My Wife And I Made A Slave Of My Colleague – Part 3


Hey, my dear fellas. Hope you enjoyed Part 2. Let’s get back to the story

Vidya: Hey! We just met once and you sent all this in just a few hours. Naughty, naughty.

Sandhya: I just don’t know the reason but I am so attracted to your body smell and the control you took over. It was entirely new to me. When shall we meet, Vidya? I am really desperate to meet you.

Vidya: But babe really sorry to say this. How can I trust you? We just met a few hours back and now you are sending me all these pics to me. I feel something fishy than love. Prove me first, I don’t want to get into trouble.

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Sandhya: In what way?
Vidya: Suji darling, what shall we do?
Sujith: Let’s command our slave to make a stripping video. Also, ask her to speak out her name and “I am a proud lesbian.”

“Good idea, babe,” said Vidya. Vidya sent these as a text. Sandhya did not reply for 15 minutes.
Vidya: I think she’s backed off, baby.
Sujith: Bitch will definitely bite the bait. Let’s wait for a few more minutes.

Vidya heard a notification sound. She took the mobile in her hand and saw the message. “Anything for you my love.” Followed by videos and nude pics of hers in every angle. Sujith and Vidya played the video with the highest excitement. Looking at her chubby body Sujith instantly got a hard-on.

Vidya kissed the penis, “You will have her very soon dear. Why don’t we start the day after tomorrow?” asked Vidya.
Sujith: Why not tomorrow?
Vidya: We have a lot of things to procure for our slut.

Sujith: Then let’s take her to our beach house rather than here. Let’s take full control over her baby. Tomorrow is Thursday. We’ll complete the shopping and I’ll start at our beach house in Pondicherry by evening. You pick her on Friday morning and come to the location. I’ll make sure everything is ready for our doll.

“Sounds like a plan,” and kissed on his lips. Vidya started texting her back.
Vidya: I trust you, babe. Sorry about that.
Sandhya: It’s alright dear. It’s been so long since I have been showered with love like you did. Please let’s meet soon.

Vidya: Here’s my plan. I want you to take leave on Friday and I’ll take you to my beach house. Let’s enjoy the weekend.

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Sandhya: Friday is a little doubtful for me I got to thrash that bastard’s ass. I have a review meeting with the manager. I need to make sure that he doesn’t enter this office space anymore. I hope you remember the guy I slapped in the office.

Furious Vidya said, “Look, this is something for you to gain trust from me and start a life. Either Friday or goodbye, bitch.” Sandhya immediately called to her mobile, but Vidya simply cut the call. She repeatedly called back with no response from us.

She then sent a voice message in WhatsApp stating, “Everything comes after you. Please forgive me. We shall proceed with your plan.”
Vidya: You’re saved, Sujith. Let’s give her some instruction and make sure she doesn’t do anything other than prepping for us.

Vidya texting to Sandhya: (Kissing smiley) Take leave tomorrow and go wax your whole body except a triangle line of hairs near your pussy. Remove all extra hairs. Bleach your whole body. Also after every process send me a pic of yours. Remember you’ll be rewarded for this dear.

Sandhya: Anything for you my babe. Share your pic, please. At least I’ll finger myself by looking at you.

Vidya: Aahh, no-no. You are not allowed to touch your pussy until I taste them. Don’t worry you got a lot of stuff coming. For a chiller (Vidya sent her bra and panties pic) I hope you smell them. Remember no touching. Sleep tight. Goodnight babe.

“Goodnight Vidya,” said Sandhya.

Sujith and Vidya slept in peace. The next day, Vidya took the day off and went shopping They bought everything they need to restrain and train her such as
collars, ropes of different lengths, ball gag, butt plug of different sizes and shapes.

Chastity device, straight jacket, handcuffs, whips, floggers, nipple clamps, eye mask, strap on dildo, vibrator wireless, Hitachi, leather wears, Viagra tablets and electric toys and much more.

Vidya said, “Don’t worry about the cost. This will be repaid by our own bitch.” Sujith dropped Vidya at their home and started to their beach house. Vidya went inside and checked her mobile. There she got every inch of Sandhya’s beauty as pictures. Every part had been shaved except the patch that was asked by Vidya.

