Oh Miss – What A Fuck! – Part 5


Devika was heating up. I kept all thoughts aside and concentrated on the delightful job at hand. Fucking a lovely girl as long as possible. I made my way up to the best part of a women’s body, her boobs. I began to lick and suck them aggressively.

She was loving the lovely tease between the two parts of her body that was also driving me crazy. I kept playing between the two. It was making her so hot and so ready for me. She was wetter and hotter now. I kept squeezing her boobs firmly in my palms.

I sucked her right nipple while twisting, pulling her left nipple and fondling it. I buried my face between her boobs, rubbed my face there. I held her boobs in either hand, hooked it to each other. Rapidly swirled my tongue on both her boobs.

Devika was screaming in delight as I moved to suck her both nipples. I buried my face in her cleavage, squeezed her boobs against my face. She could not hold back and moved her breasts up and down, back and forth across my face. I do not remember how long I played with her hot lovely boobs.

She began to moan loudly. I absorbed one of her nipples in my mouth while tweaking the other between my thumb and finger. Devika threw her shoulders back and began to yell. After feasting on her delicious boobs, I moved down on my way kissing and caressing her stomach, navel and lower area.

I kept kissing and her inner thighs moving all the up to the entrance of her pussy. I kept my mouth just pushing my tongue out to flick it. It was forcing her to moan frantically. I wanted to insert my dick so badly in her pussy. But I kept teasing her.

I again pushed my tongue towards her throbbing hot pussy. She moaned loudly and said, “Vinay, it’s nice, now don’t stop, please fuck me.” The flicking on her pussy made her restless. She could not control herself now. She was shaking and moaning loudly.

I kept on flicking my tongue up and down on her itching pussy while she kept moaning and gripped the bedspread tightly. I could feel her small pussy hair gently prick on my face. I started to push my head on her pussy, licking her gently. She drenched in pleasure and folded her legs up to her thighs.

My face got stuck in between her thundering thighs. My face was getting soaked with her dripping pussy juices. I licked her continuously and softly sending her to another level of joy and ecstasy. She began to sigh, moan and she ground her pussy in my face.

I kissed her thighs, licked, sucked and rolled my tongue on her soft pussy. I started sucking her pussy with renewed vigor. it swirled it with my tongue. She was already dripping down there. I drove my tongue deep in her pussy. I moved my tongue to-and-fro in her pussy, rubbing it all the way deep as far as I could.

She moved her body up, held my head in her hands to caress my hairs caressing my head. She was enjoying the sheer ecstasy of my tongue play with her closed eyes. She was relishing in the pleasure as I sent wave after wave of pleasure through her.

I continued to nuzzle her pussy, nipping it with my teeth. It had become difficult for her to remain calm withstanding all this sexual onslaught. She started moaning loudly, “Vinay fuck me, Vinay, don’t stop, please.” Devika weaved her hands through my hair, pulling my face burying it deeper into her pussy.

My deep appreciative growling sent intense vibrations through her, adding to the already delicious pleasure. Devika spread her legs wide and raised her pussy area to give me total access to her fabulous throbbing pussy. I brought my tongue up across her outer cunt lips.

She thrust her hips up, pushing her pussy into my face. Devika put her legs over my shoulders, putting her heels on my back. She pulled me towards her. I again licked lightly over her pussy as it began to open like a blooming flower. I licked harder. My tongue now going between her outer lips, tasting her nectar.

I licked in circles around her clitoris as Devika began to moan. The taste of her sweet and salty juices was an intoxicating aphrodisiac, giving me ever more vigor and thrill. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy as deep as I could go, flicking it in and out and up and down.

Devika could not hold back now. She was continuously pulling me towards her with her legs. She kept grinding her pussy on to my face. I kept driving my tongue in and out of her love hole as she bobbed her hips. She started making more noises, moaning, groaning and yelling.

She now started telling me to lick, suck and eat her pussy. Devika was shamelessly moaning now in full flow. She had both her hands on my head pulling my hair to keep my mouth closer to her leaking pussy. I kept pushing my tongue in and out of her velvet love pot.

I kept ticking her sensitive clit in my mount. I ferociously sucked, tickled, flicked and rolled her love hole with my mouth. That drove her crazy and she screamed and bucked her hips towards me. She was panting and gasping for breath. Her hips bucked harder against me.

