My Widow Professor – Part 5 (Teacher’s Darkest Secret)


Hi, my cutie pies. How’s the day? This is a continuation of my story. Please read the previous parts to enjoy the story.

But before I continue my story, I would like to thank the ISS team for publishing my story. I got to make many friends who read my story and send their valuable feedback. Some became very close friends of mine. Thank you very much for being my buddies.

Here I continue.

The next day I was fidgety. It’s been a long wait since I proposed her. And after yesterday’s incident, my patience is over. I woke up from my bed and went to the bathroom. Many thoughts ran through my mind as the semi-cold water splashed against my naked body.

I stood motionless, allowing the water to pour down as the internal camera in my head began replaying the events that took place last night. I completed all my morning activities. I took my bike keys and rushed towards my teacher’s house for the answer.

A fire was ignited, and my body and soul were burning within it. I reached her house and went straight to her door. After knocking on the door for 5-7 times, she opened the door. She was in a white Punjabi dress. When she saw me, she was surprised and asked.

Teacher – Arre Utkal, what happened? Why are you here so early? Is everything OK?
Me – Mam, I need to talk about something important.
Teacher – OK.

I entered her house and sat on the sofa. She sat next to me.
Teacher – Do you want anything tea, coffee, or water?
Me – Nothing. I want to talk with you.
Teacher – OK. Go on.

Me – (taking a deep breath) Mam, why are you doing this to me?
Teacher – What am I doing?
Me – Mam, we both know, but still, if you want to listen from my mouth, then so be it. What have you thought about my proposal?

Teacher – Again, the same topic.
Me – Mam, I want an answer today. A clear answer. I am not leaving until I hear what I want to hear.
Teacher – My answer is still a No. Happy? Now you can go.

Me – No, not at all, after what happened last night…
Teacher – Listen, what we did yesterday, and that night was truly a severe mistake, one which I am still regretting.

Me – Oh yeah… Really? But I am not. I cherish each and every moment and please mam don’t act, I know you also did. Mam, please tell the truth, say you loved each and every moment when you were with me. I am here to listen only to the truth. Please say it.

Teacher – OK. I did, but as a student who loved to spend time with his teacher. Not the way you are thinking.
Me – Oh God. Why are you so stubborn? Why don’t you admit you also love me?

Teacher – Listen, I told you a thousand times, and I am repeating the same. I don’t love you. What made you feel I had those types of feelings? Moreover, you are my student, and it’s a taboo.

Me – Ah… Again the same lecture. I am old, bla…bla…bla I am a widow, society, a mother, etc.. Come on, mam. OK, so what? Regardless of everything, I am ready to accept you. And if I am ready, why are you fearing?

Teacher – Oh beta, why are you not understanding? How will I explain it to you? It’s all wrong.
Me – Mam, nothing is wrong. It’s you who is not understanding. I am assuring you. We will remain happy forever. Moreover, I know you truly love me.

“Yesterday I saw that love in your eyes. I can visualize everything, your hope, your dreams, your desires, your ambitions, your goals, your thoughts, your secrets – even your whole life, of which you want me to be a part forever. Just forget about society.”

“After I finish my M.Sc., we, along with your daughter, can move to another city where we will find a job, and we can settle. About your daughter, I will make her understand. She is a smart girl. She will understand your situation. Till that day, we can keep this as our top secret.”

Teacher – Oh, boy! You are not getting me. How will I tell you? It’s not about society or what you are thinking. It’s something else.
Me – Then what mam? Please say. You are making me scared.
Teacher – Sorry it’s very personal.

Me – Mam, please, it will be our secret. I will never let anyone know it. I just want the reason you are rejecting me.
Teacher – You will hate me after knowing my dirty secret.

Me – Mam, I promise you, I will never hate you.
Teacher – Oh, I know till I spit out my secret, you are not going to leave. But promise me you will never let anyone know our secret.
Me – I promise you.

Teacher – (taking a deep breath) Beta, I… I am not a widow.
Me – (with surprise) What, are you kidding me? Say you are joking, mam. Are you just saying to get rid away from me?
Teacher – No beta, listen, what I want to say.

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Me – Sorry, mam.
Teacher – Yes, it is my darkest secret hardly anyone knows about this.
Me – Then why are you behaving like a widow, and where is your husband?
Teacher – There lies a story, let me explain to you.

When I was 19, I fell in love with a boy whose name is Amarendra. His age was 20, and he was my senior in college. I loved him more than anyone. He was the most popular student in our school. When he proposed to me, I couldn’t say no. We used to roam together.

One night I was called to my friend’s birthday party, and I called him to join me. He took a car from his friend. But while returning home, we lost control of ourselves. The silent night with the moonlight falling and slow breeze blowing made us mad.

We started kissing, and we started to explore our private parts. We were aroused. In that car, we undressed each other, and within no time, we had sex. Yeah, you won’t believe it at that time my age was 19 and his 20. That night was a life-changing night for me. I lost my virginity, my chastity.

