Readers know of my past two sex experiences. Today, I want to recount my sexcapade in Nepal.

I used to live in U.P. and my home was not too far from the Nepal border. We were going to shift to Bangalore in a week or so. So, I decided to have one final fuck in the nearby regions. I decided to go to Nepal to try out a slut. I made an excuse at home that I was going out somewhere with my friends.

I knew of a few brothels in Nepal because I had read up on others’ experiences. I went to one such. This time, I selected a middle-aged woman in her very late thirties who knew Hindi, because I had never experienced fucking someone so elder. She was somewhat fat, but that only increased the excitement.

We went inside the room. I removed my t-shirt and vest and undressed her down to her bra and panties, and hugged her, kissing her neck. In that position we made our way to the bed. I arrived on top of her and began kissing her on her lips and pressing her ass balls. As I kissed her, she unzipped my jeans, lowered it using her legs and threw them away. As she reached out for my black Jockey underwear, I snapped, “Abhi nahi!” She looked at me with a sense of surprise. I gave her a reassuring smile, ran my left hand over her forehead as if I was a loving boyfriend and said, “tum bahut khoobsoorat ho!” She smiled, and commenced kissing her lips, necking her, running my fingers on her navel etc.

I had become very hard, but I decided to torture that devil caged in my underwear a little more. I indicated her to ran her fingers over my underwear, and she did. I somehow controlled the lust building inside me. Readers know of my fetish of not removing my underwear until the very end. I kept kissing.

When it had become too much for me to hold it anymore, I lowered her panties, threw them away and removed my underwear. I entered her and began fucking. She moaned freely as I fucked, and I occasionally kissed. I increased my speed a little. She came once, and I was close to coming. She did tell me to be out of her before I came, but the excitement of fucking someone elder and in a foreign country led me to orgasming with an intensity, inside her.

We were both horrified. Before she could scream, I knocked her out. I hurriedly dressed up and walked normally until the main gate, after which I fled.

I may have unintentionally become a father. I have no idea, and I do not intend to go back. Ever.

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After I knocked her out, I first wore my underwear and laid down on the bed to catch my breath. I then dressed up and fled.