I licked into her pussy with a ferocious force just giving gaps in between trying to look at her expressions on the face. Her breath caught in her throat for a split second. She could not hold back her spectacular ejaculation. In long and audible moan her dam breached squirting out her hot juices.

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I continued to lick her legs and she was moaning loudly. She raised her pussy more majestically and her flood gates opened. Devika’s pussy drenched me with her love juices. We both got more than what we expected. I slept next to her with my hands across her boobs and her legs on my raging dick.

She had intended to arouse me. She was more than successful. She was aware that to rouse a man, women frequently lite up lustful fires that they neither can quench or control without a sensual hard fuck. She felt the evidence of my deep desire, felt my hard, heavy, throbbing reality.

My hard-burning dick pressed against her soft fingers as it kept growing with her very single action on my body. I held her there, senses fully awake, fully aware, for one achingly intense instant. Then my tongue slowly surged, thrusting deep into the softness of her mouth.

She was achingly aware of her tightly furled nipples pressed hard to the wall of my chest. Of the softness of her thighs held intimately against me. Of the relentless, driving passion with which I ruthlessly held her back. She held my dick between her fingers and looked in my eyes.

She said, “I want to feel this fucking me deep.” I felt her fingers moving over my hard dick. I was swept in her world when she said this. Her sensual fucking voice alone able to again make my dick throb. I said, “Oh, is my baby’s pussy ready?” I put my hand on her knee moving it up to her thighs.

She tried to cross her legs. “Yes, and it’s a lot hot, now.” I could smell her now and the dirty little talk. Yeah, it was like adding fuel to fire. “Hot is good. I want that pussy hot and ripe when I start to fuck it.”

Putting my mouth close to her ear, I said, “I’m going to fuck you raw, baby, but you don’t worry. It’s going to feel so good, all you’ll be able to think about to get it back inside you as soon as possible.” Keeping her there, I inserted her tight and deep, screwing her so hard that I could hear only her screams.

I sat on her waist and started to kiss her. I clutched a fistful of her hair and whispered hotly in her ear. “I’m going to get between your thighs and fuck you. I want you to fuck me back riding on my thighs.” She said, “I would love to do that my fucking bastard, what are you waiting for?”

“Every inch of you belongs to me,” I whispered. “From your ears” -I nibbled delicately at one – “to your lips” – another nibble – “to your chest” – a swipe of my tongue at Devika’s fleshy boobs – “to your belly” – a lingering tickle of the tip from my tongue in her belly button.

She kept her hands on my mouth and said, “Bastard your bloody thick long dick is mine,” she pulled me on her. I turned her around took her lips in my lips locking her in a very aggressive lip lock. I moved my hands on her soft ass to pull her closer to making her feel my hot burning dick.

My dick was struck between her thighs. I kept my dick pressing there moving it closer to her pussy. My hands were now squeezing her boobs with a lot more intensity. She moaned. “Ah Vinay, fuck my pussy.” I was going mad and said, “Yes Devika, I will fuck your pussy.”

She applied the pressure back on my dick with her pussy. I kept kissing her boobs moving down and she held my dick rubbing it on her pussy holding me firmly. I kept licking her mouth and tongue with my mouth. She was getting aroused to the core.

She rubbed my dick passionately on her pussy relaxing her back and spreading her legs. I did not stop. I kept licking her hot bouncing boobs and toyed with them. My hands squeezed her boobs hard I pulled them down, rolled them in circles. My dick was at the entrance of her pussy.

This was the first time my dick got a feel of her pussy, this made me hornier. It was all hot and burning. Her intimate passion would burn everything in its sexual journey, she was so hot and fiery. She pulled me up kissing my lips and sucking them taking my full mouth in her mouth.

My dick standing at the entrance. I was getting restless to feel the heat of her pussy. She was also getting restless and aggressive. She held my dick on her entrance and said, “Vinay tear this, put it in, fuck me Vinay please.” I pushed my huge dick in her lovely little pussy hole.

Oh god what a feeling it was, it was so hot, so tight. The feel of her hot skin deep inside made me mad. She spread her legs making more space for a deeper insertion. The push was forceful, her pussy was tight. So tight so hot I could feel it in my veins.

