My Sister Helped Me Overcome My Breakup


Hi guys, I’m Shiva this is my 1st story. It’s an incident which happened a few years ago. Without further ado, we shall get into the story.

I was an athlete. I’m good at 400m hurdles, 800m, 1600m, and high jump. So I had to maintain my physique. I am 5.10 feet tall. As I said I have an athletic body. When I was 20, I was studying 2nd-year mechanical engineering in a college 8 km from my home.

I have a cute adorable sister. Her name is Sudha. In simple narration, she looks like Aditi Rao Hydari, except my sister is a bit taller. She is 2 years older than me. She was 22 when this happened. She was studying 4th year BBA LLB (law) in the same college as I was studying. It’s a pretty big university.

We are a family of 4- me, mom, sister, and dad. My dad works for a pharmaceutical company as a senior sales executive. My mom is a teacher in a government school which is 35 km away from my home. Both my mom and dad leave home by 7 and come home at nearly 8-8:30 pm.

But my college ends at 2 and my sister’s class ends at 2:30. So I would wait for my sister. I used to share everything with her. I had a girlfriend and also faced a breakup. I couldn’t hold the pain, I was crying for days and weeks. My sister was the one who helped me get out of it.

We share the same room and the same bed. Nothing ever went wrong until that one moment. I told her about the breakup and started crying in our room. She came near me and hugged me so tight. She was 5.8 feet just a few inches shorter than me, fair skin and kinda short hairs which reached till her shoulders.

Her body was so well structured which is exactly 34-26-34. Not like the one you see in the porn, the shaggy ones. My sister had firm breasts. I knew her body figure because I used to go shopping with her. She even asked me which color bras and panties to choose.

She is the one who decides the color and design of my shirts, pants, and even innerwear. She was so hot and attractive that many senior boys used to follow her. Some even asked me to help get in touch with my sister. I said to them, “Fuck off.”

When she hugged me all I could feel was her comfortable shoulder. I rested my head. Her hug was so tight I felt her breast squeezing with my chest. She then started patting my head and said, “Don’t worry, I’m there for you.” Then she kissed me my forehead and again hugged.

I rested my head on her shoulders. For a moment I felt loved, I could say that.
Me: I love you sister. But I don’t know if I could ever love anyone the way I loved her.

Sudha: It’s okay da, don’t cry. After all, you’re a boy. Man up and have some balls.
Me: But…
Sudha: I’ll help you. You can just imagine me as your girlfriend Sara okay!

Me: But how?
Sudha: Simple, just forget that I’m your sister, and just imagine as your girlfriend. To make things easier you can start by proposing to me.
Me: I’m already stressed, don’t make fun of me.

Sudha: I’m not, I’m serious about this, Shiva. I don’t want to see you cry and mourn every day thinking of her. I can help you. As a sister this I can do now.
Me: Okay, if that’s what you want. What do I know?
Sudha: Well! You can propose to me now just the way you did to her.

I then knelt down on my knee. I held her hand and said I want to hold this hand even after her 60 years.
Sudha: What did she do?
I didn’t want to say further I kept my mouth shut.

Sudha: Don’t hesitate just say.
Hesitantly I said, “She hugged me and we kissed each other.”
Sudha: Kissed where?

Me: all over the face, neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, ears, eyes, nose, and also lips and further. Tongue.
Sudha: Well! You won’t mind if you do that right?

I was about to ask what she was trying to say. But she interrupted by kissing me all over my face. I couldn’t resist, I didn’t want to stop either. But I held back and asked, “What are you doing?”

Sudha: You said you guys kissed each other.
I said, “Yeah but, you’re my sister.”
Sudha: I said forget that I’m your sister.
Me: I don’t think I can.

Sudha: I can help you with that.

Saying that she came towards me slowly. She held my head softly, then I just felt like I was floating. At the same time, I was fainting. Her lips met mine and soon her tongue touched my lips. Then as rolled my tongue out our tongue met. The next thing my tongue was inside her mouth.

Seconds later her tongue was in my mouth. We played with our tongues for a few minutes. I couldn’t resist the temptation. My right hand was on her hips and my left hand slowly moved towards her ass to grab it. Once I reached them, my right hand slowly crawled through her t-shirt trying to reach one of her breasts.

She was wearing her bra. When my hand reached her left breast she stopped me there. And looked at me for a second.

Sudha: Didn’t she stop you?
Me: She did. But later she removed her bra without removing the t-shirt and let me touch her.

Just as I thought, my sister removed her t-shirt and bra as well. I was in shock as well as in a strong erection. We were on a balcony which was covered by the jute carpet all around. She asked shall we go inside and we went inside our bedroom. I carried her.

She was topless, wearing only shorts that barely covered her thighs. As we went inside the bedroom we kissed so sensationally. I don’t think she was still helping me, but the other way around. I was helping lose her virginity. I removed my T-shirt and pants. She was on the bed and I crawled towards her.

Meanwhile, she was removing her pants hastily. Then I went near her lips and started kissing. in the meanwhile, my hands went for her boobs. She was wearing her panties, which I removed by kissing all over her body. Later when I reached her pussy and started licking.

Shit happens, right? My mom came home. We heard the door knocking sound. I was irritated for ruining the moment. I got out of bed. but my sister pulled my penis and came towards me, giving one more tight lip-lock. Then I got dressed and went to unlock the door.

Time went by. At night I had to sleep with my sister. I was waiting for that. That was all in my mind. After dinner I went to my room hastily, soon my sister joined me. I started undoing my sister’s nightdress and she was undoing mine. Then I rushed toward my bag and came with a condom.

She snatched from my hand and threw them away. We started kissing each other. Slowly she went down and started kissing my penis first which eventually turned into a blowjob. Then I couldn’t hold any longer. I pushed my sister in the bed and buried my penis inside her vagina slowly. It was really tight.

I could say I was lucky to fuck my virgin sister. She started moaning, “Come on deeper.” I shoved my penis inside her still more. My penis was just a 5-inch average size. She screamed a bit and started moaning. “Come inside, baby,” she said with good pleasure. I was fucking her.

I’m a lucky behanchod (sister fucker). Then 5 minutes later she started moaning Then she cummed as did I in her pussy itself. Then we laid there naked. A few minutes later we both went to the bathroom naked. I cleaned her, she cleaned me. We came back and cuddled with each other.

I was behind her so my penis was inside her asshole. And my hands wrapped her boobs. And shared a bed sheet and tried to sleep. As my cock hot hard-on again. She knew it because it was in her asshole. She then turned towards me and asked, “What again?”

I didn’t have the stamina to be frank. So she held my penis in her hand and started stroking it. It started at a slow pace. Soon she started stroking faster.
Sudha: Tell me when you’re about to cum, okay?

I went near her lips and touched her lips and said yes by kissing her with the tongue. She was giving me a handjob in the meantime we were also playing with our tongue. Soon minutes later I felt the urge to ejaculate. I gave the reaction of orgasm. She suddenly reached my penis and started sucking it.

As soon as I felt her mouth in my penis I cummed. It all went in her mouth. I thought she would spit it out. But she actually swallowed all of it. And with the cum on her face, lips, mouth and tongue she near me and kissed me. We then swapped saliva for a few seconds.

She swallowed my cum, I swallowed her saliva. Then we didn’t go to clean again. Instead, we cuddled each other and slept. But this time we had a lip and breast contact and slept. We then turned to become real lowers then onwards. We fuck every now and then. We behave like lovers.

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