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Hey friends, this is my first story in this site. I’m reading stories on this site since 2 yrs and now got chance to put my story in it. I hope you all like my story sorry for any spelling mistake few days back I had a chat with a girl on omegle and slowly it turned into sex chat.
Stranger: hi

You: hey

You: asl
Stranger: 19 f UK
You: 20 m usa
Stranger: cool

You: I’m erik
Stranger: I’m Lisa or Liss
You: wow
You: nice name dear

Stranger: thanks
You: nice to meet you ma’am

Stranger: you too
You: so, what u up to?
Stranger: nothing, you?
You: me to nothing

Stranger: cool
You: any boyfriend?
You: Lisa?
Stranger: no, do you have a girlfriend?

You: no
Stranger: that sucks
You: that’s cool
You: why?

Stranger: cause well, you don’t have a gf idk
You: I was having a girlfriend earlier but she ditched me
You: 🙁
Stranger: why?

You: she got crush on some1 other
You: she was great flirt
Stranger: that must suck then
You: yeah
Stranger: so

You: so what?
Stranger: watch want to do
You: m getting little hot
You: you say what should we do?

Stranger: mmm idk you decide
You: hot chat?
You: what you say
Stranger: sutr

You: okay
Stranger: sure
You: what you wearing?
You: 😉

Stranger: thong, mini skirt, tube top no bra
You: ohhh it feels hot

Stranger: yup
You: what is your bra size?
Stranger: c cupped
You: can you please tell measurement ma’am
You: 🙂

Stranger: not until you tell me your measurement
Stranger: 😉
You: my dick is 6.5 inch
You: 😉
You: and about 3.5 cum thick

You: 😉
You: now you tell Lisa.
You: 🙂
Stranger: 36 C

You: wow
You: I love it
Stranger: yup and I love your measurement too
You: thanks

You: and what about your panty size?
You: 😉
Stranger: and why would you want to know that?
You: I’m imagining your body sweetheart

You: say na please
Stranger: well, they are 7 (L)
You: Lisa I want to yell you something
You: tell

Stranger: what?
You: you can make any guy crazy for you
You: really
You: you’re too hot and sexy

Stranger: thanks
You: my dick has got very hard thinking of you
You: just want to lick your pussy hole and ass
Stranger: mmm then tell me more about you so I can get wet
You: I’m 5’9

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You: well built
You: black hair
You: fair

You: athletic body
You: with a dick which con satisfy any girl
You: 😉
Stranger: mmmm

Stranger: 😉
You: just want to lick your whole body
Stranger: I just want to suck you.

You: specially pussy and anus
Stranger: mmm
You: mwwwahhh
You: <3

Stranger: smiling
You: let’s play a role play
You: what you say
Stranger: yes! You start

You: okay
You: your alone at home
Stranger: yes
You: I came to deliver a TV at your house

You: and u r going for bath
Stranger: mhmmm
You: this is the scenario
Stranger: okay

You: so can we star
You: start
Stranger: yup you go first
You: I ring your door bell
You: ding dong

Stranger: I was in the bath and did not hear, though, I left the front door unlocked
You: I enter in the room
You: and m searching for someone
You: present in house

You: I keep the TV at corner and enter further
You: and reach the bathroom door
You: door
Stranger: I hear something near the door, but ignore it

You: I knock the door
You: hey
You: is there anyone
Stranger: I don’t hear so I don’t answer.

You: I just open the letch of the door
You: and find you taking bath facing other side
You: you say what you’re doing in the bathroom

Stranger: I am washing my pussy and boobs
You: I saw you doing that and get hot
You: I enter in and hold you from behind
Stranger: I gasp

You: enter
You: u r really awesome babe
Stranger: mmmm you too
You: I kissed you on neck

You: and press your tits
Stranger: I moan loudly
Stranger: loudly
You: I turns you and get down and sucks your pussy

Stranger: I moan and fiddle with my boobs
You: I’m sucking harder and deeper
Stranger: imp moaning and tugging your hair, about to cum
You: I entered a finger in hole and still sucking

Stranger: I cum violently on your finger and tongue
You: I drank your whole cum
Stranger: I moan loudly
You: and then I took you in my arms