She could feel the pleasure of my dick piercing and throb inside her tight pussy. As my dick pierced her pussy skin my smooth skin on the dick knob was pushed back and stretched. I held her boobs tightly and squeezed them. Devika moaned. I waited for a few seconds and again pushed my dick deep in her pussy.

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I pulled out my firm dick out. She held my waist almost stopping me and said, “Slow and don’t stop, push it in one go.” She had her way of wanting to be pierced. I looked in her eyes and placed my dick on her fuck hole again. I kept pushing it slowly as far as I could.

Let me tell it was bloody, tight, hot and sinfully erotic. Oh man, it was just maddening to the core. The feeling of my dick entering and moving deep inside her pussy in a single flow was bloody so painful and enjoyable. She looked in my eyes and said “Yes my love. Don’t stop. I want to feel the pain again.”

I moved down of the bed, pulled her to the corner and kept her legs on my shoulders. I stood on the floor and her legs wide stretched. I could see her glistening pussy fluffing to get fucked hard. I held her by her waist and again pushed it as per her liking.

Then finally inserted it deeper by a hard thrust. She raised herself and moaned. I again pulled out, pushed smoothly inside her and again ended it with a jerk. My hands moved to her boobs to slap them. I slapped her boobs, pinched and pulled out her nipples.

She pulled me down slapped me gently saying, “Fucker, fuck me tight and hard.” Without any notice or instructions, I started to thrust my dick deep in her pussy. Devika moaned loud as the penetration was harder and deeper. The brutal force or my insertion was too much to handle.

She held me tightly as I leaned on her to suck her lovely boobs. The tightness of heat and pain inside her made me mad. She closed her eyes under my fierce onslaught. Her boobs were moving up down with her heavy breathing and the hard fucking below.

I pulled out my dick rubbed it hard on her pussy lips. I again thrust it back in a single forceful jerk. She screamed and her mouth was wide open in shock. She wanted more of it. I kept pulling my dick and rubbed it and slapped her pussy with my dick. I kept pushing it back more fiercely.

I kept fucking her at varying speeds. I again sucked her lips almost bit her. She kept moaning. She was in a different world. After all, she was feeling the pleasure of experienced, hot, thick dick. She was fully enjoying, relishing in the pleasure to her full satisfaction.

I held her by her waist and started to fuck her faster and harder. I kept feasting on her body like a hungry dog. Eating her boobs, sucking her boobs, licking her nipples, rolling my tongue on her nipples, piercing her pussy and squeezing her boobs hard in my hands. She moaned like mad.

I thrust my dick deeper and deeper into her hot love hole in fast long strokes. Her mouth and eyes pooped out with my every thrust on her pussy and squeeze on her hot tight melons. The expressions of her face, her horny moaning, her hot body, the lust in eyes said it all.

I kept pushing my dick the deepest corners in her tight pussy. The feeling of my hot long piece of meat moving in her pussy was incredibly awesome. I increased the pressure in the want of going as deeper as possible. I left her legs and she relaxed them on the edge of the bed.

I held her by her waist and increased the force and speed of my drilling on her burning pussy. Her body rocked back and she held me by my neck. I started to feel her build up as she thrust back her pussy vigorously making her pounding fiercer. Devika was pushed back due to the force of the intense pounding.

I pulled her back to the edge of the bed. I held both her hands firmly thrusting my dick deeper and harder in her pussy. She closed her eyes, wrapped her legs around my waist. I released her hands and toyed with her boobs squeezing them with a lot of intensity. I could feel my pressure of release building up.

I continued to drill my cock in and out of her pussy into greater depths, forcing it inside her burning tight cunt to the hilt. She felt her intense arousal building. The assault of my forceful humps in her pussy and sexual squeezes and flicks on her boobs and nipples took her to the next level of enjoyment.

She kept moaning loudly as her juices kept flowing. I continued to pound her pussy with my hard dick. I started to moan in more frantic growls. The blood of my entire body ran down to my lower half making my dick throttle with more aggression. My thrusts on her pussy became faster and more furious.

I could feel my lovely Devika’s release building deep inside her. I stopped and in a swift move pulled her down from the bed. She stood there with her boobs handing and pussy dripping. I quickly pushed her one leg up and placed it on the dressing table making her stand in front of the mirror.

