My Wife And I Made A Slave Of My Colleague – Part 4


This is the continuation of part 3.

Sandhya was at the wheel as they were on their way to the beach house in Pondicherry. The car went in rocket pace for a moment. Vidya reduced the vibrator speed. Sandhya came back to her senses and looked down. The seat was all wet with her juices. She giggled looking Vidya.

V: Enjoying?
S: You are one naughty slut, haha. Kiss me, please.
V: Vidya bent down and spit more on her pussy and kissed her neck. Wanna have more fun?

S: What more than this?
V: Let me demonstrate you then bitch haha. Stop the car at any roadside coffee shop.
Sandhya stopped near a small coffee shop.
S: Vidya, please uncuff me now, please. I need to pee yaar.

V: I know what you will do there.

She moved to the rear seat and removed the belt and took the vibrator off her pussy. She rubbed the vibrator over Sandhya’s dress and on her face. She removed Sandy’s pant button and placed the vibrator back at the spot. But this time more pushed in and buttoned the pants such that the pant will hold the vibrator in place.

S: What are you doing?
Vidya got out and uncuffed her from the steering wheel and asked her to walk with her.
S: No you planned something. Please, it’s so crowded there.

Vidya switched the vibrator at full speed making her beg. “If you don’t, then I’ll just leave it at the same speed. Are you coming now?” Sandy nodded her head as she couldn’t even think of anything else. Vidya ordered two coffees. All the men and women were ogling at Sandy’s wet pants and the bulge near her pussy

V: Remove your top two buttons dear. Let them enjoy too.
S: Please daa, it’s embarrassing.
Vidya showed the app and kept a finger near the speed controller. Sandy got scared and unbuttoned a button which itself showed enough cleavage.

Vidya signaled it’s fine. The waiter came near them and placed the coffee. In the act of placing, he touched Sandhya’s hands. Sandhya got furious but Vidya wouldn’t let her do anything. While they started sipping their coffee, the vibrator started back on.

Sandhya poured a bit of coffee on her tops in the jerk. She looked angrily at Vidya but at the same time started enjoying the heat.
V: What are you looking at? Drink babe. We have to go.

For every sip Sandhya made, Vidya increased the pace. As time went by, Sandhya’s face looked so hot as she couldn’t control. Her legs were trembling and hands were clutching the coffee cup tightly.

S: Please I might cum. Stop it. You are really testing my patience. Love you please, please.
Vidya slowed down a bit but didn’t stop.
V: I’ll give you one minute of time you have to drink your coffee pay the bill and get into the car. Else this place will have yous cum hahaha.

She sipped the coffee in 1 gulp and shouted bill to the waiter.
V: 40 seconds more bitch.
Sandhya rushed to the counter and paid the bill in cash and returned to the car without even getting the balance. All within 1 minute.

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Vidya just gave a bolt of speed for a second and laughed out. She collected the change and got on the driver seat.
V: did you enjoy it?
S: You are really amazing. I’ll do whatever you want but please remove this.
Whatever you have in mind we can have it after reaching.

Vidya removed the vibrator and licked her juices off it. Sandhya hugged her tightly and kissed her on lips tightly. “I love you,” said Sandhya. Vidya kissed on her chin, “Let’s move then.” They reached the beach house by 11 AM. Vidya welcomed her and made her sit on the sofa while she went inside.

V: Would you like to have something.

S: I guess it’s right in front of me.
V: Let me change into something comfortable and bring you something to drink.

While she went inside, Sandhya took off her top and threw it away. Vidya entered her bedroom where Sujith was waiting. Sujith hugged her in so much joy and kissed her lips passionately.

Suji: You are fucking awesome, baby. Did you prepare her?
Vidya: Oh yeah. (and showed him the vibrator that was used)
Suji: Okay start softly and give her the pleasure baby then start with the ropes.

V: I have something different in my mind baby. Give me the rope baby. She’s completely seduced. I think we can start directly rather than going softly. She made us wait for so long. Wait for my signal and I want you to be the man of my life for the next 3 days.

Vidya changed into something loose. She took a bottle of wine and 2 glasses and went down. Sandhya was waiting for her semi-nude. Vidya looked at her attire and was awestruck by her hairless shining body. “You are an awesome bitch,” and hugged her tightly.

Vidya grabbed her neck hard and gave her a French kiss and bit her lips hard.
She made 2 glasses of wine and gave one to her. They both started sipping the wine. Vidya kept her hand on Sandy’s thigh and rubbed it slowly.

V: Hey can we try something different
S: You have already made my pussy burning. Cut to the point babe.
V: Have you ever been tied up before?
Curious Sandhya: What do you mean babe?

V: Like tied up and been in control of someone having sex with you.
S: No dear.
V: okay then let’s try it if you are okay.
S: Just fuck me darling I don’t care.
V: Open this bag dear.

Sandhya opened the bag and saw lots of ropes in different colors, handcuffs, ballgags, and leg cuffs. “Looks like you have planned very well for me.”
V: Haha a lot of planning went on to this babe. Now remove your pants and bra. Turn around and I’ll tie your hands back.

Sandhya removed her bra and removed her pants showing her milky white thighs and fucking beautiful boobs. Vidya took hold of her and started kissing her face and lips and started crushing her milky boobs. She kissed her nipples and kneaded them with her tongue which made Sandhya moan slowly.

