My Sick Dick Inside My Daughter-In-Law


My dick was misbehaving that night.

I had kept the lights off. I didn’t want my bahu (daughter-in-law) to realize what was bothering me. Even when I covered myself with a blanket, my dick was constantly active in my pants like a struggling snake. It was not in my control.

“Father… father…” she called me in a low tone when she opened the door. I did not respond. As she stood there I could see her silhouette. The lights behind made her frock see-through. I was looking at her figure in its purest form.

“What a hottie my son has married and that idiot doesn’t even realize it,” I said to myself. Seeing her curves made my dick stand erect like a flag pole. I tried to pull the foreskin to cover its head. A futile attempt to make it go down. I got even more excited as I observed her walk closer to the bed.

My heart started beating faster as she appeared to slow down. Her path was illuminated by the shafts of moonlight entering my room through the many holes in the roof. I don’t know why I was being punished to be a part of such a romantic scene with a woman I can never call my lover.

I was always turned off by her dark complexion. Not today. She was wearing just an off-white frock with nothing else underneath. The sleeveless frock was tight around her bust that forced a cleavage. Meanwhile, see-through her nipples poking through the thin fabric in response to the chill in the air.

I was hoping sudden a squeaky mouse would pass over her leg. She would then jump making at least one of her boobs pop out of hiding. She walked gently and then sat on the edge of the bed. She opened the bun of her hair making them flow like a silky river in the moonlight.

Suddenly I could smell the sweet fragrance of flower hair oil. She used to apply that all the time. So much so that I immediately would think of her if ever I see those flowers on a tree. She pulled up her long skirt which exposed her legs. I was tempted. I extended my hand to pull up the frock to see under.

“No panty please… no panty…” I whispered, hoping to get a view of what I have been longing for years now. I guessed it right. Her soft bare butt was being tortured. It was squeezed by her body weight on to the hard rock-like bed I used to sleep on. Her huge visible butt crack was mouth-watering.

I pulled out my penis which stood erect like a soldier even in cold air. I continued to enjoy the view while she had joined her hands and was saying her bedtime prayer.

The only thing I had in my mind was, “Who dresses like this when you go to sleep with your father-in-law. I’m not complaining but don’t blame me for what happens tonight.” This is what my dick was saying to her butt.

Let’s back it up a bit. Something happened that evening while I was returning home. The only problem is that I don’t remember it. The weird dream that I had when I slept that night might hint to what had happened. But that raised more questions than they answered.

I was walking by the Nagin temple. It’s a temple located on a hill where only women are allowed in. From downhill, I could see just the light and chanting voices of the women of some ongoing ceremony that was going on up there. I wasn’t at all curious about what was going on so I kept on walking.

The reason I used to take this route was that there is a lake next to the hill. A vast space without trees makes this place perennially windy. Also, the wind carried the tiny yellow Crasmpi flowers that filled the path with its sweet fragrance.

That particular night the lake appeared very beautiful. The full moon was near the horizon which gave the lake a silvery shine. I remembered the few nights of my past that I had spent here with my wife. We used to sit by this moonlit lake, we used to chat, eat dinner and have sex while the moon enjoyed the view.

The soft grassy bed, chilling wind, sweet fragrance all in the moonlight. It felt like suhagraat (first night after the wedding) every time that we came here. My eyes were moistened with tears. “Why did you leave me…” I cried. I continued to walk the path towards home. I was missing my wife, but maybe not for long.

This next part was something I dreamed about. Far along the edge of the lake, I saw a silhouette appear. It walked closer to me. I felt a sudden fear rising but I stood there. “It’s a woman.” I realized as she walked closer. She was very slow and graceful in her walk.

“It’s a naked woman.” I realized when she came closer. The moonlight was now highlighting her curves. Fair flawless skin, big boobs, and motherly hips. There was neither shyness nor hesitation in her approach towards me. I felt a little ticklish in my pants.

“It’s my wife.” This last bit was a shock. She was just a few meters away when her face was finally visible to me. “This is impossible,” I said out loud. She was completely nude. Her body and her face were exactly as I remembered which she had when she died at a very young age. I stood frozen as I saw her.

She seemed like she was about to cry. I was looking all over her body. She was talking to me but in words, I don’t understand. The language she spoke in was totally alien to me. She then went ahead and kissed me on my lips. Our tongues were intertwined as we used to do it back then.

With a jerk, I woke up. I was back in my bedroom. I had a hard-on yet again. Next. To me was my bahu sleeping on her belly with her butt exposed. I have been tempted yet again. Ensuring that she was asleep I went ahead and placed my palm on her bum. I pressed it gently. It was so soft.

Then grabbing both the ass cheeks I squeezed them. This was the most satisfying thing I did with her. That is excluding honking her boobs which I did earlier that night. I was pant-less as I sat in between her legs playing with her butt. I spread the cheeks apart to expose her tighter hole.

I moved closer to sniff it. It didn’t smell like shit as I expected. I started rubbing my dick in between her butt cheeks. Hang on, I am going fast with the story.

“I was playing with my daughter-in-law’s naked butt.” How many fathers-in-law can say that as I did? As a matter of fact many. I read a study posted in Hera magazine where a survey was taken among married women.

