Nishrin, Taboo Breaker – Part 1 (Classroom Sex)


ow let’s get to it, without further due…


…Nishrin (Nishy), now 26, married, is reminiscing about her life, and her freedom before her marriage…

Nishy was 18 when she entered college, and got to know Joseph (Joe).

She met him at the college for the first time, and ever since then, she felt like something had started to rage inside of her for him.

But there was no way she could be together with him. They belonged to two different cultural groups, who would never get along each other.

For example, Joe was taught their leader was crucified, while Nishy was taught that he wasn’t.

But she wanted to be his. She wanted to feel him, like a real woman feels a man. She didn’t care about the community of a man, as long as the man loved her. By loved her, I mean…to make her feel like a woman, by every means she wants him to.

Then she came to know about a specific kinda sport injury. There were female athletes in her batch, who had got their hymens ripped apart by certain stretching exercises.

She joined a sport, but her actual goal was to get her hymen ripped apart by some other means, than sport, and Joe was gonna help her.

The connection between the two was already more than that of two friends, and Nishy was ready to take it to another level, whether Joe was ready or not. Well, not ready was what he seemed like, at least…

…”Hey Jo, let’s meet after the class here. I need a few things cleared out about this lesson,” she said to him, one day, having met him in the classroom where they had their next lecture.

That day, she had worn her head cover and a long clothing, under which she wore only her underwear and bra. Her clothing covered her everywhere, except her face, hand, and feet.

“Oh, sure thing, Nishy,” Joseph said with a smile, sitting down for the lecture.

Nishy couldn’t wait until the lecture was over. She knew the classroom then gets emptied for the rest of the day, and she wanted to make the most outta it…

…At the end of the lecture, the students were leaving, and Joe left with them, while Nishy watched.

“What is he doing?” She thought, but she didn’t talk to him. She stayed behind everyone.

After everyone left, it was a few lonely minutes she had to spend in the class room, before Joe showed up again.

“So, Jo,” Nishy said with a smile, “ready to teach me, hmm?”

“Oh sure,” Joe said as he turned around, checked the corridor, closed the door and looked it from inside. “Let’s get to it, then.”

She wasn’t giving any hint so far, but his eyes were burning with lust. She knew he was ready, and she wanted him to, but she was pretending not to, because she wanted him to force himself on her. Right now there was nothing more she wanted than him to smash her against the table and fuck her brains out.



“Fucking slut!” Joe said, reaching out to her and grabbing her neck with his both hands, left hand from the front and right hand from behind.

“Coh…what’s this for…Joe?” She gagged, tapping his forearms and tryna push them away, but he was too strong for her.

“What this is for? After all these days of you turning me on, making my little one hard with all your emotions…” he said, shaking her to her sides, once. “You think I’ll let you get away with that that easily, huh? Come on,” he said, pulling her towards the teacher’s table nearby.

“I thought you were gonna clear me out the lesson…Aah!” Nishy said, and then moaned, as Joe pushed her against the table. She had her face turned to her left when she hit the table and she ended up hitting the right side of her face.

“Oh yeah,” he said as he pulled both of her forearms against each other towards opposite directions and against her upper back.

“I’ll teach your fucking whore ass why you shouldn’t have tempted me in the first place, with your very existence,” he said as he pulled the long sleeves of her clothing away to her elbows and gripped her now naked forearms in place with his left hand.

“Ahh,” she moaned lightly, with a smile. With all the roughing up, she felt her pussy starting to water.

“Fucking bitch,” he said as he started spanking her ass cheeks, repeatedly. He first spanked her left ass cheek, and then the right one, and he repeated the process a few times.

“Aah…Aah!” She moaned each time she was spanked in her ass. Her eyes were watering, all the way down to the table.

“Let’s see about my handiwork,” he said, pulling up her clothing. He fully revealed her panty and her ass.