“Will you allow me to take control of you?” asked Vidya.
“Please take me, ma’am,” said Sandhya which gave a superior feel to Vidya.
Vidya took a long rope from the bag and tied her hands firmly.

V: Is it tight, babe?
S: A little darling.

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“It should be, bitch,” and kissed her neck and bit her behind her neck. Sandhya started nervous breathing with her melons going up and down. Vidya sensed this.
V: Are you nervous darling?
S: Yes, I never been tied up before.

V: Oh sweetheart I thought you were a bold and beautiful girl. It’s just a little rope and you can get out of it anytime. Just a little longer.

She rubbed her pussy on her panties. She finished tying up her hands firmly and took another rope. Vidya linked the rope with the one tied up to her hands and covered her breasts like an outline of a bra. With every knot and touch from Vidya aroused her very much.

Vidya made sure her upper body is totally in her control by pushing and pulling her forth and back. She made her lie on her back on the sofa. Vidya took her tongue out and started circling Sandy’s lips. Sandhya tried to grab her tongue with her lips.

But she was pinned so hard by Vidya that she couldn’t move her head. Vidya spat on her face repeatedly and asked her to open her mouth. She spat 2 to 3 times inside her mouth and asked her to swallow. Surprisingly Sandy swallowed without any restriction.

Vidya started kissing her cheeks and bit her earlobes and sucked her sweat while slowly circling her nipples with her finger. Sandy asked her to suck her nipples. Vidya licked through her neck giving hard bites making a mark and kissed her chin.

She looked her face where Sandy’s eyes were completely closed and craving for more. She pinched her boobs and bit it hard. She sucked her dry grape size nipples and started circling around her areola. All this was seen and recorded by Sujith using the cams installed around every room.

Vidya went down to her legs and spread Sandy’s legs wide. Her panty was so wet filled with her juices. Vidya slapped her boobs hard and removed her panty. Vidya removed her panty too and rubbed it on Sandy’s face asking her smell it. Sandhya sniffed it like a dog and begged her to suck her pussy.

Vidya laughed and asked her to open her mouth and stuffed both their panties inside her mouth. Sandhya tried to spit it out. But Vidya closed her mouth and pinched her belly warning her to not spit it out. Sandhya this time took the panties fully and started chewing it.

Vidya took a vibrator from the bag and rubbed it over nipples which made a tingling sensation to her whole body. Sandhya moaned in pleasure. Vidya took the vibrator near her pussy without switching on. There was a silence and just the sounds of Vidya’s hand’s rubbing Sandy’s wet clit.

At once she switched it on and inserted tightly inside her pussy making her go wild and started loud moaning and muffing. Sandy’s legs started trembling, she neared her orgasm. But Vidya once again denied it for one last time. Sandhya had droplets of water in her eyes. She begged but could only give out muffins.

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Vidya started laughing loud and spit over her face and pussy. This time she started licking her pussy juices and spit over Sandhya’s stiff boobs and massaged it. She started sucking her pussy lips while holding her legs apart. She inserted her tongue deep and started kneading her g-spot hard.

Vidya’s face got fully wet in juices and she started fucking her pussy hard with her tongue. She took off the panties from her mouth.
V: Do you want to cum?
S: Yes, I want to cum. Suck it, babe, please dear.

V: Will you be my slave for the rest of your life? (and kissed her g-spot)
S: Aw yes I will suck your feet and slave for the rest of your life. Please let me cum.

Vidya took a Handycam and asked the questions again. “I will be Vidya ma’am’s slave for the rest of my life. I will do whatever she wants me to. She has every right of my life,” said Sandhya. Vidya started fucking her faster and faster making her cum and splash it all out over Vidya’s face and mouth.

Vidya took all the cum in her mouth and spat on Sandhya’s face and body. Her body was totally drenched in sweat and cum of her own. Vidya kissed her cheek, “Good girl.”

S: I never had an orgasm like this, no man is close to you. Please untie me.
V: Can I ask you a question? Are you sure of being my slave?
S: I don’t know but I like to.

V: (rubbing Sandy’s pussy) Being a slave is not so easy. Will you be able to comply and sign the consent?
Sandhya started getting in the mood again said, “Anything you ask for ma’am. I am all yours, please take me as your slave.”
Vidya untied her and took her to the washroom to clean herself. She took the consent document for signing. Vidya draped Sandhya in a towel and massaged her wrists (rope marks) and took her to the master bedroom. “Sign this, babe,” said Vidya.

S: Is this really necessary?
V: I don’t want anybody to rip us apart. This is for both of our good. Sign this if you trust me, darling. (while she was pressing her back)
Sandhya signed consent without even reading it and made a video of consent.

V: I love you dear and kissed her lips. Come with me. You need some rest before lunch.
Vidya took her to a bedroom and removed her towel from her nude. “You don’t need clothes anymore, babe. Just rest while I prepare lunch and a special dress for you.”

S: Special?
V: Don’t be a curious babe. You are going to enjoy each and every moment of these 3 days.
Vidya kissed her to sleep and went away while Sandhya prepared to sleep.

Wait for the exciting part 5.

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