Oh Miss – What A Fuck! – Part 4


We were both naked, pressed together with bodies firmly feeling the skin and heat of each other. Devika moved her mouth on one of my nipples, my hands moved on Devika’s inner thighs. I was struck by how intense it was, how urgent, deep and powerful this sexual wanting went.

Nakedness between us had no color. This can be as news for those who have never been naked with others. Just sleep with another naked human being, just feel it and I promise you, you will die for it. I stared at her beautiful face, beautiful mouth. I wanted nothing more than to taste it.

Her eyes were still closed, and she leaned into me, for me it was permission enough. She lifted her chin up and I swear those lips were magic. Witchcraft. Whatever was there in those lips, it was addictive, juicy. I wanted had to have more. More of this feeling of wanting her.

My mouth came down on hers and that was it. All the self-control we exerted over the past few hours went, like water crashing through a broken dam. Her arms around my neck as I pulled her closer. Her hands firmed against my back, she was on fire, kissing me back as fiercely as I was kissing her.

I clung to her more tightly, knotting my fingers, hands in her hair. She closed her eyes, put her arms around me as I carried her to the bedroom. We were lying in the bed nude. She was holding me fiercely, and I was kissing her madly, it was just so, so intensely good.

Once we got to taste each other mouth, there was a long, sweet slide into mindlessness, between out tongues and lips. Then we broke it all. What I felt was only Devika and all I could hear heard was her sensual breathing. All I could think was, “Oh, God, I want to do this all the time.”

When I turn my face to her, she cupped my face in her hands. She kissed me so deeply that I could not know who is breathing for who. But her mouth and tongue taste like warm honey. I don’t know how long it lasted. The kissing was so intense with desire that it scalded into my veins like fire.

I just wanted her, the lovely Miss Devika. I wanted her around me, beneath me atop me and nothing could stop me now. My greedy eyes remained fastened on that sleek, bare stomach. I was mesmerized by the rise and fall of her huge lumps of hot soft flesh topped with brown caramel with each breath she took.

Phew what a sight it was for my starved eyes. Mastering the art of seduction gives one a great power. A woman who possess this art of seduction with a sense of responsibility and restraint. She is a walking sexual bomb to explode in every man she desires.

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And she was exploding in my arms burning everything this was touching her. She lifted her boobs as she spoke in my ears. She was like an angel and the angel was destroying me. She seduced me with her pure voice, seductive actions.

She stroked her hairs back to look in my eyes, caressed my dick with her fingers, making it irresistible not to fuck her. There we were, filled with pure animal need. I pinned her down to the soft bed, and looking in her eyes. I squeezed her naked hot boobs.

Both of us sweaty and panting, she is screaming. I am grunting, our primal sexual natures piercing the silence of my bedroom. She manipulated my body by her actions, by her antics. Then seductively looking at my terrifying monster. Feeling it in her soft lovely hands made me more desperate to insert my burning prick in her velvet hole.

Women forget all the earlier joy of the most intimate moments of good sex. When they have the next level of best sex with someone else. They just need someone to trigger their hidden fantasies. I held her soft lovely boobs out, juggled them gently. I looked at them and looked in her eyes.

I licked one after the other slowly. She relaxed her head back on the pillow allowing me to play with them. Holding them in my hands I squeezed them to feel their softness as her brown nipples crept out. I rolled my tongue in circles on both her nipples one after the other. They proudly sat on her milky melons.

She withered under my sensual fondling, squeezing of her boobs and gentle licking of her honey dripping nipples. She gently screamed in pain. I got little restless and bit her boobs and nipples, making her hornier. Her hands moved towards my dick. She felt it with her lovely soft hands.

We both were very horny. I had a massive erection. I kept fondling, squeezing her juggling with her boobs and played with her nipples twisting and pinching them. Heat seemed to gather at the place between her thighs. Her boobs were swelling.

They turned hot and firm, her nipples too firmed up and stood out erect. Her body clenched with need as hot blood moved to our most uncomfortable places. We inspired such strong reactions between us. Such outrageous desires. Sitting on the couch laying her legs apart.

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A little dark, little bright and naked in her mind, she kept smiling. Her wicked lusty hazy eyes inviting her prey and her trimmed public hair inviting me to dig deep in her love hole. She kept moving her fingers on my erect dick to feel. Enjoy the firmness and heat of my dick.

My hands again trembled out of sheer excitement as I placed them on her full firm boobs and squeezed them slowly. She pulled me closer to her, moved my head down. Offering her divine melons in my mouth to suck them. I sucked her nipples in gently sucks.

She moaned, “Ahh, yes, Vinay, don’t stop.” She pushed my head firmly on her boobs. Lust has its own force over people, and it makes up do crazy things. I was deeply indulged in Devika’s world. I felt my sensations deep to the marrow of my bones as I kept playing with her boobs.

They were, soft, smooth, creamy and honey-filled. I never felt enough of them in my hands and mouth. I wanted more of them. I could spend the whole day and night playing, sucking, licking, sucking and slapping them. Oh boy, the sheer joy of sucking and savouring them, rolling my tongue in delicate little circles on her nipples was incredible.

I felt I was in heaven. She moved on my lap. I could feel my hard-big dick saluting her from between my thighs. My heart was beating so fast, her magical touch had made me breathe so heavy. My dick was cramped between our legs like a red-hot iron rod.

She caressed it with her hands and said, “Love the size of you little brother, Vinay.” She kissed me again as she sat on my dick to firmly feel its heat on her fiery pussy. She pushed my head back to kiss on my weakest spot my neck. She kissed behind my ear.

On my ear gently flicking her tongue in my ears sending mystic sensations in my whole body. She moved back to my neck and slowly went kissing towards my bare breast. She kissed my nipples, sucked one while pinching and playing with the other one. It sent shockwaves down my body.

I held her tightly in my grip. It was my turn to love her body. I began to softly roll my lips all over her body. Slowly moving, caressing and arousing her more and more. My soft licks on her sensual boobs and on her earlobes were giving goose bumps all over her body.

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I made her sleep on the bed and slowly sensually kissing down her body. My lips were feeling her navel and lower area. My fingers stopping by her already moist mound. I moved back my fingers and lips up her belly and up to her breasts. It wasn’t long before those supple touches turned to tender kisses.

Her hands caressing my hairs and back making her intent clearer. I again started at her neck, moved down her body. Slowly and softly, not missing any part of her body. I moved my face between her boobs sensually licking both her nipples and sucking them.

I was taking my own time enjoying her body so much. When I got down to her legs, she could not resist but open them for me. She slept there not doing anything but just enjoying the sensual awakening of her body. Slowly, delicately kissing her thighs, feet, toes.

I slowly took her small leg fingers into my mouth. It sent wonderful sensations up her body. She tried to hold my head, but I was far away from her reach. She moaned, “Vinay, oh god, yes.” I moved back up her body with the same slow kisses. Kissing on her legs, thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, deeper things.

Oh boy it was getting hotter and hotter. I moved closer and near to her love hole. I just made making sure that when I passed by her fragrant juicy pussy, I gave her a nice little lick and a deep kiss on her love spot. She moaned in absolute delight and caressed my hairs.

We men always get aroused like lightbulb. Hot, horny and naked at a switch of a button and same way cold again in a flash. But women, on the other hand, heat up like an iron. Slowly and steadily. but once she is hot, she sets everything on fire around her.

Devika was heating up. I kept all thoughts aside and concentrated on the delightful job at hand. Fucking a lovely girl as longer as possible.

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