My Wife And I Made A Slave Of My Colleague – Part 7


Vidya got up by 9 AM and kissed Sujith on his chest and bit his nipples lightly to wake him up. Sujith pulled her face close and kissed her lips like there’s no tomorrow and cuddled her. He went down to her butt cheeks and kissed her just below her spine which gave her chilling a moment.

Vidya: Somebody is too moody today.
Sujith: Very much excited to see the condition of our slave.
Vidya: Haha first you got to finish your morning work. Now lick my asshole motherfucker.

She made him lie on his back and sat over his face. Sujith kissed her ass cheeks violently with his tiny hairs pricking her butt. Vidya started to moan and pressed herself more to his mouth. She leaned and grabbed his dick and bit his dick tip and spit over it.

Vidya massaged his balls with her tongue and kissed his dick. Sujith inserted his tongue inside her asshole and massaged her pussy walls. Vidya was moaning in pleasure and at that time Sujith got his dick risen by Vidya’s magic. Vidya got up and took hold of his dick.

He then dragged him along to the training room to look after their slave. They could hear Sandhya’s muffled screams and moan before opening the room door. Vidya opened the door with Sujith’s dick in hand. She squeezed his dick in the excitement of seeing her face filled with tears and her begging eyes.

She went running and removed her ball gag from her mouth.
Sandhya: Thank you, Mistress. Please remove the vibrator off I beg you. I am sorry for your disobeying your orders.

Vidya was pleased with hearing those words but she wants to play more.
Vidya: Okay slave I’ll remove them off once you show your licking skills.

She sat over her face with her pussy directly over her mouth and said, “You know what to do. If you make me cum in 3 minutes you will get your pussy treated. Else the punishment continues for the rest of the day.”

Sandhya immediately spat on her pussy walls and started licking her inner thighs and pussy walls. She was surprised by the kisses and gave a thumbs up to Sujith who was standing with the cock in his hands. Vidya was already served by the tongue of Sujith. It was just a cakewalk for Sandhya to make her cum.

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She started licking her pussy walls and pressed her sensitive spot between her lips and crushed them and sucked her pussy juices. Vidya was enjoying and moaning in pleasure by saying, “Bitch, you learned a lot of lessons.”

Within a minute Vidya shouted and released all her juices inside her mouth.
Sandhya drank every single drop of it and said: “Thank you, Mistress.”

Vidya: You definitely deserve a reward girl and kissed on her lips sucking her own cum from her mouth.

Sujith now took the mobile and switched off the vibrator and released the cuffs and vibrator from her.

Sandhya: Thank you, master. I am sorry for disobeying. Please, fuck me, Master.

Sujith dragged her to his cock. Sandhya immediately took his cock into her mouth warming it. She sucked his balls and deepthroated by herself which was praised by Vidya by a spank on Sandhya’s butt. Sujith was moaning with the pleasure given by the slave.

He took out his cock from her mouth and made her sit on the doggy style. Sandhya lifted her ass in the air and said, “Please fuck me, Master.” Sujith inserted his cock in her pussy in one single stroke. Sandhya moaned in extreme pleasure after withstanding one whole night of orgasm denial.

Sandhya: Yes master, you are the best ever.
Sujith fucked her mercilessly. But Vidhya instructed her to not cum until she says to, “If you disobey, you know the consequences.”

Sandhya replied yes mistress. But as time goes on Sujith was in uncontrollable speed and she started begging to cum.
Vidya: You may cum once I count 1 to 10 and say thank you for every count bitch. 1…

Sandhya: Thank you, mam.
Vidya took nipple clamps and floggers and counted 2…
Sandhya: Thank you mam.

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She put those clamps on her erect nipples hanged weights on the chain. Her boobs were now jingling with every fuck. She started flogging her bareback and kissed her ears to arouse her more and counted 3… 4…. And bit her ears and slurped her entire neckline.

Sandhya was getting more and hornier by every touch of her. “5… You forgot to say the word, bitch. Don’t worry you will be punished for this later.”
Sandhya: Sorry mam. Thank you mam. Shall I please cum mam?
Vidya: Not yet slut. Hold it until 10.

Quickly the count went to 8. But Sandhya couldn’t hold it anymore and moaned loudly releasing all her cravings along with Sujith. Even though she disobeyed her command, Vidya doesn’t want to punish her.

Sandhya: I am sorry, mistress. I couldn’t hold it any longer. Punish me as you wish.
Vidya lifted her face and gave a kiss on her forehead. “Take a bath and come down naked. We need to head home.”

They both left the room in complete happiness. Sandhya was taking a happy bath massaging her butt cheeks and her craving pussy lips. She started enjoying her slave life.

Soon she came out and wiped herself clean, dried her hair and applied fragrance all over her and went down. Vidya was preparing breakfast for all 3 of them.
Sujith: Slave, come here and kneel down.
Sandhya immediately obeyed his order and said, “Yes master.”

He took a collar and fastened it around her neck saying, “This is what you are and hereafter you should never show your attitude to any of your fellow men. Do you understand?” Sandhya asked for forgiveness in the past and said, “I will obey whatever you ask, master.”

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Sujith was convinced with the respect she shows and took her to the dining table. Sujith sat on the chair while Sandhya was waiting for command with her hands behind and head facing down.
Sujith: You may sit on the chair. Ease yourself.

Vidya served both of them breakfast and she also sat to eat.
Vidya: Sujith, shall we leave as per our plan? I think now she is ready.
Sujith: Your wish my lady. But shall we play during travel?

“Ok then let’s take some rest and leave by evening. I think that should be ambient for our plays.” Vidya extended her toe and placed on Sandhya pussy and inserted her toe fingers inside her pussy. Sandhya hearing all this sensed something fishy but at the same time enjoying the pleasure of Vidya’s toe.

They all had a good breakfast and this time Sandhya herself lay on her back asking for water. Vidya laughed out loud and said, “Not now, slave. But be ready for more,” and gave her some fresh water to drink. She commanded her to move on four and kneel near their bed with heads down.

Wait for the final part fellas. I hope to hear some comments and how you need to end the finale. Mail me at [email protected]

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