My Sexy Sister Divya Seduces Me – Part 1


Hello everyone. My name is Raahul and I am 19 years old with lean body height 5.8″. This story begins when my parents had to leave for a business tour to Australia and it was the time of winter holidays and I and my elder sister had to stay at home alone.

My sister’s name is Divya. She is 22 years old, 5.6″, very fair shoulder-length brown hair straight hair and lean body. We were alone for a week with no one in our house. I had nothing to do as all my friends went on vacation so most of the time, I and my sister stayed back watching movies.

One day, we were watching an English movie and it was very sensual with lots of lovemaking scenes. I felt uncomfortable watching it with my sis but she didn’t show any discomfort and acted all normal.

After the movie was over, I went to my room because I was so horny. I started watching porn in my laptop and opened my trousers. I was so aroused that I started jacking off my dick. Suddenly, the door of my room opened and I saw my sister barging inside! Divya saw me with no pants with my dick on my hand!!

I was pumping my dick vigorously and was just about to cum when the door suddenly opened and my sister barged inside. She came to me. She was in complete shock by the sight.

My sister put her hands on her mouth and became numb for a few seconds but kept staring at my dick. It was the very last second so I couldn’t control it. I started cumming and a few of the jets landed on my laptop as well as in my bed! My sister didn’t turn her face until then and kept looking until I came fully.

After that, she turned her back and said –

Divya: Raahul, lunch is ready, please come outside.

I was baffled with that scenario and was very embarrassed and didn’t know how I will face her. But, after cumming, I felt hungry and so I went outside. She was in the dining table and acted like nothing bizarre happened. Nobody spoke a word for a few minutes and we both kept eating our food.

Divya: You sure your laptop is ok? Papa won’t buy you a new one (chuckling).

I started laughing and was relieved that my sister wasn’t disgusted with what she saw.

Divya: Our maid will have a hard time to wash your bed sheet. Hehehehe.

We both laughed but I didn’t say anything.

After eating food, I went back to my room and slept. When I woke up, I went outside. Divya was in the kitchen in just her bra and shorts. I could my sister’s cleavage completely. Divya had 32B cups perfect boobs. And it was looking so hot in that black bra that I can’t even explain.

Her shoulder-length hair made her look super sexy. She had untied her hair and it felt perfectly on her upper chest but didn’t hide anything. She saw me and smiled.

Divya: It’s so hot today. I feel like walking naked. (She winked at me). Dinner will be ready soon.

I was completely shocked at my sister’s behavior but was aroused also at the same time. I didn’t know what to do or say. So I just nodded and fetched some water and went to the hall.

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After some time, she called me for dinner. I went to the dining table. It was completely dark with just a candle on the table. I just sat on the chair. She came towards me and started serving. She was still in her bra.

Divya: I have never had a candlelight dinner, let’s enjoy it together.

She then came towards me to serve. My sister was so close to me that her boobs were inches away from my face. I felt an urge to grab them with my hands and press them. But, she was my sister.

Immediately, I felt guilty that I thought something like that. After serving, Divya stood just beside me and started caressing my hair slowly with her fingers.

Divya: I have made pasta specially for you. Taste it and tell me how it is.

My sister then bent down to take a spoon and her boobs just brushed on my face! But she didn’t care to move away and instead, she pressed it on my face a little more. My dick was rock hard now. I was not able to control myself. I could smell my sister’s fragrance and it was so intoxicating.

I wanted to just bend my sister and fuck her then and there on the dining table! But I didn’t have the courage to do that.

After that, my sister went to the opposite chair and sat there. In between, she noticed staring at her boobs and just smiled seductively.

Divya: How is the pasta? Did you like it?

Me: Yes, it’s very nice, I love it.

Divya: What do you like more – my boobs or the pasta? Hehehehe. You are staring at them so much.

I just went blank at her words. I was surprised at what had gotten inside her. My sister was behaving like a completely different person. I was thinking that she was trying to seduce me but I kept control over myself and didn’t say anything.

After eating, I suggested to help her in washing the dishes. And I took both our plates to the sink and started washing. She came after me and stood behind me watching. She then pressed herself at me and took the plates from my hands. I could feel her boobs on my back and felt so soft.

Divya: You have never done it before, let me do it. And you go and put a movie, I am coming. (She then kissed me on my cheeks and said, “Sweet baby”).

I was in a complete mood to fuck my sister. If she were some other girl, I would have fucked her instantly.

I just went to the hall and played a movie. We both were watching the movie and we both were on our couch. It was an action movie and I was enjoying it a lot. But Divya felt bored and she told me to change it. I asked her to change it herself. She then went to her room and brought a CD. She came to me and said –

Divya: Are you still embarrassed about what happened earlier?
Me: No.

Divya: Don’t lie, I can see that. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. It’s completely normal. And by the way, you should be proud of it.
Me: Proud of what?!

