Nakul Seduces My Mom Devika


Hi guys, I am Raj, and I am from Delhi. I am 21 years old and live with my mom. I study in a college near my home. I was always a shy type of guy in college when it used to come to talk to girls at my college.

I used to hang out with my college friends who used to stay in rented flats as they all were from different cities. My dad and mom are very broad-minded and modern people as we are quite rich. My mom is very pretty and has a well-maintained figure. She often goes to the gym and does yoga.

She used to wear tight jeans and tight tops while going out. She used to even wear shorts at home up to her butts. She was quite modern and unlike traditional moms wearing suit or saree, which she only used to wear on special occasions. She was 44 years old and dad 50.

I used to often spend time at my friends’ flat. They used to live with a 25-year-old guy called Nakul, who was a type of goon of our college. He used to fail every year and now used to help students get admissions in our college through his political links.

I, too, got familiar with him and started to stay with him. He used to often save me from our college seniors from ragging as everyone used to fear him. One day I was drinking beer with him at his place when we started discussing girls and married ladies.

He told me how many married ladies cheat on their husbands to satisfy their needs. He even told me how he seduced one of our college professors and satisfied her needs. I used to get excited listening to such stories.

My mom and dad used to fight a lot as dad would not spend much time with us and stay away due to work. One day my dad kept a dinner party for his friends at our home. So my mom asked me to invite my friends too. I invited Nakul and a few of my other friends too.

We had a lawn outside our house where everything was set. When my friends came, I introduced them to my parents. My mom was wearing a one-piece in which she looked like Tisca Chopra. As I introduced her to Nakul, I saw Nakul was mesmerized to see her beauty and figure.

Nakul told me that, “Bura mat manna par Raj teri mom ek hot Milf hain.” I took it as a compliment. But Nakul seemed to have got other plans. I could see him try to look for the opportunity to talk to her more and more during the party.

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The next day, I reach his flat, and I am in a very bad mood as my parents had fought in the morning as usual. Nakul notices my mood and gets me a beer. I tell him that I don’t know why mom and dad fight too much.

He says, “Your mom is a very pretty woman. I think your dad doesn’t give her time and attention she needs.” I ask Nakul how does he know this. He says I know what a woman of her age needs. I feel awkward and ask him, “What do you think she needs?”

He says, “Raj, don’t get angry at me, but she needs to get laid. That’s what will make her happy.” I feel shocked to hear such words from him. The next day my dad leaves for his work trip. As usual, mom and I are left home alone.

So I ask Nakul if he wants to come and stay with me for a couple of days as dad is not home. He comes to our house and asks me if my mom is home. I tell him that she is in another room. He tells me that he will go and greet her and come.

He goes to my mom’s room. He feels excited to see mom sitting on a chair in her blue shorts and a cut sleeve top. He greets her, and mom also greets him with a smile.

Mom-Hi Nakul, how are you?
Nakul-Devika aunty how are you?
Mom-I am fine, Nakul. How about you?

Nakul-I was fine earlier, but my temperature has risen after seeing a beautiful woman like you.
mom-Oh Nakul, you are such a sweetheart.

Nakul-Aunty, I heard you were not feeling good today.
mom-Nothing. It’s just I was having a little neck pain.
Nakul- Don’t worry, aunty. I will give you a good neck massage after dinner.
mom-Oh, so sweet of you, Nakul.

I start to feel strong connectivity between mom and Nakul. Suddenly my mom had got into a good mood talking to him. I even tell Nakul about this that I have never seen mom so happy in recent times. He says, “Raj, I know what a woman wants.”

I ask him, “Do you really think she needs to get laid? That’s why she is unhappy?” He says, “Raj, if you don’t feel bad, I can show it to you what she really wants.” I feel awkward, but I say, “Nakul, but she is my mom.” Nakul says, “Just for one day, forget about that and just let her enjoy.”

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I feel weird. So I ignore his talks. At night we have wine and dinner. I had too much wine. So I decided to go to sleep. After a couple of hours, I notice Nakul is not in my room. I get curious and start walking towards my mom’s room. I get shocked to see mom sitting on a chair.

She was in her short blue denim, which is up to her thighs and a kinky top up to her navel. She was looking so hot that anybody would get a hard-on watching her. Nakul has oil in his hands and is massaging her neck.

Mom-Oh, thank you, Nakul. It feels good.
Nakul-I know, Devika aunty.
Mom-It feels like heaven.

Nakul-Aunty, why don’t you remove your top? It will get stained.
Mom-Nakul, but that will be awkward for me.
Nakul-Aunty, don’t worry. You will feel more relaxed, and it will not spoil your top.

Mom takes off her top, and oh my god, she was wearing a black bra with her busts trying to come out of her bra. While massaging, Nakul slowly moves his hand near her boobs and slightly presses them from outside of the bra.

Mom gives a slight moan, and he continues to put oil on her neck and breasts. He then tells mom.
Nakul-Aunty, why do you fight with uncle so much?
Mom-He does not love me anymore.

Nakul-But, you are such a gorgeous lady. Who won’t want to love you?
mom-Oh Nakul, you are so sweet. So don’t you have any girlfriend?
Nakul-I don’t have one, but I like someone.
mom-Oh, who’s that lucky girl?

Nakul-Aunty, that lucky girl is you.
Mom-Nakul, you are such a flirt. I am almost 20 years older than you.
Nakul-Aunty, age is just a number.
mom-But, I am married.

Nakul-Aunty, give me one chance. I will show you how much I love you.
Mom-Nakul, I am too old for you.
Nakul-Aunty, I like older women.
mom-Nakul, Raj will not like it.

Nakul-He doesn’t need to know. Tell me when was the last time you got laid.
Mom- Raj’s dad and I don’t have sex for days.
Nakul-So, don’t you want a man’s touch?
Mom-Yes, but will it be right?

Nakul comes in front and lifts mom in her arms and gives her a tight kiss on her lips. She loses her grip and caresses his hair. “Nakul, I am yours for today. Make love to me.” Nakul unzips her shorts, and wow, she is now standing in her black bra and a thong panty barely covering her ass.

He goes behind her, removes his pant and underwear, and takes out his 7 inch cock. With a push, he touches his hard cock against her ass. One hand inside her bra playing with her boobs and one hand inside her panty rubbing her clit. She feels the strong touch of his cock, and his fingers fingering her love hole.

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She starts to moan a little louder. He says, “Devika aunty, your hole was waiting for my pole.” He pulls down her panty and starts rubbing his cock against her pussy, teasing her more and more. Now, with 3-4 pushes, he finally inserts his pole inside her tight pussy, making her moan with joy.

He starts stroking it hard inside her, and I could see both enjoying each other’s body rubbing against each other. Within a few minutes, he cums inside her pussy. He lays himself on the bed. Mom lies over his chest, caressing him, and saying, “Thanks, Nakul.”

He says, “Not so soon, aunty,” and slowly goes down. He lifts both her legs on his shoulders and starts licking her pussy with his tongue like a lover running over her jungle. She says, “Nakul, it’s been a year.No one has licked my pussy.” Mom then pushes him on the bed and starts sucking his cock like a girlfriend.

His cock is too hard. Now he gets her on top of him and makes her ride his cock in passion. A few minutes later, he takes some oil and fingers her butthole. Then places her in the doggy style. Within 5-6 strokes, he enters his cock inside her butthole, giving her anal pleasure.

I could see both of them sweating it out in bed like true lovers. That night I realized what a real woman wants.

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