Passionate Sex With My Wife – Part 1


Howdy, all!! Having a great sex life?? This is an absolutely real sex story involving me and my own wife. I am a 46-year-old man and working as a CEO in a reputed company. So, naturally, I am very rich. My wife is also 46 years old. She used to work before but now she stays at home.

My wife is a typical high-class woman but at the same time, very traditional too. She mostly wears sarees but sometimes suits too. At night, she wears nightgowns.

We also have a result of our love as our 17.5-year-old son, even though we have been married for almost 17 years and 11 months. This is because ours was a love marriage and I fucked her a lot before marriage.

I can never forget that week 6 months before our marriage. We were on a trip together and all we did was to fuck. I fucked her at least thrice a day and filled her pussy with loads of cum during those days.

We never used condoms before marriage. So, she got pregnant and we got married after that. I still become horny after remembering those days.

However, slowly and steadily both of I and my wife lost interest in sex. I became busy in my business and she got busy with bringing up our kid. We were only having sex once a month or even less.

Recently, about 6 months ago, I thought it was necessary to talk to my son about sex after he was over 18 years old. As I approached him, he became very frank with me. He told me that he and his girlfriend have already had oral sex. I was shocked by this but could do nothing.

He then asked me about our sex life. He told me that he has heard his mom screaming loudly in our room at night. I was embarrassed to share the details with him. But I also thought of it as a chance to seek suggestions from a younger generation guy to revive my sex life.

I asked him, “Son, what should I do to spice up our sex life and make your mom happy?”.

He answered, “Dad, make mom look sexy for you. Your mood will be set.”

I liked the idea. The next week, I and my wife had to attend an official party of my boss. So, at the weekend we thought to go and purchase some new saree for her.

As I went with my wife to the mall, I suggested her to change her style from saree to something more modern. She asked me why. I asked, “Why not try jeans and top?”

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She said, “But I have never ever worn jeans in my life.”

“That’s why I am saying. The wives of all my colleagues are modern and wear modern dresses to such parties.”

My wife hesitantly agreed. But then she said, “In my ladies group, I have seen ladies wear jeans-top on casual occasions. I think it would not be right for a formal party.”

I agreed to this. So we started looking for full-length western gowns. But here I suggested my wife to go for a short dress. She refused me clearly. But on my persuasion, she bought a sexy semi-transparent sleeveless black dress that ended at her knees.

I was happy to see my wife in that new sexy avatar. There were still 5 days for the party. So, I did a naughty thing. I secretly took that dress and stitched its lower ends to make it around 4 inches shorter. Now, I thought I would make the mood for memorable sex.

On the day of the party when my wife came out of the dressing room wearing that dress, my dick started saluting her instantly. She didn’t even realize that it had got shorter and it ended just below her thighs. She was very shy to reveal her sexy legs and that looked really good.

We went to the party. All my colleagues were also shocked to see my wife in such a sexy attire. Their wives were being jealous too.

Then we enjoyed the card game. As my wife was sitting opposite to me with all the ladies, she crossed her legs and kept it at a raised level. Her black panty was clearly visible from the front. Her dress had actually become too short.

I signaled her to come to the washroom in 5 minutes. As my wife came to the washroom, I immediately pulled her close, pushed her dress up, pulled her panty down, opened my pant zip, and started fucking her! In less than 5 minutes, I came. It was a quickie but we enjoyed it thoroughly.

My wife was shocked to see me getting so much excited that day.

Then we came back home and slept.

The next day, it was the weekend and we decided to go shopping again. This time, I insisted my wife to buy only modern clothes like jeans and top, short dresses, etc.

The saleswoman suggested my wife to try some tight jeans or jeggings (ultra tight jeans). My wife had very sexy curves, so the jeggings looked perfect on her.

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We immediately bought 2 pairs of jeggings and 2 pairs of half-length capris for my wife. I thought myself to be very lucky to fuck this maal.

The next day was Sunday. I and my wife with our son decided to go to a 5-star hotel to have dinner. I urged my wife to wear those sexy pink jeggings with a white top. My wife wore them. She also wore a locket over it which pointed to her sexy cleavage.

Her thick eyeliner and lip gloss just added to her sexiness. Her white top ended just above her belt. So from behind her ass shape looked so sexy in those tights and it made me too horny. I could not wait for the following night.

As we ordered dinner, I and my wife also ordered some wine. My wife was not used to drinking, so she became a little tipsy after it. I was perfectly fine.

After dinner, we went back home. On my way, I bought a pack of Durex mutual climax condoms to fuck my sexy wife.

As soon as we reached home, I ordered my son to go and sleep.

We went to our bedroom hand in hand and sat on the bed. My wife asked me why I was in an excited mood. I answered her, “Let’s enjoy this night”.

With a smile, my wife bent forward to lip-lock with me. I immediately started kissing her and biting her on the lips. I had grown wild by then. I started biting her lower lip (love bites). That left a mark below her lips. She took off her glasses and kept them aside.

Then, my wife laid on her back on the bed while I was above her, kissing her lips passionately. I saw that her nipples had become large and pointed.

I removed her locket first. Then, I opened the zip of her top from behind. All this while, we were still making out. Now, my wife was only in her red-colored bra and pink pants. I unhooked her bra and her boobs jumped out.

I started licking and sucking my wife’s boobs like a baby. I even left some marks around her boobs and gave her love bites there.

Meanwhile, she undressed my shirt and vest and made me topless. She was also touching me here and there sexily and sucking my chest to give me love bites.

Then I took the charge. I opened the button of her jeans and started to slowly unzip her pants. I started pulling her pants off (I must tell you that it is very difficult to pull off these tights).

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I had merely dropped my wife’s jeans to her knees when I also pulled her panty off to reveal her lightly haired pussy. I saw that my wife had worn a sanitary pad which meant she was on her periods. I was now even more excited to fuck her!

I made her completely nude. She also undressed my pants and underwear, revealing my tool. I had grown up a good amount of pubic hair. My dick had grown to be about 5-6 inches (which is a very good length) by now.

My better-half took the charge now. She laid me down on the bed and started giving me a blowjob by almost gulping my whole dick into her mouth. I am not even sure if my dick touched her throat. Actually, my wife rarely gives blowjobs. But this time, she was just way too aroused and excited.

I held her by the shoulders and was moaning as she sucked my balls and gave me the best ever feeling. When I felt I was about to cum, I retracted my dick from her mouth and splashed my whole cum on her face. I literally gave her a cum-bath.

A line of thick white juicy cum was there from her hair to her forehead and till her mouth. My wife looked like a real sexy slut. Then I started pleasuring her. I made her lie on the bed and I fingered her too fast. Simultaneously, I pressed her boobs.

“Ooooh…Ohhh… Aaaaaaaah” my wife was screaming at the top of her voice that even our neighbors would have heard it.

After some time, my wife had an orgasm which was too intense. The whole of her body squirmed, her pussy released a lot of cum and she scratched my back in that intense orgasmic feel.

Our foreplay went on for about 45 minutes. But now since both of us had cum, we just lay there in each other’s arms just cuddling for some time.

This is the first part only. We had a very hot sex session after this. Based on the response, I will publish the second part.

To be continued.

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