Her fair skin had been marked red with his spanking. She turned her head as much as she could and looked at his face. He was to her left and he had a wicked smile in his face.

“Well well, look at that,” he said, looking at her ass. He squeezed her left ass cheeks hard.

“Aaay,” she let out a painful moan. He then pushed apart her ass cheeks and exposed her asshole a bit.

“Let’s do this, the easy way…Well, easy for me, but not so much for you,” he said, pulling out his belt from his pants. He started strapping her forearms in place with it.

“Why are you doing this, Joe? If you didn’t wanna teach me, you could have just said no,” she said, pleading.

“Shut up,” Joe said, as he finished strapping her forearms, taking his mouth close to her left ear.

“Oh I’m so gonna enjoy this,” he said, slapping her left cheek once.

“Aah,” she let out a painful moan when he slapped her. He then took his face towards her ass. She started to feel like the friendly, innocent Joe she used to know was no longer there. He was now a sex hungry monster.

She felt her panty getting pulled down to her ankles and her ass cheeks getting pulled apart by his hands and soon, she felt his tongue on her asshole.

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“Aaah…shit!” She moaned, as his tongue went around, and inside of, her asshole.

“Oh…God, oh…fuck!” She moaned, as he greedily ate her ass. She felt his teeth on her ass cheeks now and then.

“Arrh!” He made a sound as he bit her ass cheeks.

She didn’t know for how long he kept eating her ass, before she finally felt his fingers and tongue leaving her there.

“It started tasting bitter, but now it tastes like my saliva,” he said as he stood up behind her, held her arms tight and pulled her to her feet.

“Aah!” She hissed as he pulled her to her feet. He then grabbed her tits tightly from behind.

“Oh God, so heavenly. Like made for my pleasure,” he said as he started mauling her tits.

“Aah…aaah!” She moaned each time he squeezed them.

He mauled her tits again and again for a while, and the last time he grabbed them, he kept increasing his force, until she started squirming, with signs of pain imminent in her face. Her eyes were wide open, and so was her mouth. He left her tits.

“Get rid of this shit,” he said as he pulled down her head cover to her neck. Now his chin was on her right shoulder, and his mouth was close to her right ear.

“Once I’m done with you…your pussy is gonna look like a fucking road kill,” he murmured to her, as he squeezed her neck from the front with his left hand and her left tit with his right hand.

“Ggk,” she gagged, as he squeezed her neck.

“Look at me, look at me,” he said as he slapped her left cheek with his right hand. She turned her face to her right. She wasn’t crying anymore but her face had been marked with her tears. He then pushed her to the nearby white board, placed her back against it and squeezed her neck with his both hands.

“Coh…Joe, please,” she coughed, and pleaded.

“You like it when I treat you like the dirty little whore you are, huh?” He asked her. She nodded yes. He slapped her right cheek.

“Do you, huh?” He asked her, slapping her left cheek this time. She nodded yes again, as tears started appearing in her eyes.

“Say it, then,” he said, slapping her right cheek again. She was clearly crying now.

“Mh…yes,” she said. He left her neck and massaged her shoulders for a while, before taking her face in his hands, again.

“Good girl,” he sad, and spat her lips, as she closed her eyes tight. She opened her eyes again, slowly.

“Lick it off your lips, and eat it,” he commanded her. She did what he said. It tasted weird.

“Open your mouth wide,” he commanded her again. She opened her mouth wide.

“Thooh…Swallow it,” he spat into her mouth and said. It was hard for her, and was almost making her vomit, but she did it.

“Did you swallow it?” He asked her. She nodded yes.

“Show me,” he sad. She opened her mouth. He held her jaw in his right hand and chanced her mouth, moving it to both sides. Once done, he placed his hand back on her left shoulder.

“Good, now get down,” he said as he pushed her to her knees.

Once she was on her knees, he started pushing down his pants, and then his underwear, to expose his now almost fully erect cock.