This breather to change position stalled our impending explosions for a few more minutes. She moved her hands around my neck as I rubbed my dick on her pussy to pierce it into her dripping love hole. She moaned as she held her hands more tightly around my neck.

She screamed as I kept teasing her by pushing the tip my dick and pulling it back. Every time she thought I would push it in I would pull it back. She took my mouth in hers and forced my dick deep in her again. I began to pound into her. The intense maddening kissing and licking of lips continued.

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I began thrusting deep inside her. I felt how hot and desperate we got as she shook herself vigorously. I rammed my dick deeper into her pussy. She couldn’t help but moan loudly under the intense pounding. I turned her face towards the mirror.

She looked in the mirror and took one hand from my neck and kept it on the mirror taking its support to stand. She pushed her head back in delight and moaned. I kept fucking her harder with my hands firmly holding her waist and pulling her closer with my every hump.

She put both her hands on my neck again as I pushed hard deep inside her. I buried the entire length of my long piece of hot meat deep in her with my every stroke. She closed her eyes as I pumped her with all my left energy. I pull her from her lovely ass and pulled towards me.

I punched my dick in and out of her hot hole continuously. She held my face in her palms and looked deep in my eyes. She moaned, “Vinay, fuck me, fuck me.” That drove me crazy. “Yes, Yes, fuck you, my bitch,” I screamed with my maddening, forceful humps on her.

Ruthlessly I kept thrusting my whole dick into her butchered pussy faster and deeper. She could not hold the pressure and tried to push me back. I held her tightly from her ass. I fucked her faster pushing my dick in out of her fiery pussy. She desperately clung on my neck as I further pushed her legs aside.

She stood there by holding my neck and mirror with whatever strength she had. She looked in my eyes in utter disbelief and shook her head in pain. I squeezed both her boobs and moved my mouth down to suck and bite them hard. She closed her eyes as I fucked her with full vigor.

I could feel my balls slap up against her bottom. I continued to pound her. My speed of fucking increased as I held her firmly and kept hitting her in deep punches. I felt my release building up. I told her, “Devika, I want to cum.” I increased my speed to full throttle.

Her boobs jumped in every direction and faster up and down as her pussy walls too broke she started to leak. She looked at my face expressing the very pain and pleasure of feeling every inch of my dick assaulting her hot wet pussy. The feeling and sound of my hard dick making its way in and out were incredible.

I pulled her hairs kissed her neck as I began my final plunge in the depths of her pussy. She looked enraged in disbelief as I kept fucking her more forcefully. I felt my build-up. My body firmed and so my grip on her. I grabbed onto her waist, moving her against my burning dick.

I could feel my pressure build-up. She looked up to me and bit my lips as I squeezed her boobs hard. Her nipple pushed out, I bit both of her nipples gently chewing them. Again, I squeezed her boobs and bit her nipples. She slapped me back as I pounded into her.

Her body began to tense up as we both headed to our imminent release. She could not hold back. Her resistance broke as her pussy broke free releasing a stream of juices. I increased my speed and kept pounding her as even I could not hold my releases anymore.

The pleasure of releasing after an intense pounding now gripped her whole body and her soul. I kept pushing every inch of my dick into her already butchered pussy. She held me tight as she moaned loudly. She kissed my lips she buckled under the pressure of her imminent release.

In a few deep hard strokes, I could not hold anymore we released almost at the same time. I shot my hot lava deep in her pussy. She pulled me close and held me tight and buried her face in my chest. I could feel her pussy muscles firm and twitch around my cock.

I shouted, “Miss, I am coming,” and I shot my hot load of cum deep inside her. We moaned and hugged each other as we released our juices in multiple waves. Our entire load erupted and swept through our bodies. We held each other tightly kissing our lips.

I kept my dick deeply buried in her pussy for a few minutes, taking our time to recover from the intense and tiring session. We both fell on the bed lost to the outer world. We remained in that position for a few minutes. We were tired, nude, drenched in sweat, hungry for food and sex.

After a few minutes, she moved on top of me sleeping on me and asked me, “Sir can I take tuitions at night?”
“Yes, an evening for son and night for me,” I said.

She kissed my lips and said, “Once in a week at my place or your place?”
I asked her “And what about the fees, madam?”
She applied pressure on my dick and said, “A piece of your meat is good enough.”

We started kissing each other for our next session.

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