immediately and kept cumming every 2 minutes.

We fucked her hard and held back for as long as we could. When we came in both her holes, we asked her to remember us. We took her to the shower and had one last fuck. We made her sleep naked between us.

Early morning she went back to her room and lay down next to her husband. We all wished each other and she left. We never saw her again.

I was without a servant so I spoke to the labor in charge. “Is there anyone, in particular, I should send?” he asked. “There is a lady worker who says she knows housework. I think her name is Parvati. Send her,” I said.

And Parvati took over where Sita left.

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