He took his cock in his right hand, and pressed his gland against her lips, but she kept his lips closed. Her face showed disgust.

“Come on, take it inside,” he said, slapping her right cheek with his left hand a few times. She slowly opened her mouth and pushed his cock all in.

“Ggk, Ggk,” she was gagging as he placed his hands behind her head and started fucking her mouth. His cock tasted somewhat salty, and smelled like sweat.

As she kept gagging, her eyes kept watering, and getting red. After fucking her mouth for a minute or so, he withdrew.

“Oak…thooh,” she gagged and spat a load of saliva to the floor to her left side. He took her chin in his left hand and turned her face towards him.

“Do you fucking whore still want me to get the fuck inside of you, huh?” He asked, as he slapped her right cheek once.

“Aah…yes,” she moaned, and said. He held her hair in his hand and pulled her back to her feet.

He turned her around and released her forearms from his belt.

“Take this shit off,” he said, pulling her clothing up. She moved her arms to help him get it off her.

Once her clothing was completely off her, along with her head cover, he held her left arm in his right hand, turned her around and started unhooking her bra.

Once it was unhooked, he pushed it off he shoulders, saying “throw it away.”

He then bent down and started pushing down her panty. She got outta her panty and he threw it away. She threw her bra to her panty.

He then held her arm, turned her back towards himself, held her neck in his right hand and pushed her to the table.

“Lay,” he said as he pushed her. She fell on the table, hit her back against it and stopped.

Now her upper body was on the table and her lower body was off of it. Her hands were holding the table by its edges on both sides, and her feet were on the floor.

“Pull your legs apart,” he said, slapping her thighs with his right hand.

His dick was out and fully erect, and her pussy was wet and waiting for him. She thought that was it. She was ready for him to penetrate her. She pulled her legs apart.

But instead of getting inside of her, he placed his both hands on the sides of her pussy, and bent down.

“Get inside of me now,” Nishy moaned.

“Shut up…I do what I want, the way I want to,” Joe said to her, looking at her, and looked back at her pussy. She had it shaven.

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“Well, look at that,” she said, rubbing his left thumb on her pussy lips, in rounds.

He placed his mouth on it and started eating it. As she felt his teeth and his lips on her pussy, and his tongue on and inside of it, she felt a sensation, and bent backwards.

“Ahh…Oh god…shit…Oh fuck!” She moaned, tightly shutting her eyes.

She looked back at his head, only to see him eating her pussy, greedily, like he hasn’t eaten in days, making a “mlm, mlm,” sound.

“Oh God…Imma come…Imma come…fuck!” She finally said, as her eyes rolled back, and she came.

She reached her first orgasm right between him eating her pussy, and she came right into his mouth and all over his face.

“Oh God…that’s It, Joe…Get inside of me…I can’t take this anymore,” she moaned. Joe stood up, took off his t shirt and threw it away. Now he was naked, with his pants down around his ankle.

He pulled his foreskin back with his right hand and teased her pussy slit with his gland for a while.

“Come on, Joe, what are you waiting for?” Nishy said, not being able to take it anymore.



He placed his gland on her pussy, held her thighs separately with his hands, and started pushing in, slowly.

As her pussy started getting pulled apart, she felt a pain she never has before.

“Aaay,” she moaned in pain, and he immediately stopped. She looked at his face.

“Why did you stop, Joe?”

“Because you were being hurt, Nishy.”

“So you don’t wanna hurt me?” Nishy asked as he slowly laid on her, and placed his elbows on both sides of her body, near her arms.

“Not if you don’t want me to, Nishy,” he said, running his right hand fingers through her hair. He then kissed her forehead. She accepted his kiss with her eyes closed.

“Do it, Joe. One day I’ll be married off to a man of my own community and he might get inside of me without even turning me on, and I’ll be hurt badly, much…much worse than now,” she said, rubbing his left cheek with her right hand. “Is that what you want me to have, Joe?”

“No, baby. I don’t. I can’t.”