Vidya sent a text to Sandhya, “Wow you look gorgeous, babe. Have you packed your dresses?” Sandhya instantly replied, “Waiting for your message, dear. Just now completed packing and a dildo.”
Vidya: Haha OK good. I hope you didn’t touch your pussy yet.

Sandhya: As you said haven’t touched but its craving for your touch.
Vidya: Very good. (Vidya sent her audio recording a kissing sound) Sleep tight babe. I’ll pick you up by 7 AM morning at your residence. Don’t make me wait. Wear something loose.
Sandhya: Sure. I’ll sleep then goodnight dear.

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D Day

Vidya went at sharp 7 while Sandhya was waiting outside for her arrival. Vidya came in Honda city with windows all blacked out. From the outside, nobody can see what’s inside. Vidya lowered the window and honked in front of her. She released the door lock, Sandhya kept the bag behind and sat near her.

Vidya gave a warm hug with a devilish smile and kissed her. “Welcome babe. Shall we start?” asked Vidya. “Aww, you don’t know my excitement,” said Sandhya.
Vidya: These 3 days are going to be a roller coaster in your entire life haha.

Vidya was wearing a tight tank top. There was no talk until the car entered ECR road. Vidya initiated the conversation.
V: Hey why are you so silent?
S: I don’t know am just very excited.

V: About what?
S: About these 3 days.
V: Haha aww don’t worry de chellam. I have loads and loads of things waiting for you. But I have a question. What made you like my answer truly?

S: I liked the way you controlled me on our first meet.
V: OK. Shall we some games until we reach.
S: Why not?

Vidya parked the car and asked her to take the wheel. She took the bag from the rear seat and opened it. Vidya grabbed her face and French kissed her for a minute. She liked Sandy’s mouth fragrance and cuddled her tongue with hers.

V: Come on what are you waiting for. Start the car let’s go.
She took the handcuffs and locked her hands with the steering wheel.
S: Hey what are you doing bitch? Come on.
V: Hmm…

She slapped her boobs over her dress. “Drive baby, let’s enjoy our driving, you know.” Vidya unzipped the pants of Sandy and noticed that there is no panty underneath. Easy for me then, she spits on her hands and massaged her pussy lips.

S: Gave a slight moan. Hey please, I might lose control. Don’t do this.
Vidya took her hands off her pussy.
S: Aw, thank you. Anyway, it’s gonna be yours for the whole 3 days. Why so rush then?

V: Only for 3 days?
S: As long as you need, baby.
V: Haha you are not my wife for having you lifelong. Don’t kid. Sooner or later you will get married.

S: I’ll marry you then
V: We’ll see, baby. (she took a pocket vibrator from the bag and looked at Sandhya.)
S: Oh please not now. I am driving. It’s a total risk I beg you.
V: Haha I like the thrill.

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Vidya moved to the back seat and placed the vibrator exactly over her pussy lips and fixed them firmly with a belt and moved back to the front seat.

S: Hey please this is too much yaar.
V: This is an automatic car. Your legs are free and hands are good enough to turn the wheel what else you need baby.

Sandy was anticipating and driving a bit slow. Vidya was using her mobile which has the app to control the vibrator. After around 10 minutes the roads went deserted. She opened the app and rotated the vibrator to top speed for 5 seconds and switched it off. Sandy gave a jerk, the car went a little side and went back on track.

V: Haha that was amazing.
S: (tried to uncuff herself) Come on, Vidya. I am scared.
V: OK sorry, let’s move slowly then.

She started the vibrator at the lowest speed which gave tingling sensation in Sandy’s pussy. “Aw,” moaned Sandy.
V: Don’t close your eyes, bitch. Pity you.
Sandy was getting into the mood but she tried to move the vibrator away from her pussy.

V: Your pant and belt aren’t letting them move right?

She increased the speed again. Sandhya started moaning heavy and started biting her own lips, while her hands were trembling. She tried to stop the car, but Vidya caught the steering not letting her park.

S: Please babe, I am getting into the mood and am not able to concentrate on driving.
V: Oh you should concentrate, bitch, hahaha.
Vidya increased the pace little more which made Sandhya moan more and shout, “Yes baby I can’t control, please. I beg you.”

The car went in rocket pace for a moment. Vidya reduced the vibrator speed. Sandhya came back to her senses and looked down. The seat was all wet with her juices. She giggled looking Vidya.

Wait and watch for the next part!

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