Nude Indian Bhabhi Fingered By Ex-Boyfriend


It can be quite difficult to forget your first love and lover even after getting married. The case is no different for this Indian bhabhi Urmila who decides to restart her extra-marital relationship with her ex-boyfriend. In these online leaked images, we can see this sexy Haryana bhabhi having an exciting (and risky) time at her house with her ex-lover when her husband isn’t around.

Even though slightly afraid of getting caught, this desi bhabhi gets fully nude as per her ex-bf’s request and lies infront of him with her legs and hairy pussy visible. The bhabhi lovely and big tits makes her ex-bf lose control and he starts feeling, squeezing those boobs in addition to pinching her nipples (something which she always asks him to do).

After playing with the Haryana wife’s boobs and sexy navel for a while, the guy moves toward the bhabhi’s hairy pussy which he hadn’t felt since a long time. Feeling through the pussy entrance, the horny guy then gently inserts his two fingers into his ex-lover’s wet vagina and finger the bhabi continuously for the next 5-8 minutes and makes her cum.

They decide not to go any further that day as the bhabhi realises her husband might be back soon

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3 months ago

Do you want to see more of her