“Then do it, and do it once, now,” she said, and went forth for a lip kiss. He kissed her back.

They deeply kissed each other for a while, and Joe slowly was entering her.

“Mmh,” she moaned, feeling the pain coming from her pussy, but he didn’t hold back because he knew she wanted it.

Finally, by the time he broke the kiss, he was fully inside of her. His balls were resting over her asshole.

“See babe, I’m fully inside of you now,” he said with a smile. She smiled back, softly scratching his chest with her nails.

“Don’t stop there, Joe. You know what to do now.”

As Joe slowly held each of her hands, she also held his hands back, and their fingers were running through those of each other. He then pinned her against the table at once, placing her wrists on the table by the sides of her head.

“Aah,” she hissed as he pinned her.

“Ready?” He asked. She nodded yes with a little smile.

He, saying on the same position, started moving in and outta her.

“Fuck me faster, Joe. Treat me like you treated me before. I like that more,” Nishy said after a while.

He smiled wickedly, and started fucking her fast, angrily. His anger was imminent in his face.

“Imma fucking break you the fuck apart today, bitch…thooh!” He said, and spat at her face. She closed her eyes tight, and opened again. There was his saliva on her lips and around.

He, still fucking her with her hands pinned, went down and started eating her mouth, and she started eating his mouth back. While doing that, he pushed her both hands until they were above her head, and got them both pinned using his left hand. He licked all his saliva off her face. His mouth was now full of it.

He slapped her left cheek, and started pressing his index and middle fingertips into her lips. She took the signal and opened her mouth. He took his fingers away and spat it all into her mouth.

“Swallow it…slut,” he said, slapping her twice on her right cheek, as she gulped it in, with a sound.

Then, pressing on her hands and breaking the kiss, he raised himself up, still fucking her.

He straightened his left arm, grabbed her left tit in his right hand, and increased his pace of fuck.

“Ah, ah, ah…shit!” She moaned as he kept fucking her, squeezing her wrists in his left hand and her left tit in his right. She felt his fingertips almost penetrating into her tit.

She held back. The sexual tension was imminent on her tired face. He kept fucking her as fast as possible.

With each thrust, she felt her tit being pulled towards him. Later, he changed his hand to her other tit, and kept fucking.

“You like it when I squeeze your fucking titties, huh? Huh!?”

“Yes…Aaah!” She said, and moaned, as he slapped her left cheek again.

Later, he paused fucking, let go of her wrists and her tit, straightened himself up, held her thighs near by her pussy, and started fucking her again, this time even faster.

“Aaah…Oh Yes, yes, yes…fuck me harder…Aaah!” She moaned, holding onto the table edge that was behind her head. Her finger nails were carving into the wood.

“Oh God…Oh god,” she said, when he finally stopped after a few hard thrusts. He then stepped away from her.

She didn’t feel any gush inside of her and his cock was still straight. She knew he wasn’t done.

“Stand up…Come here…sit by the board…hold your right thigh in your hand…pull your right leg apart,” he commanded her, one after another, and she did it all.

He pushed the teacher’s chair close to her right foot so she could place her foot on it for balance.

He then came close, stood in front of her, pushed himself into her a grabbed her tits separately in his hands.

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“Aaah,” she moaned as he kept mauling her tits. They both went for the kiss at the same time.

As he got inside of her, he kept squeezing her tits and she threw her arms around his head and pulled him closer.

He kept kissing her, fucking her slowly, until he broke the kiss.

As he broke the kiss, he grabbed her neck with his left hand and slapped her left cheek, and then her right cheek, with his right hand.

“Aah…Aaah,” she moaned each time she was slapped.

“Are you my dirty little whore?”

“Yes. I’m your dirty little whore,” she said as he grabbed her neck with both of his hands and started fucking her again.

Soon enough, he was fucking her with full force and she started to lose breath.

