Neha Gets A Makeover: From Shy Bride To Sexy Babe


One weekday, I was at home because all of my lectures had been cancelled. I was in my third year of college, with two years left to complete my five-year MBA.

When I went to have my breakfast, I saw Khanna aunty sitting and talking to my mother. There was another lady there, with her back to me, and because the sofa had a high back, I could only see the top of her head.

Mom came to the table to tell me to finish everything my plate and went back. While mom was walking back, I saw a beautiful face looking at her from the sofa.

Khanna Aunty was saying, “My baby, Neha, needs some advice about her hair”.

My mom did beauty treatments for ladies at home in her free time- eyebrows, facials, and sometimes hair. She had converted the downstairs balcony into a room and put in a salon chair and some big mirrors. Sometimes I would help out by handing her things or cleaning the room.

Mom was saying, “Beta, why did you cut your long hair? You had such a long braid when you got married last week.”

Neha spoke for the first time, “Auntyji, that was fake, I had a bob-cut till eight months ago! I just started growing my hair after my marriage was fixed.”

My mom walked over to check the length of Neha’s hair. She had a grown out bob that was chin-length in the front and just below her shoulders at the back. Then, Neha bent her head back and shook her hair loose; it was dark, thick, and silky like in a shampoo commercial.

Mom asked, “What do you want to do? Grow it out or change the style?”
Neha looked at Khanna Aunty, who said, “Can you just trim her hair and give her some layers?”

Mom agreed and took Neha into the parlor room. When she got up, I was stunned to see Neha’s beauty. She was wearing a cream-colored saree and a backless blouse in which her mid-back was easily visible from behind. She was not wearing heels as she was tall and had a very sexy slim figure.

After they left, I sat at the dining table and watched TV. Soon, my mom called for help, as she had finished shampooing Neha’s hair and wanted some fresh towels.

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While I was talking to mom, I couldn’t help but notice Neha’s cleavage. She was lying back with her head in the shampoo sink, and her low cut blouse wasn’t hiding anything.

I saw that her left collarbone had a tattoo of something written. Her perfect cleavage was on open display and it gave me a raging hard-on. Moving down, her smooth, flat belly was clearly waxed, and she had a ring in her belly button. In that second, I caught her beautiful eyes looking at me. I hurried off to get the towels.

When I came back, mom wasn’t there. Neha’s hair was dry and looking gorgeous. I was looking at her back when she caught me staring and turned around. “What were you looking at?” she asked me, smiling.

“Nothing. You’re pretty…” I said.

“And?” She asked.

“Your hair is sexy”.

She turned around, “Here, if you want to, you can touch it before your mom comes back from the shop, she went to buy some dye.”

I was shocked at her boldness and ran my fingers through her hair. It was silky soft, making my dick so hard it hurt.

I’m a typical Punjabi guy, with fair skin, six feet tall, and a sculpted body.

Neha turned back and came close to me. Saying, “Here put your hands in my hair like this,” she took both my hands and put them around her face.

I went crazy, moving my eyes from her sexy body to her eyes. She was looking straight at me. I kissed her in that instant, and she responded with her tongue. Her hand was feeling my erection, which was apparent below my track pants. It felt like heaven for a minute and then she slowly pushed me back.

“I’m Neha.”
“Lakhi, nice to meet you. What haircut are you getting?” I asked, boldly.

“Oh, just a trim. Why? You think I should get a different style?”
“You should get a sexy short haircut,” I replied.
“Ok. Show me what you’re thinking, and I’ll ask your mom,” she said, sitting down.

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I moved back a few steps, in case my mom was back and took out a hairstyle book. I showed her a long pixie style.

My mom came back and asked me to start mixing a burgundy color for Neha’s highlights.

I was mixing the color when Neha’s haircut started. First, mom took a square section from eyebrow to eyebrow and all the crown, and cut off at four inches. Then, she combed the hair forward and trimmed her bangs. A good 10 inches was cut off.

Next, she combed the hair till her ear and trimmed it sideways at three inches, combing it back to blend with the hair at the back. Finally, mom took a trimmer and trimmed the loose ends all around.

Neha said “I want the back longer, to cover my neck”. Mom combed the back hair and took it up section by section, matching with the longest hair at the nape. Neha’s haircut was done, and almost half her hair was on the floor. Now, she had soft texture all around and her back hair was swinging freely when she moved. Her face was clearly visible.

Neha said something, and mom took out a straight razor and shaved Neha’s eyebrows, arching them high and thin, like they were drawn in with a pencil.

I handed mom the mixing bowl and went back to my room to jerk off.

After half an hour mom called me back.

“Can you go over and give this cellphone at the Khanna residence,” she asked. I knew this wasn’t by accident, so I quickly took the phone. It was unlocked, exactly as I was expecting. I saved my number in it and gave myself a missed call.

When I reached the Khanna house, Neha came to the door in a bathrobe. She invited me in, saying the whole family had gone to attend a function. It was getting slightly dark outside when I stepped in.

Neha had changed into shorts and a T-shirt, showing her belly button.

I said, “You look hot”.

She walked into a side room, smiling. She must not have been more than 23 or 24 years old, I guessed. I was 21.

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She asked me to show her in 10 minutes how hot I thought she looked.

I held her head and kissed her, pulling down her shorts in one motion. Her shaved pink pussy was looking yummy, but 10 minutes was too little for all of that, I thought.

We both undressed and dropped into bed. She licked my erect cock once to lubricate it and spat on it. Immediately, I positioned myself on her and entered her pussy. It was so tight and hot, I had to control myself from cumming immediately.

As I was stroking her, I bent down to press her milky boobs and suck her tits. She was moaning with pleasure and arching her back to put her boobs in my mouth.

In three minutes, I came with an uncontrollable spasm. As soon as I pulled out, she turned me on my back and started riding my erect dick without even letting it go soft.

I saw her beautiful face framed with bangs on the forehead and her layered hair swinging on both sides of her neck. I held her boobs to support her as she bounced faster and faster.

In about five minutes, she squirted and fell exhausted on my chest. We kissed again and she got up, running into the shower.

“My mother-in-law will have a shock when she sees my hair tomorrow”, she called out.

“Sorry… I have a hair fetish,” I said, leaving quietly.

“Me too…” I heard as I was closing the door.

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