Divya: Of your BIG COCK. (and she laughed loudly). Raahul, are you and Swati still together?
Me: No, I broke up with her last month.

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Divya: Nice. I never liked that bitch.
Me: Why is that?

Divya: She is a sex-for-money type of girl. Many guys from my class have fucked her. I guess you didn’t know about it.
Me: What? Why didn’t you tell me that before?

Divya: I just came to know about it a few days back and was about to tell you once I got a chance.
Me: Hmm okay, no problem. So, what do you have in your mind? What do you want to watch?

Divya: I have a CD that my friend gave me but she asked me to watch it alone. Since nobody is home, we can watch it together if you won’t mind. (Chucking).

I didn’t know what she was talking about but I said, “Okay no problem. But what is it about?”

Divya: It’s about a guy and a girl showing ultimate love.

I was still confused but nodded anyway. My sister went and changed the CD. The movie started playing.

Just after a few minutes, I came to know that it was not a normal movie. It was a french softcore porn movie in which a girl has sex with three different guys from her office! We both kept watching the movie without uttering a single word. In between, I saw my sister glancing at me secretly.

I had a feeling that my sister wanted me to get aroused and see what I do. After some time, there was an intense scene going on. I felt very horny and unknowingly, my hands went to my crotch and I started rubbing my dick from the above.

My sister was watching me from sideways but didn’t show any reaction. I saw Divya and she was too feeling a bit uneasy. And she had her hands on her breasts, tenderly pressing her boobs. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was seeing my sister playing with her boobs in front of me.

Divya: Raahul, are you horny? Do you want to play with yourself? You can go to your room and do it if you want.
Me: Yes, it is because of this movie.

Divya: Oh, is it? Or is it because of your sexy sister sitting in a bra right next to you that is making you horny?
Me: No, it’s nothing like that.

Divya: Oh, okay then. No problem. Can I ask you something?
Me: What?

Divya: What is your dick size?
Me: 7 inches. Did you like it? Wanna play with it?

Divya: How dare you say such things to your sister? (She said sternly).

I didn’t know if she was really angry or was just trying to make me more aroused but I was sure my sister was horny too.

Divya: Raahul, can you please take your dick out? I want to see it again.
Me: I don’t know if I should do that.

Divya: Oh, don’t worry. It’s just showing off. It doesn’t matter and don’t be shy. Anyway, it is not something I have not seen before. Hehehe

I opened my trousers and took out my dick. It was completely rock hard and precum was oozing out of it.

Divya: Wow, you have such a nice dick. Rahuul, can you please just slowly play with your dick and rub your hands on it.

I was lost on the euphoria of her words and just did whatever she asked. The exhibitionism made me felt like a fantasy and I loved following her orders. She then came close to me and whispered seductively, “Now shake your dick like you were doing in the afternoon”.

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I started pumping my dick slowly in a rhythm. In the movie, the guy was fucking the girl from behind and I was jacking here in front of my sexy sister!

Divya: Open your t-shirt for your sister and just be comfortable. Don’t be shy, you don’t have to hide anything from me. I won’t tell about it to anybody. It will be our secret. (My sister again whispered in most sexy tone).

I was in no position of denying. And I just opened my t-shirt and became topless and waited for my sister’s orders.

Divya: Play with your nipples with one hand, caress them lightly while you jack off with your other hand. I feel so hot. Do as I say na, baby, please. You are a sweet little boy following orders of his sexy little sister. Fulfill her desires.

I started doing what she said and rubbed my nipples with my fingers and jacked off simultaneously.

Divya: Wow, I love watching you do it. I am so aroused. Look that girl on the TV and imagine her sucking your dick and pump your dick fast.

I just wanted to release it. The erotic scene and my sister’s dirty talks had made me so horny that I wanted to cum instantly. I shook my dick up and down quickly.

Divya: Yes Raahul, cum for me. Cum for your sister, pump you dick fast. Let me see your cum again.

Then I came like I never did before. Jets of white fluid landed on the carpet and some on my chest. My eyes were closed and I just kept my head on the couch and felt so good.

Then I opened up my eyes and saw Divya smiling at me.

Me: Now I feel bold enough to ask my sister to open her bra and show me her boobs.

Divya: Are you mad? Do you think I am some kind of whore that will take her brother’s big hard juicy cock in her mouth? Do you think I will give you a blowjob and let you cum in my pretty face and taste all your juice? Do you think I will let you press my boobs just like I am pressing it now with my hands and let you play with my pink nipples?

I was afraid and thought I shouldn’t have said that and straight away said sorry to her.

Divya: Good boy. You are my sweet little brother.

Divya extended her finger and took some cum on it and put it in her mouth and sucked her finger like she was blowing a dick – up and down, slow and seductively. Then she came towards me and kissed me on my lips and made me taste my own cum.

Divya: Did you like your cum? Hehehe. Good night.

The rest of the sex story will be narrated in another part. Please let me know your feedback and email me if you like my story at [email protected]


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