New Year Sex In Goa


Hi, this is Kushal again. Back with another sex experience of mine with 21 year old Payal in Goa. As a tradition, my friends and I visit Goa on New Year’s Eve for parties, and this year too we were in Goa for the New Year.

We reached Goa on the 30th of December afternoon and checked into our room. We went to the Baga beach late in the evening for some drinks and dinner. We were enjoying ourselves. Then I saw this sexy girl in a tight red top and blue shorts. Her red hot top exposing the shape of her big round boobs.

My friends were busy drinking. I was drinking too but my eyes were mostly on this red hot girl sitting with a bunch of 5-6 guys. At first, when I saw her with those guys, I thought they were her friends. An hour passed by, she hugged everyone of them and left the place.

I excused myself from my friends and followed her on the beach. She was walking among the crowded beach late in the evening around 10 or 11. I walked behind her. Then I went up to her and said she looked beautiful and that I was noticing her for quite a long time. We introduced ourselves.

She said her name is Payal and she’s from Mumbai. She came to Goa alone for New Year so that she could do whatever she wants. She was very open-minded and she said she’s open for any type of fun. We sat down on the beach and talked for 5-10 minutes.

I got to know she’s 21 years old and works in Mumbai. I directly complimented her boobs and said her boobs were huge. She smiled and I asked if I can touch them. Payal without any hesitation said yes. I touched her big boobs acting like I was hugging her. She gave a peck on my lips.

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Though Baga beach was crowded even after 12 in the night, nobody really cared because it was New Years’ time. I couldn’t do much to Payal because of the crowd. My friends were calling me on my phone. Payal typed her number in my phone and asked me to call her whenever I was free.

My friends and I had a plan to celebrate the New Year together so we decided to attend a party near the Vagator beach. I informed my friends that I was going to meet an old friend of mine who is also in Goa after celebrating with them. I informed Payal that I would meet her after 12:30 at Vagator beach.

I asked Payal is she could wear a short one-piece without bra and panty. Luckily when I met her, Payal wore a white transparent one-piece dress which was just below her pussy. It was a strapless one piece. So most of her big boobs were already coming out as she didn’t wear a bra.

We hugged each other and wished ‘Happy New Year’. She held my dick and pressed and played with it which was already hard. Vagator beach was a big quite compared to Baga beach and Calangute beach. Also, Vagator beach has a few rocks near the beach side where we went and kissed.

Payal put her hands inside my shorts and played with my dick. I kissed her big boobs, pinched her nipples and she was moaning. We didn’t find that place to be safe. So we moved to a secluded place near the parking where there were total darkness and trees.

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Payal removed my shorts and underwear. I sat on a small rock and Payal sat on my dick. As Payal didn’t wear a panty, she adjusted my dick inside her pussy and she was riding on my dick. I pressed her boobs, opened the zip of her white transparent one-piece exposing her huge boobs and a sexy navel.

We changed positions and I was on top of her. I was giving hard strokes and Payal was shouting. She said it was paining her but she was enjoying it. I was stroking hard. Then for a second, I stopped. I took out my dick and I suddenly pushed it completely inside.

I gave a sudden jerk inside of her pussy. Payal cried in pain with my sudden action but was enjoying every bit of it. Payal sucked my dick again and I was fingering her pussy. We kissed and kissed and kissed and I put my dick inside her pussy.

Payal asked me to cum inside her pussy. I happily cummed inside her. She cleaned my dick with her mouth and drank the extra cum which was on the tip of my dick.

Payal rented a scooty in Goa. I also asked her to carry an extra pair of dress just for safety. After our session, I insisted on Payal that we go for a ride. It was almost at 2:30 at night. Payal brought a mini skirt and a tank top and her bra and panty. I made her wear just a blue colored bra and a black mini skirt.

I sat pillion on the scooty. Payal wore the helmet and was riding through the streets of Goa. I covered myself with my handkerchief. I was pressing her boobs at times while riding and fingered her belly button. I removed the straps of her bra.

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She was shocked as there were people on the streets though it was almost 3 in the night. But still, Payal and I enjoyed the sexy ride. We reached Payal’s hotel and she went topless in the parking lot itself. We went to her room which was on the first floor. Her boobs were bouncing while she was climbing the stairs.

We had sex till 5:30 in the morning. I left her hotel as she had a flight back to Mumbai late in the morning at 11 am.

If you’ve enjoyed my sex experience with Payal, do let me know. You can also contact me for sex on my hangouts id [email protected], kik id: kushal5005.

Women of any age and place are welcome. I am happy to satisfy them in any manner and at any place. Women from Hyderabad are most lucky because I live in Hyderabad.

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