My Sweat Goddess Neelima


Hi, Friends, this is Krishna from Hyderabad 27 years old. I have a lot of experiences to share with you. Basically, I’m from Bhimavaram, staying at Hyderabad Kukatpally.

So let’s dig into the story. This is a real incident that happened 6 months ago in my apartment. Her name is Neelima, I’m a die-hard fan of aunties. I have a bad habit of sniffing armpits of girls. I like summer because of sweating which I like most.

I usually go for night shifts. One day while returning from the office I’m walking in the corridor of the apartment from lift to my flat. I got a strange musky smell. It aroused me and I found used the dress of girl/aunty which is dried on cable without washing.

I checked the surroundings and found nobody. I went to that dress and sniffed the smell. I got an erection and took the dress. I went to the stairs and masturbated. I wiped the cum and placed the dress at the same place. I got curious to find that sweat beauty girl/aunty from that flat.

For a few days, I didn’t find any people in the flat. I lose hope in finding that girl/aunty. One day in the afternoon I went for some food and returning to the flat waiting for the lift. I found aunty wearing the same dress which I cummed.

She looks so beautiful with the shape of 34-24-36 and sweating heavily. She looks like my sweat goddess. She is carrying a lot of luggage as there is a function in their flat (later I came to know that). I asked to help out to carry that luggage, she said OK.

I bent to take the luggage and found the smell of her body. I got an erection and I covered with those bags she is carrying. No convo happened in the lift. I carried the bags to her flat and she bid bye to me. I was walking to my flat and she called me back. I went to her and she asked me for my name and flat.

I told the flat number and returned. After 2 hours, she knocked on my door and I was shocked to see her at my flat. She invited me to her baby’s birthday in the evening and left. I went out to buy some toys and freshened up for the party. I went to her flat.

There are a lot of people in their flat. She saw me and introduced me to her husband. We talked for some time and she called her husband for the cake cutting. She looks so beautiful in pattu saree with the same sweat patch at her armpits. As it is summer she is getting a lot of sweat.

After we had dinner, I stayed for helping them to clean things. She changed the saree to nighty and the saree dried outside on cable. She came to me and cleaning the things and I got the smell of her armpit. I got aroused and got an erection. She caught my erection and she smiled at me.

I went back to my flat and masturbated twice. In the middle of the night, I woke up and went to her flat for her sweaty saree. I took the blouse and came back to the flat. I sniffed and masturbated again with huge cum and cleaned with that accidentally.

My cum patches are there on the blouse. I tried to clean but no use as it is pattu saree I failed to clean that. The next day after her husband left she knocked on my door with a blouse in her hand, I was shocked.

Neelima: what you have done to this.

Me: What you are talking about?

Neelima: You don’t know what you have done, you spoiled my 15000 saree blouse.

Me: I don’t know anything about that.

Neelima: Don’t lie I saw you taking my blouse.

I was shocked, I don’t know what to tell her.

Me: I’m sorry I am addicted to your body odor. I used to get mad when I saw your sweat armpit.

By hearing that she slapped me and went out of my flat. Days passed on I tried to speak with her, but she denied. On Saturday morning I was sleeping, someone knocked on my door. I opened and saw my goddess.

She was crying because her baby is sick as her hubby is out of the station. I along with her took the baby to the hospital and the baby’s health is normal. She thanked me and gave me one hug.

The next day she came to my flat with a tiffin and said sorry.

Me: Why?

Neelima: I slapped you on that day.

Me: I made a mistake, so you slapped me, nothing in that.

Neelima: It’s common for you guys, nothing wrong in it.

She gave me a green signal. I went close to her, kept my hand on her waist from the backside. She closed her eyes and she caught my hair. I sniffed her sweaty armpit, her body odor make me mad again. My tool got erected and poked her from the backside. She escaped from my hug and gave me a smile.

Neelima: Don’t hurry I’ll be yours. Control your feelings, today my hubby will go to his native place.

Me: Wow, call me when your hubby steps out.

We kissed and separated and waited till evening, at 10:30 my goddess called me.

Neelima: Waiting for you.

Without speaking any word I went to her flat. My god, she wore the same blouse and pattu saree with jasmines in her hair. She invited me inside and closed the door. I caught from the back and planted a kiss on her neck. She stopped and took me to the bedroom.

She decorated the bed with jasmines and roses as our 1st night. She came close to me and gave me a lip kiss. We kissed for 20 minutes, she was sweating so much. I took her saree and make her sit on the bed. I raised her petticoat and went to the pussy area.

She doesn’t wear any panties. I sniffed there and planted a kiss and licked for some time. She got her orgasm and she felt very happy. I removed my shirt and pant, I’m only in jockey. She woke up and kissed me on lips. She kissed my nipples and played for some time.

She removed my jockey and took my penis in her mouth. She smoothly licked for 15 minutes and I released my juices in her mouth. She drank without missing a single drop and we slept. She came on me and showed me her sweaty armpits to me and asked to sniff them.

Guys smell of sweat with a combination of jasmines can make you mad. I became mad and my tool erected again. She guided into her vagina and fucked me for 5 minutes. She removed her blouse and thrown on me. I smelled her blouse and got high.

I make her sleep on the bed. I came to the missionary position. We fucked for 15 minutes and I asked where to cum. She said to cum inside. By sniffing her armpit I cummed huge cum inside her. We both slept till morning. We fucked in the morning aging before leaving. This my story guys hope you liked it

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