I completely surrendered myself to him. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but at that moment, I lost all my control. Once I crossed that line, returning was impossible. He was everything for me. I asked him to marry me, and he promised me to marry when we are at our right age.

He said he will convince his parents, who were staying in another state. I was OK with his decision. We had sex for almost 3-5 months whenever we used to get time.

One day, I missed my period. I was a little scared. So I bought a pregnancy kit to verify, and sadly I was found positive. At that moment, I felt as if the rug swept from under my feet. My mind got blank. I didn’t know how to cope with the situation. I called Amarendra and told him to meet me as soon as possible.

I told him about my pregnancy. He got worried, but he assured me that he would find a way to solve this problem. He asked me to give three days to think. He warned me not to call him or to tell anyone that I was pregnant. I was very fearful, I did what he said.

Three days passed, I called him, but his phone was not reachable. I tried again, but no use. I went to his rented house, where I found that he was no longer staying there. He left that place two days before. I asked his neighbor, but they were also clueless. I called his friends, but they were also oblivious.

I got really frightened. I didn’t know what to do. Where to go? Who to ask for help? The whole world got black before my eyes. With a pain in my heart, I went to my room, locked the door, and started crying. I cried for almost two hours because of which my eyes turned red.

My mother saw my eyes were red and asked me for a reason. I was really terrified, and I didn’t utter a single word. When my mother asked me again with a stammering and low voice, I said to her that I was pregnant. When she listened to that, she was astounded.

She didn’t speak anything for a while. She just sat on a chair as if she was a dead log of wood. I started apologizing, asking for forgiveness. But she did not say a word, might be she lost her sense. After some minutes, she stood and started scolding me, rebuking me with abusive words.

She said to me that she will inform my father, and he will make further decisions. My father came home from work. After he had freshened up, my mother told him that I was pregnant. My father got furious and asked me who is the father of the child. I explained everything.

He lost control of himself. For the first time in his entire life, he raised his hand on a lady and that too his dearest daughter. He slapped me on my cheeks and continued the assault till my cheeks got red. Yes, I deserved that. I was crying, but with me, two others were crying.

I felt terrible because, for me, my parents were crying. I felt like I should commit suicide. I went straight to them, pleaded, and apologized for my mistake. My father didn’t speak a word to me for four days. But for how many days he will try to avoid me? After all, I was his dearest daughter.

On the fourth day, he called me and said what happened has happened. Now we should think about the future. He told me to abort the child, but I was against that. Why for me, one life should get destroyed. If we cannot save a life, then we don’t have any right to destroy it.

I said to my father if he wants, he can kill me. But I am not going to abort this child. What is the fault of this child? After trying to convince him for a few minutes, he also found my words true. So, my father decided to send my mother and me to my cousin sister’s house, where I will give birth to my baby.

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My cousin sister’s name is Sanya. She is an orphan and is working in a prestigious MNC in Nainital. My father called her and informed her about the situation. She said she would be glad that we are going to live with her as she used to live alone. The decision was made.

Apart from the three of us, we did not let anyone know about my pregnancy.
We went to Nainital. We told everyone there that I got married at an early age, and my husband is working abroad. I gave birth to my baby Liza in Nainital. After giving birth to my daughter, I continued my studies.

My father informed my friends and family members in Bhubaneswar that I married in Nainital and gave birth to my first child. Everybody was happy listening to my father’s false announcement about my marriage. My mother used to take care of my child while I was studying.

After completing my studies, I got a job as a teacher in a reputed college in Nainital. Our life became normal. But I started missing my dad, friends, and my city. I called my dad and told him that I want to return to Bhubaneswar. He was OK with my thought but asked me how to introduce my husband?

After thinking for many hours, I got an idea. I called my father and told him that we would tell everybody that my husband died in a car accident a few months ago. I felt terrible staying there. So I returned to my city. My father agreed to my decision. So after living there for 17 years, we came back to my city.

Everybody welcomed us, and all had sympathy for me as we said I had lost my husband. I was declared as a widow from that day onward. Soon I found a job as a teacher at your college and now living my life as a widow.

My father died 2 years back because of the cardiac arrest, and my mother 1 year after my dad died. Now my family consists of my daughter and me.
So here is my story Utkal. How even if I haven’t married, but still declared as a widow. I know after hearing my story, you must be thinking of how slut I was as I had my child before marriage.

I knew you liked me, and when you proposed to me, I felt your love. I got to know how much you loved me. But I didn’t want to take your advantage without letting you know my horrible story.

So, now I told you my secret. I think you don’t want to see the face of a slut. It’s OK for me. No one can change the past. I didn’t want to spoil your life for me, so I told you my story. Moreover, you can get a much better partner than this slutty old lady.