83% of test candidates claimed that they had been physically intimate with their father-in-law at least once in their married life. Apparently, this is a common practice in this region of ours. It was me who was late at the party.

Let’s go back one last time. In the evening I returned home. There she was, my daughter-in-law, wearing a sexy sari. She was sitting in the hall combing her hair. The fragrance of hot food suggested that she was done preparing the dinner. The only wait was for me to return.

Walking close to her from behind I dropped a bunch of Crasmpi flowers on her lap. I picked up on the way. She smiled and with excitement she turned but was disappointed to see me. Still, as a formality, she smiled.

Getting up, she said, “I’ll get the food ready.”

“Gauri wait.” I saw a flower wedged in her blouse stuck in her cleavage. “That.” I pointed at her chest. She didn’t realize instead she was looking at the floor. This made her pallu slip even further exposing more of her cleavage.

The flower was tucked right in the sweet spot where I wish my face would be stuffed, suffocating in between her ample assets. I pick up the flower while trying not to make contact with her skin. Her gaze followed my hand as I pluck the flower off her chest.

She was embarrassed and so she quickly fixed her pallu and walked away saying, “I will bring the food to the table.” It was a very awkward moment. It resulted in giving me an erection. I followed her to the kitchen. Standing in the distance I was admiring the beauty of her ‘behind’. I never did that before.

When she looked I pretended to sit on the dining table and asked for a glass of water. My dick was struggling as I continued to admire her hot body. My dick was revolting against my pants. Things escalated when she sat down to eat. Her pallu slipped yet again exposing her cleavage.

It had significantly reduced in size result of her pulling up her blouse. I slipped my left hand under the table trying to get rid of my erection. But every time I moved my hand close to my dick, it sensed it and went soft. And then when I moved my hand away it was back up again.

I’m a good person, believe me. Still, I don’t know why that night I was tempted to molest my daughter-in-law. Halfway through the dinner, I excused myself saying I am not feeling well.

Later that night I was in bed still with an erection. I tried to fap it out. I failed. I had a blanket over me as I watched my dick while stroking it. So I didn’t realize my bahu walk in my room. Hearing her voice I laid flat in my bed. She came forward and bent on the bed to ask me if there was some problem with me.

Why I didn’t eat properly. In that bent position, I could see down her blouse and all of a sudden my dick grew big creating a bump in the blanket. She saw it but still continued to ask me if I had a fever or something.

“I am unable to sleep,” I told her, “Will you…”

Dirty thoughts were rushing through my mind and lingering over the tip of my tongue. “Will you sleep in my bed with me.” I was saying those words but it seemed that I wasn’t in control of my mouth.

She smiled and agreed to it, “I just have to finish my chores. I’ll do them, change and then I will come to your bed, father.” said she. She then turned around and happily walked away.

Dirtier thoughts flooded my mind as I uncontrollably stared at her jiggling ass walkway. “The things I would do to you once you come in my bed… I swear.” I said out loud. Fortunately, by then, she was gone.

An hour later she returned and slept next to me carefully placing extra pillows in between. I pretended to be asleep. But I was deeply offended by her acting of building an LOC in the bed.

“It’s not like I was going to roll over and make you pregnant.” I wanted to say out loud. Although it started as a comment what followed was a chain of thoughts. I imagined how my life would be raising a baby who is my child and the grandchild at the same time.

It was a struggle that took some time to escape. By the time I was out of it, bahu was fast asleep.

Crossing the LOC I sat straight staring at her. She was sleeping in an attention position lying flat on her back with hands to her side. Fortunately one of the roof holes was just above her face which put her into the spotlight. She is a heavy sleeper. Don’t ask me how I know that.

Her face appeared like that of a cute little girl. But far more interesting things were going on the neck down. She took deep breaths making her chest go up and down. “Damn the view of your humongous cleavage.” I was not in control of my body.

I stuffed my nose in between the breasts trying to go deeper. Using my tongue I gently pulled down the zipper. Suddenly her boobs popped out.

Finally, I was looking at them. A perfect pair of breasts all for me to play with. When I went on to feel her tits she suddenly gave out a squeak. My hands had gone cold. So I rubbed my hands together and then gently rested them on her breasts and then went for a squeeze.

I continued to play with her chest just to ensure that she is deep in her sleep before I make the next move. I was wrong. Suddenly she opened her eyes. She was staring at the roof with no reaction. She didn’t respond to the fact that her tits were exposed and one of her nipples was inside my mouth.

So I quietly went back to my side and fell asleep. The night was still young. I got a second chance but this time I was playing with her butt. I had my dick wedged in between her butt cheeks. “This is just like masturbation, so long I don’t enter any of her holes,” I tried to reason.

I kept fooling around for another five to ten playing with her butt. But this was not as interesting as it was when I started. Soon I felt the room was getting brighter. “The sunrise,” I said to myself.

I didn’t have much time. She was already on the edge of the bed so it was pretty easy for me to lift her leg and stuff my dick inside her pussy. It was tight. I started fucking her, in a hurry, I was pounding her hard. At this pace, I climaxed inside her within a minute.

I was thoroughly satisfied and was happy that I was cured of my erection. I felt it become small while still inside her. But I was shocked when I pulled my dick out. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“I took my daughter-in-law’s virginity,” I said. “How many fathers-in-law can say that?” I said proudly.


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