My Wife And I Made A Slave Of My Colleague – Part 6


Vidya and Sujith woke up before Sandhya and saw her sleeping soundly. Sujith took the burning candles and poured the hot wax on her butt cheeks and neck. Sandhya got up squirming in pain begging for mercy. Vidya released her from the cuffs and dragged her to the washroom.

She made her lie on the floor and commanded her to open her mouth wide. Vidya sat over her face with her pussy directly over her mouth and started peeing inside her mouth. Sandhya knows the consequence of resisting it and drank without any resistance.

Vidya patted on her face and kissed her cheeks for drinking. She asked her to clean herself fully and come back to the hall in 10 minutes for your special dinner. Sandhya came back to the hall in 10 minutes for the next training.
Vidya: Sit on four!

Sandhya sat like a dog and waited for the next instruction. Sujith brought her food in a dog plate and a glass of yellowish water.
Vidya: Now, Eat like a loyal dog bitch. If you touch the plate with your hands or even rice falls out of the plate you will be electrocuted in your butt.

Vidya and Sujith started having their dinner enjoying the show from their sex slave. Sandhya used her tongue to eat food like a dog. Every time she used the tongue to lick the food and rice always falls out of the plate. She tried to lick that off the floor to avoid punishment.

Sujith gave a hard whip on her butt saying, “No use of that, eat only from the plate. You are already counted for the punishment babe.” She finally ate the food. Sujith poured the yellow water, his own piss, in the plate and asked her to lick it clean.

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Sandhya was resisting at first knowing that it’s Sujith’s piss. Vidya got up from the chair and pushed her face into the plate and asked her to lick it. Sujith took the electro plug and started counting the number of rice lying on the floor. Vidya made her stand straight and legs spread.

Sujith: So that is 23 rice on the floor plus resistance to drinking water given by the master. 23 electrocution on the butt and 20 whips on pussy. Am I right darling?

Vidya took the whip and said, “You are always right, my love,” and gave a hard first stoke on her pussy. Sandhya jumped in pain while Sujith used the toy to electro toy on her butt cheeks. Her pussy turned to pinkish-red on each beat while her butt was jumping in pain.

Finally, they completed the reward. Vidya commanded her to stand straight and took some latex dress from her room. Sujith and Vidya made her wear the dress like a latex slave. Sujith took a white leather collar and fastened it to her neck without any leash.

Vidya: I want you to clean all these vessels in the kitchen. Clean your training room after the vessel washing and wait for us by kneeling down on the floor.

For some strange reason, Sandhya was feeling horny and tried to touch her pussy outside the dress. Sujith took her hand off and said, “Don’t even think about it. You can only touch yourself when you ordered to.”

They let her walk to the kitchen in the extra high heels with her buttocks dancing with every step.
Sujith: Wow she is so sexy in this babe.
Vidya: Ok, enough of ogling. What did you mix in your piss? Why is she getting horny?

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Sujith laughed strangely and showed her Viagra pills for women.
Vidya: Shit man when did you buy this, bastard? And that too without telling this to me. You bastard. How many pills did you mix in?

Sujith: Oh cool down babe. I gave a strong dose. Her pussy must be itching for a cock now and that’s where she’s going to be trapped for the night.
Vidya: What have you planned?
Sujith: Remember the toys we bought? Wireless vibrator set?

Vidya: Yes! What’s with it?

Sujith: It has another feature too. I am planning for an orgasm denial for the next 24 hours. It’s been 15 minutes. I am sure that she must be rubbing her pussy now. Catch her red-handed and bring her to the training room. I’ll explain to you the rest there.

Vidya went inside the kitchen to see Sandhya rubbing her pussy with her latex hands and moaning.
Vidya: How dare you?

Sandhya got scared by hearing her voice and pretended to just rub the soap off her. Vidya dragged her to the training room and slapped her for touching her pussy without permission. She said, “She must be disciplined, Sujith.” Sujith pushed her to the bed and tied her hands and legs to the bed poles tightly.

He took a vibrator and inserted it in Sandhya’s wet pussy. Took 2 sensor pads and pasted it on her throat and on her mid-chest. Sujith asked Vidya to pass his cellphone and opened the app to put it on auto orgasm denial mode. Sujith went behind Vidya and hugged her behind and kissed her neck.

Sujith: Shall we enjoy the show? Turn it on babe.
Vidya switched on the vibrators from her mobile and they both sat on the sofa.
Vibrators turned on at maximum power which made Sandhya moan in pleasure. She was enjoying the pleasure and nearing her orgasm.

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At the edge of the moment, vibrators turned off. Sandhya was so pissed and calmed down from the orgasm heat. When she was back to normal, vibrators started again and stopped again at the close moment. Sandhya begged for orgasm.

Sujith: This should teach you a lesson bitch. I hope you won’t disobey our commands from now on. See you in the morning then. I hope you get some sleep.

He fastened a ball gag on her mouth and said, “We need to sleep, bitch.” Vidya was astonished by the things happening and hugged him tightly. Sujith lifted Vidya in full josh and switched off the lights and carried her out.

Vidya: You are fucking awesome. I think I should try this on you too for flirting with other office mates hahaha.
Sujith laughed along with her.

Sujith: She’ll be completely ours by tomorrow morning. I bet it.
Vidya: What if not?
Sujith: Then tomorrow also she won’t sleep.

Vidya: This will break her completely. Love you baby. I want to make love but I am really tired babe. Let’s sleep please. if she’s done by morning, shall we leave to Chennai by Sunday morning itself? I want to tie her up in our home’s entrance and make her drink my piss.

Sujith: You are so cunning, babe. I hope it happens. Let’s sleep then.

They both hugged and slept nude while Sandhya was suffering both mentally and physically.

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