Me – Oh my God. Mam, after you said you hadn’t married yet, I am very much excited. I want you more than before. Mam, now I want you to marry me. Isn’t it nice that I will be the only one for whom you will wear your bridal dress? I will be the one for whom you will wear mangalsutra.

Me- And who said you were a slut? You let to die your feelings, needs for your daughter. Now my love and respect grew even more for you. Amarendra was mad otherwise who would have left such a beautiful, caring, lovable, and trustworthy wife.

What happened in the past was not your fault. Mam, I want you to forget your past and think about the future. A future with me, full of glory and fun. I promise I will always try to keep you happy. I will love you in the way no one has loved their wife.

Please mam now even if I know your secret. I am ready to marry you. If I let you go, I will never get a better wife than you. I don’t want anyone, but only you. Please marry me. Please mam.

Teacher – Oh, Utkal. Even if you know I am old, mother of a child, and my nasty secret, you want to marry me? I don’t know if I can satisfy you at this age. I don’t know if I can be a good wife to you. Please think again, dear.

I took my teacher’s palm, bent on my one knee, and asked her, “Suknya, will you marry me?” She had tears from her eyes.

She made me stand, hugged me, and said, “Yes Dear, I will. But society will not accept us. So, we should keep this as a secret and live our lives in confidentially. We will remain as a student and teacher for the society until we find a solution to this problem. We cannot let anyone know our secret.”

Me – (in exhilaration) Thank you, mam. Thank you very much. You don’t know how long have I waited for this day. I love you, mam, I love you more than anyone has ever loved you.
Teacher – I love you too, dear.

I moved towards her, wrapped my arms, and started kissing her on her lips, and for the first time, she reciprocated my kiss. She was moaning softly. The moment she started kissing me, I was like, wow, is this really happening. Is this a dream? Oh, God! If this is a dream, then please don’t wake me up.

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But the moment she bit lightly to my lips, I was confirmed that it was really happening. My teacher was kissing me. A kiss for which I was waiting eagerly for so many days. She’s an angel with a devilish kiss. I felt like a tub of roses, swimming, honey, cologne, nutmeg, and blackberries.

I wanted something to confess. I broke the kiss and said, “Dear, I vow to fiercely love you in all of your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.”

I took her into my arms again, and let my lips touch her so lightly she could hardly feel it. I started teasing her, but she held my head and again started kissing me. It was a kiss to level mountains and shake stars from the sky.

It was a kiss to make angels faint, and demons weep, a passionate, demanding, soul-searing kiss that nearly knocked the earth of its axis. My palm found her melons. I started fondling it, squeezing it over her saree. Then, I slowly started descending downwards, caressing her every body part.

With daring, I lifted her saree and petticoat and slid my palm under her panties. This time she didn’t show any resistance. I touched her pubic hair. It was one of my best feelings. Slowly I started to slide my palm more, and I found her pussy. The touch of her pussy was like exploring a big secret.

She led a loud moan and shivered in joy. The place called heaven where all want to reach, only touch is enough to bring sensation on every corner which deals. My emotions were high, I was aroused. I just stood still for some minutes. So when my palm was on her pussy, I couldn’t believe my luck.

My first touch on a cunt. It was so warm and so wet. Her breathing was fast, and so was mine. We both can feel the feverish intensity rising. I took her palm and slowly placed on my hard dick. It was under my pants, begging me to release it out. Oh… Man, a touch of someone other than mine on my dick.

Her touch was enough to make me cum. I could feel her hands squeezing lightly on my dick. Oh, my God! Friends, don’t ask me what it felt. I will suggest you to just do it. I felt like pre-cum oozing from my cock. I know if she continued to squeeze like this, then it will barely take any seconds to cum in my pants.

I was lost in my world. Now I started massaging her cunt with my fingers without inserting it in her vagina. She led a loud moan. But didn’t speak a word. Her eyes were closed. Her breath becomes shallower and faster. She was just swinging her head to the left and right.

She was like something possessed her. I was massaging, and she was moaning. If I had a camera I would have shot the scene, it was so electrifying. I stopped and put out my palm from her panties, smelled, and tasted my finger. It was an intoxicating smell, and the taste was something inexpressible.

Then, I started removing her saree. I was unhooking her blouse. But suddenly she stopped me and said, “Sorry, dear, we cannot go any further till we get married. I will do everything you say to me, but after you become my husband and me, your wife. Till then, have patience.”

I was OK with her decision and said. “I accept each and every condition of yours. I also promise you, until I marry you, I will not get intimate with you.”
She became very happy and asked me, “So baby, when we are going to marry? I cannot wait” and winked.

I, with a devilish smile, “VERY SOON, HONEY…”

In the next part, I will let you know about my marriage and what happened after that. I know you have waited for this for many days. I will make sure you all will like it.

Please please send your comments, reviews to my email ID: [email protected] Waiting for all of your reactions. You can chat with me on hangouts.


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