One Day With Nisha’s Mom


Hello, friends, this is Rahul again with a new story. I hope you are doing well and enjoying at home in the lockdown period. I am also enjoying the same at my home.

The main lead of this story is my Facebook friend Nisha and her mother. Nisha is living exactly in our opposite apartment in which I was living. So I usually stare at her in free time from the balcony. She also stared at me sometimes and giving an attitude look.

So this looking at each other went on for a few days. After that, as I know her full name, I searched her on Facebook. I sent a friend request to her which she accepted. After that usual talk started between us about each other. After a few days, we exchanged a contact number and now became a good friend.

Now let me introduce her. She is 22 but a very talkative girl. She has a big ass and huge breasts. As she became very friendly one day she invited me to her home to listen to music. I went there and stayed for 2 hours almost. Then on that day, we talked a lot at night.

I told her that I want to kiss her while music was playing. For which she did not reply. After a few days again when nobody was there at home she invited me. While playing music, I remind her about our last talk on which she didn’t say anything. I kissed her first on the cheeks and then on the forehead.

Then I am looking continuously at her eyes. She instantly kissed on my lips we both held each other for a long kiss. While we were busy with our kissing her home doorbell rang. So we broke off the kiss and I see her mother was there. I was afraid but Nisha told that I am her friend who comes to talk to her.

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After that Nisha introduce me to her mom. Let me introduce her mom. Her name is Chhaya. She is a working woman. She works in shifts. But she has a very well maintained figure compared to her daughter, a complete 34 size boobs 30 waist and round sexy ass.

That day I, Nisha, and her mom talked for a while and I left. After that day my regular visit to her house started. After 2-3 meetings with her mom, I started to be attracted to her mom. So usually I talked with her about her work and praised her.

I sent her mom a friend request on Facebook. She accepted and we started to chat from that day regularly. One evening Nisha’s mom called me to her home for music. I thought Nisha must be there so maybe she told her mom to call me.

But when I reached there what I see is nobody is at home except for her mom.
She was wearing a black t-shirt and black leggings underneath. She looked extremely hot in that outfit. As always I praised her a lot. And this time I praised her body. How she maintained this after so many years.

For which I saw blushing on her face. Then I told her to start a piece of music. The music went on romantic and I requested her to dance with me. Initially she resisting but after a while, she agreed for 5 minutes only. I held her one hand with my hand and another hand on the waist.

Omg, what a body she has. I just can’t resist myself. We went on dancing which she also enjoying a lot. After five minutes of dance, I gave her a hug which she accepted without resisting. So I considered it a green signal. So I bent on my knees and holding her hand, gave a kiss on her hand.

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She started to blush more. Now I held her by the waist and planted a kiss on her lips. She too took part with me and started enjoying smooching. We both smooched each other for a long time. Then I lifted her and took her to the bedroom.

She removed my t-shirt and started to kiss my bare chest and she loves to feel the hair on my body. Then I also removed her t-shirt and started to kiss her neck and shoulder. I started to fondle her breast over her bra. She is enjoying this too much.

Now I unhooked her bra and her 34 size boobs. I squeezed them, pressed them, and sucked them like a baby. She is moaning like hell and wanted me to do more. I again pressed her buttocks and removed her leggings now. She is only in black color panty looking at which I become so horny.

I started to plant a kiss all over her body. I kissed from head to toe. Then I kissed her over her thighs for which he held my hairs in excitement. I kissed her navel and roll a tongue there. I kissed her several times and she became too excited by this.

Now she removed my pant and slid her hand in my underwear. She held my dick, pampered slowly first, and now she started to stroke it. I become too aroused by her activity. Then I again went for her navel kiss and started to kiss her on the waist.

I removed her panty now. I can see her hairy pussy in front of me. I touched there she is wet. I rubbed her pussy for some time. She started to moan heavily and told me to enter inside. I inserted my two fingers inside her pussy. She jumped in excitement.

I kiss over there and rolled my tongue over there. She was moaning heavily out of excitement. Now she told me to enter at that moment only. I put my erect penis at the entrance and then slowly slid it in. Omg, what a feeling it was. I stroked my penis inside her and started to fuck her now rapidly.

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She was moaning with my name. I fucked her for about 10 minutes and she told me to release inside. I loaded my cum in her pussy and she became content with that. She told me that her husband never gave her oral sex before that. So she was happy with my oral sex.

After this incident, this goes on frequently whenever she is at home alone. And her daughter my friend Nisha doesn’t know about this still.

I hope you all like my story. Don’t forget to comment and to give a review. And for my fans, I am in Gujarat so mail me at [email protected]

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