Omegle Chat And Steamy Sex Sessions


Hi, this is Sam again. I wasn’t supposed to write this story so soon but I had got an overwhelming response on my first story so I just had to write it. However, I want to make one thing clear is that I get a lot of messages asking for the contact information of the women in my story.

Do keep it in mind that I won’t give their contact information. I had some guys even offering to give me money to divulge her pics and information. I am not going to do that even if you tempt me with money so just forget about it. It’s a matter of trust.

Anyways, let’s continue with the story.

About me: I am a 24-year-old guy around 5’10” in height, lean/athletic build, medium to fair complexion. My dick is around 7 inches when fully erect.

So, actually this story was in 2016 when I was doing my Bachelor’s in college. I was 21 at that time and had been living with some flatmates who also happened to be in the same college. This was in Kolkata and I was totally new there.

So, as a young guy with budding hormones, my flatmates introduced me to a site called Omegle where you could text and video chat with strangers. I used to use that site a lot especially after my semester exams were over. There were mostly guys flashing their wieners on camera but there were a few girls too.

On text chat, the number of girls were much more since they could be anonymous. After a while, I found out that you could put some interests on Omegle like ‘Kolkata’ or ‘India’ and you would get connected to the person with the same interest. I decided to try this out and did get the contacts of some girls but they weren’t really my type.

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Then one day, I connected with a girl who was 23 back then in 2016 and the chat went like this –

Her: Hi, F 23
Me: M 21, what’s up ?
Her: Nothing much. Are you horny?

Me (thinking to myself): This must be a trap set by her or she is probably a guy impersonating a girl and pretending to be one.

Me: No, I am not horny right now.

Her: Thank God! I wanted someone to talk with.

So the chat continued for 5 minutes and we exchanged out contact information. We spoke on Hangouts and she had a soothing voice and we would talk for many days. Keep in mind that she had never shared her selfie till now with me but always asked for my pics. Sorry for digressing, let’s get back to the story.

One day, she randomly called me and asked me to meet her. We met in the evening and she was wearing a normal kurti. She was around 5’5″ in height, wheatish skin and had an average face. But her body was voluptuous and like an hourglass figure. She was a quintessential butter face.

We went to a café and spoke a lot. She wanted to go for a movie and I agreed. Once seated in the theatre, we were watching the movie for around 5 minutes and then she started holding my hands.

Things went further and we kissed. She was running her hands all over my chest. Then she put her hand inside my pants and started feeling my penis. I wanted to screw her and remove her top off there and then but I remembered that PVR cinemas had infrared cameras which can capture everything even if it was dark.

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So, I told her that and she immediately adjusted herself. She told me to come back to her house since her husband had gone to Delhi on a business trip and won’t be back until 2 days.

As we entered her house, I slammed the door and removed off her clothes till she was in her lingerie. I removed her bra and started playing with her huge burger nipples. They were 32D in size and were lovely to motorboat.

I licked her all over her body and removed this married girl’s panties too. Her pussy wasn’t that good looking (it looked mutilated but I didn’t show any sign of disgust). But her ass was round and bubbly. I kissed it and spanked it a lot. I ordered her to blow me and she blew me for almost 10 minutes.

Then I placed my cock on her pussy lips and teased her till she begged me to enter. She was on her safe cycle so I could cum inside her too.

The vaginal sex was good but I wanted her big ass more. I made her stand in doggy style and entered her slowly from behind. It was almost impossible to enter so I had to lubricate her ass and my dick with some vaseline. And after 2 attempts, my dick went inside her tight butthole.

I kept ramming her 10 minutes and I could hear the ‘puch puch’ sounds reverberating from the room. After that, she brought some kheer from the kitchen and started smiling.

She placed my erect penis inside it and started blowing my penis with the kheer over it! Gosh, it felt so good having cold kheer over my penis with her lips over it sucking it like a lollipop.

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Within minutes, I came in her mouth and we took a break. After around half an hour I again started caressing her boobs and banging her huge ass which was shaped so nicely.

She told me that her husband was a homosexual and he had married her as his family thought it would be an embarrassment if the world came to know about his sexuality.

I banged her every almost every four days and this continued for two months. After that, she introduced me to her homosexual husband and I have banged her in front of him while he sat there and enjoyed us like a voyeur.

This kinky relationship continued for a year and a half until I had to move back to Mumbai since my graduation was complete. Since then we haven’t been in contact since it wouldn’t be a point to be in touch with a woman who was in a different city.

Well people, this is my story. Hoped you like it, if you did please share it and give it a thumbs up. If you didn’t like it, then you are always free to point out what irritated you in the comments section or you can contact me on [email protected]

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