Oops! What happened to Me? – Part 1


Well, it all started a few years ago innocently. My sister is around 7 years younger than me. My brothers and sisters had come over to my house in the month of May for their holidays. Well everyone lived nearby, but still, it felt special with so many people in the house.

We were playing games, enjoying, watching movies and what not! So here is how it all started. My cousin as she was the youngest was a bit afraid of horror movies. Upon insisting a lot, she agreed to watch it with us. The movie was ‘It’.

What we brothers decided was that each brother will sit beside a sister. So that no two sisters are seating beside each other. It was just a way to frighten them more in case of horror scenes. Also, we had shut off all the lights and the room was made pitch dark.

The movie was on prime video. I had switched on the home theater to get the maximum effect of scariness for everyone. I sat beside my youngest sister. I knew from the start that she would just be hiding her face and closing her ears every now and then. Well, that is exactly what happened.

From the start of the movie, she was scared. The movie was going fine, and everything was normal. I and my brothers were playing pranks on our sisters from time to time to scare them. But then something happened, and the scene was quite freighting.

My sister just took my hand in hers and then pulled me closer to her. Well, she had just turned 19 years then and had developed an ample amount of breasts. My hand directly was placed by her on her breasts. A shock ran through me, and I tried to pull my hand away as a brotherly instinct.

But she just held my hand tightly and didn’t leave it. Well, to tell the truth, till that time, I hadn’t touched any breasts, and this was my first time getting a feel of them. They were so soft, and my hand felt really nice around them. Now my whole attention was on the softness of her breasts.

I was not able to concentrate on the movie at all. One more thing I noticed was that, because of fear, her nipples had hardened, and I could feel them on my hands. This was way too much for me to handle and my dick had started straining by then.

Also, when the shots were not that scary, she still kept my hand towards her breasts. I was completely in a state of trance and didn’t know when the movie came to an end. The last scene was a horror scene and she had held my hand very tightly and close to her breasts.

Once the movie was over my brother switched on the light, and I then came to my senses. My dick was hard, and I just folded my legs, so as no one notices it. My sister had already told me that she didn’t want to watch the movie because it will just scare her. But at my insistence, she watched it.

Well, now I was going to get a good beating from her. The same thing happened. She got up and started hitting me with pillows. I tried to avoid and ran into the adjoining bedroom, but she didn’t leave me. All the others were laughing at us. Once in the bedroom, I tried to dodge the pillow fight.

I moved forward to take the pillow, which was on the bed, but she sensed it and then pulled it towards her. In all this, I fell on the bed upside down. She again started hitting me with the pillow she just got, as it was bigger than the one on the sofa.

As I was getting hit on the back, I didn’t mind it. But she was intelligent, she said, “I am not going to hurt your bro on your back, turn now or I am really going to hurt you bad.” As I had an erection still, I didn’t want to turn back and embarrass myself. But she was in no mood to listen.

She came and sat on my hips and started hitting the pillow on my head. After hitting a few times very hard, I tried to reason with her and tell that it wasn’t really that horror and the scenes were quite okay. But then “BAM!” The pillow hit my front face and some dust went into my eyes.

So, I just tried to flip because of it. I didn’t really understand the consequences of flipping. I flipped and she was now directly sitting near my crotch area. I immediately hated turning, but now nothing was possible. She started hitting me with the pillow and I started wriggling to get out of that position.

But this just created a much worse situation, and she was now directly sitting on my crotch area. She immediately became aware of the thing poking her. She just froze there while hitting and didn’t understand what to do. I don’t know how much time we were in that position.

But she just snapped at her name being called by my other brother. She just ran away from there. I didn’t know how to react to the situation. Because I knew that now she was fully aware of what was poking her. I just went to the bathroom, relieved myself and joined the others.

I was very embarrassed and so was she. We didn’t talk that whole evening. I didn’t know if she would tell anyone about it, because if she did, I was going to get a lot of scolding from the elders. I was very afraid and was trying for a chance to talk to her and say sorry to her.

In the next part, I will describe what happened later. How we got back to talking to each other after this unusual incident.

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