My Sexy Mami


Hi, this is my third story at ISS and this is about my mami Sanika (name changed). Her size is 36-32-38. Sanika’s main feature is her big ass. Ogling at her ass makes one feel like holding her head by her hair from behind. I was making her crawl on her all fours and take her like a bitch from behind.

She had always been a bitch and a strict authoritarian. But being a human she had her soft spots and hers was drinking. She is a teacher in New Delhi and always used to wear a saree well below her navel with sleeveless blouse. That made me want to be her student.

She had straight hair and a beautiful petite face. Now coming to the story, it was summer vacations. I had gone to my Mama’s place for done work for a month. I used to ogle at mami, look at her jiggly ass swaying in every direction. She is truly a drool-worthy whore.

She used to wear this pink nighty often with thigh lengthy exposing her slender legs. It makes any man want to caress it and move his tongue in an upward trajectory to her love hole for a good lick. She had a habit of losing her strict identity when she is drunk and doing all sorts of crap.

One day I thought to take advantage of this and taste the bitch. Mama was away on some work and there were my two cousins and her in the house. I decided to make some pink sauce pasta which could pair with alcohol for both of us. We served the food with my cousins.

We proceeded to her room with our food to enjoy a drink without their interference. Slowly we had more drinks and Mami got tipsy and drunk. She was doing all sorts of weird acts. I thought to strike now to take advantage of her sexy body.

Her drunkenness had made her nighty slid up exposing her caramel-colored slender juicy legs which made my dick hard. I started caressing her thighs gently with one finger touching her sensitive spots above the knee area. She didn’t resist or make me stop. She looked at me and bit her lip.

Oh my, her lips are so pouty that I always fantasized her giving me a blowjob. This made me realize that she is under my control. I started conversing with her in double meaning words while gently caressing her legs. The heat was growing between us.

At any moment we could jump at each other like wild animals and have our way. I asked her to make things more exciting. I asked her to put on her finest lingerie and perfume while I lit the candles. She returned from her walk in the closet in a red laced dress revealing her ample cleavage.

She had put on dark red lipstick with makeup done on her face. The nighty reached till her upper thighs. Her legs shined in the candlelit room inviting me for a quick lick up her pussy. Instead of doing any of that, I fulfilled my dream first.

I held her by her hair, pushed her down and made her suck me with red lipstick on. Mami was performing like a well-trained slut with red lipstick-stained lips brushing up and down my 8.5-inch dick. It was truly a scene from porn come live. She sucked and sucked.

Then I threw her on the bed and tied her hands. I blindfolded her and let the sensation of pleasure be heightened so as to consume herself tightly in its grip. I started from her toes. I sucked her toes clean and licking her foot. Slowly making my way upward, I sucked her soft calves and went to her glistening thighs.

She was shivering at this moment and moaning heavily in much-anticipated action. I moved up and started to lick her clit. She went mad. She was trying to break off from her tyings and press my head against her pussy. I used to lick her pussy then stop and admire her hot body in that lingerie.

I was ravishing her anguish of being teased so much. While licking her clit, I used to put one finger slowly in and jerk at her g-spot with the tip of my finger. It gave her sensations beyond pleasure. I used to do that by pairing it with kicking her clit and used to do it till she was about to cum.

When she was about to cum, I used to stop and admire her body. This torture was too much for her. She begged me to finish her that she’ll do anything. I took more advantage. I went to her mouth and pushed my cock inside and fucked her mouth in a 69 position while teasing her pussy.

I asked her to make me cum while I was just reading her. I cummed her in the mouth satisfied. She was becoming desperate and restless with her body jerking to the sensation of pleasure. After cumming in her mouth I licked her navel and sucked her belly button while finding slowly up her vagina.

She was extremely wet and too damn ready to cum. She was begging me to give her the gift of relief. I grew hard again after all the sucking. I immediately thrust my dick inside her pussy and mercilessly pounded her. All those core exercises paid off as I thrust her deep for 15 minutes straight in.

She came thrice from all that teasing. Our bodies were sweating with my drops falling on her with a room filled with sounds of fucking and moaning. All this was too much for her. The bedsheet was filled with sweat and juices. After fucking her hard I felt her boobs.

After releasing my load deep in her while she after multiple orgasms finally squirted. We both were extremely tired and I undid her hands and took off her blindfold. She looked at me full of passion. We made out like wild beasts while our sweat-drenched bodies pressing over each other.

We exchanged salivas and our tongues playing with each other till we sucked each other dry. Her drunkenness decimated after such a hard fuck. She confessed to me that she wanted to be treated like a slut by me often and satisfy her like a whore.

We slept naked like that because I had torn off her lingerie into pieces in our wild action. We slept in a tight embrace with my dick still inside her juicy love hole. Since then we are fucking like sex-starved people every time we get a chance.

Any bhabhis, milfs aunties and teenagers want to be treated like my Mami text me at [email protected] You can contact me at Hangouts too. Do give feedback! Thank you for reading.

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