“Coh, coh…Joe, please…” She pleaded, patting his hands and then trying to push his hands off.

He loosened his grip, but still held her neck. He pressed her against the board, and pressed his mouth on hers, kissing her deeply.

Kissing her, he kept fucking her slowly. Later he turned her face towards her right side, grabbed her left tit with his right hand, and kept fucking her, eating her left ear. He was now entering her fast and leaving her slow, and with each thrust, his crotch was hitting against hers.

“Aaah…Aaah,” she moaned with each thrust. She tried to turn her head back towards him, but he simply turned her face back to her right side with more force.

His grip on her tit was increasing with each thrust, and finally it was too much for her. She laid her right hand on his left hand, and he left her tit.

With his cock still inside of her pussy, he left her neck, and suddenly grabbed her both tits again. He bent down and took her left tit in his mouth, and started eating it.

“Aaah…yeah baby…mmch,” she moaned, and kissed his temple, running her right hand fingers through his hair.

Later, he changed to her other tit, and did similar.

He repeated this once again, and by the end, her nipples were fully erect. Her tits were now dripping with his saliva.

He left her and went to the table. He pressed the table against the wall nearby, and placed two chairs on top of it.

“Sit on the table with your pussy right outside of if, and your forearms on both tables. Hurry up,” he said to her.

She positioned herself as he said. He came in front of her, grabbed her tits in his hands separately, and started fucking her again.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she was moaning.

With each thrust, her tits were being pulled downwards.

He fucked her minutes like that, before pulling her into himself by her hip.

“Ah,” she gasped, being pulled into himself. He threw his arms around her body and her arms and held her tight against himself. He grabbed her hair with his right fist and pulled them down, forcing her to turn her face upwards.

“Aaah,” she let out a painful moan as her face was turned upwards. He slapped her right cheek with his left hand.

“Imma leave you like a fucking train wreck by the time I’m done. Did you understand that?” She asked into her right ear, and before she could even answer, she started fucking her again.

“Aah…Yes…I understand that,” she said. He bit her chin, as his pace increased.

“Aaah,” she let out a moan when he bit her chin. He left her chin after a few seconds and went on to bite her right ear, and later, the right side of her neck, still fucking her, holding her tight against himself.

With each thrust, her hair was pulled down, and there was nothing she could do about it, because her arms were held tightly against her own body, with his, which were around hers.

“Rrh, rrh,” he was roaring, with each thrust.

After fucking her in this position for minutes, he withdrew again.

“Come on, lay on the floor on your back,” he said, pulling her by her left hand and spanking her left ass cheek a few times.

She quickly laid on the floor. He laid by her right side, held her right ankle and positioned her leg in such a way that it was bent at its knee and his foot was on the floor, with the knee towards the ceiling. Then he left her leg, got inside of her, and held her tits in his hands, separately. He started fucking her, wildly.

“Rrh, rrh, rrh, rrh.”

“Aah, aah, aah,” her eyes were shut tight, and her mouth was wide open. She was having him pulled towards himself with her right palm, which was on his right triceps. Her left arm was on the floor by her side.

Sometimes, he left her left tit, only to slap one of her cheeks and grab the tit again.




“Aaah,” she moaned each time she was slapped.

Later, he left her tits, grabbed her shoulders tightly and started fucking her with his full speed.

“Oh my Go…od! Oh yes, yes, fuck, fu…uck!” She screamed, with her eyes shut tight, and her mouth wide open.

He was fucking her so fast that their bodies were being slipped against the floor and the hard floor was leaving scratch marks on both of their bodies, mostly on hers.

She opened her eyes and looked at his face. He was fucking her, angrily.

“This is what happens when you turn on the Joe, bitch! This is what you get!” He said as he withdrew again, left her and pushed his cock near her face.

“Here bitch…eat It…eat it all…Aaah!” He moaned as he came all over her face. She closed her eyes as she felt his semen hitting her cheeks, nose and mouth.

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