You: and throw you on your bed
Stranger: I lay there with my legs and arms sprawled out licking my lips
You: I came on you and start smooch you
You: deep kiss

You: wet kiss
You: your boobs are pressing by my chest
Stranger: I moan and take off your shirt
You: I sit beside you

Stranger: l slowly un zip and un bottom your pants.
You: aaahhhhh
You: I hold your hand and keep it on my hard dick
You: above my boxers

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Stranger: I groan and start to take off your boxers
You: I stand and let you take out my boxers
Stranger: i stand up with you before getting on my knees and licking the head of your dick
You: ohhhh
You: I’m moaning

Stranger: I wrap my whole mouth around is and start bobbing my head and sucking while I play with your balls with my hands
You: I hold your head entered my whole dick in your mouth
You: and start to fuck your mouth

Stranger: I moan and let you while I still play with your balls
You: I increased my speed
You: I’m going to cum now

Stranger: I moan feeling that you’re about to come
Stranger: cum
You: I cum in your mouth

Stranger: I swallow it all before moaning
You: now I lay you on the bad and turn you
You: and sucks your anus
Stranger: l moans and back my hips

You: I suck for 15 minutes
You: and then again turns you and come above you
You: and start kissing you and pressing your boobs

Stranger: mmm just fuck me already and I moan
You: I keep my penis on your pussy and rub it
Stranger: k

Stranger: I moan loudly
You: now I slowly enter my dicks head in your pussy
Stranger: l moan fuck
You: now I gave a stroke little harder and my half dick goes in

Stranger: I moan deeper!
You: I now gave 1 harder stroke and my whole dick goes in
You: tearing your pussy walls

You: I start to pump slowly
Stranger: I moan loudly
You: up down up down
You: now I increase my speed

You: and kissing you madly
Stranger: fuck harder
You: I’m telling you I love you
Stranger: I say I love you too

You: I’m fucking you harder and faster
Stranger: if moan and feel my walls clench
You: now I change our positions and you come and sit above me
You: on my dick

You: I’m below you
You: and you’re riding my dick
Stranger: if bounce up and down letting you watch my boobs
You: I hold your boobs and press them hard

You: really very hard
Stranger: I moan and cum
You: after you cum I again change our position as before
You: and continue my fuck

You: continue
You: I cum
You: in your womb
Stranger: I cum again

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You: we are lying on the bed kissing and cuddling each other
Stranger: I wrap my arms around you
You: I kiss u on your forehead chick, neck
You: and finally on your lips

You: I Love you
You: I say
Stranger: I love you too I say
You: then I say you to suck my dick again

You: as I want to enter my dick in your anus
Stranger: I moan before sliding lower and dragging my tongue up and down your shaft before sucking it
You: I’m pressing my dick deep in your throat
You: and now it has grown to its full

You: I say you to be in doggy style
Stranger: I get down on my hands and knees in doggy style
You: I go behind you and once again kiss and suck your anus to lubricate it
Stranger: I moan loudly

You: I put my dick’s head on your anus and push it in
You: it’s tight
You: I took some oil and put it in your anus

You: I again put my dick on the hole and push it
You: now it’s going in
You: slowly

You: I gave a hard stroke and enters your anus whole
You: and start fucking
Stranger: aaahhhh I’m moaning very loudly
You: I hold your boobs hard and pump your anus faster and harder, I’m going to cum babe

Stranger: cum in my hole honey
You: I’m cuming, I cum in your whole
stranger: uuumm
Stranger: we lay on the bed and slept because we got very tired
You: after 2 hours we woke up and fucked each other once more

Stranger: after that we washed each other and wear our clothes
You: I fixed the TV, took your number and went
stranger: I called you next day and we fix to marry
Stranger: we soon marry each other and leave happily and with full on sex.

You: so sweetheart hear our conversation got over.
Stranger: Erik I’m wet and I really loved to talk to you.
Stranger: can I get your mail id.

You: sure babe, its [email protected]
Stranger: I will mail you soon
You: bye sweetheart

Stranger: bye
Stranger: love you
You: love you too

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