Photographer For My Tiktok Queen Sister – Part 3


Hello dear readers, sorry for keeping you waiting. But as they say, better late than never. Here I am back with another part of my story. My stories are slow to unfold so please have patience and enjoy.

I woke up in the morning and gathered all that had happened in the past few days. From making innocent TikTok videos we bro-sis duo had entered into a new realm of modeling and professional photography. It was my passion to be a pro photographer and Anu didi wanted to be a supermodel.

Everything was going well or was it? Should we continue this? Because till now it was just me n Anu didi but involving a new person was risky but mostly I felt jealous because somewhere I was lusting for my sister’s hot body and wanted to be the male model in the photoshoot.

It was Sunday and my mom was at home so the shoot was automatically canceled. In the evening my sister asked me to take her shopping. We hired a cab and went to a nearby mall.

On the way I told her that I didn’t want her boyfriend Vikram to part of this. She took it normally and gave no particular reaction.

Anu didi, “Don’t you want me to shoot with a male model or you just have a problem with him?”

Me “I just don’t want these secrets to be exposed. You can’t trust people these days.” She gave a thoughtful expression and said, “Abhi, he is a good guy and I trust him. If not him then whom do you want to be involved.” I kept quiet for a few minutes and then I told, “I will be the model.”

She just smiled and grabbed my face and put it on her chest and slowly started caressing my hair. I could feel her boobs on my face, her left nipple was just an inch away from my mouth. The cab driver was also enjoying my sister’s body through the rearview mirror.

She was wearing a white crop t-shirt that exposed her navel completely while her boobs seemed to partly come out due to tightness.

Anu didi, “Abhi, I understand your concern about me. But to be a model you need to have a body with well-toned muscle, abs, and good height. And also tell me if you will do shoot then who is going to be the photographer?” in a motherly tone.

I had no answer to this and she was completely right. Neither I had looks and nor we had a spare photographer. It was better to take photos at home than in a studio in front of all those people.

Anu didi, “Don’t worry he is working for free, and don’t be so jealous the entire share is yours.” By saying this she took my hand and kept it on her breast slowly pressing it from above. I looked at my sister’s face and looked at the rear-view mirror to check if she knew that the cabbie could see us.

The driver was constantly looking and my sister knew it and she was knowingly doing this to tease him. After we reached the mall I told her that she was a cocktease to which she winked and said, “It’s my job to tease cocks and horny guys by exposing my hot body. I just never knew what my body could make.”

We entered a shop and started shopping. The shop had no customers and only a bunch of staff in a black tidy shirt and pants with spiky hair. They all looked good but one guy stood out in particular. He was one who was helping out my sister in choosing a dress.

I just sat on a chair and watched them. It wasn’t new to watch guys ogle my sister but this time my sister was acting slutty. She was purposely displaying her assets to that guy by bending over in front of his face for different excuses.

After she was done with selecting she called me and told me to get inside the changing room. I was shocked to hear and so was that guy. To which she just raised both of her eyebrows and said, “You have already seen everything it’s not new for you so just get in.”

I looked at the guy and he was continuously staring at my sister’s face and boobs with lust like he too wanted to get inside. I just kept quiet and went inside the darkroom. It was a bit larger than other changing rooms. I gave her some hand gestures asking what she was doing.

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She laughed and said, “Just keep quiet and enjoy. I am doing this to make you comfortable to watch your sister with another guy.” She started stripping one by one and I sat there dumbfounded watching her.

She completely removed every piece of cloth from her body. Standing nude giving me a view of her divine figure once again. Each time I saw her, my lust kept growing and I just wanted to fuck her then and there. She started trying on dresses and kept asking for my expert advice.

It was blurred by the scene of her pink nipples and pussy mound and she had no objection to it. Anu didi, “I like this dress but it is a bit lose. I have to get it right.” She opened the door wearing that dress and called for that earlier guy and told him to bring a measuring tape to fit this dress to her.

He quickly came back and she called him inside and told him to lock the door. It was a dark maroon sleeve-less one-piece reaching her upper thighs. I was sitting on the chair observing all that was going on, keeping track of Anu didi’s dirty mind.

He started taking measurements and my sister raised her arms directly upwards revealing her armpits. He looked at her face and saw her smiling which made him bold. He brought his face towards the right armpit and started smelling while his hands measured her chest slowly brushing her boobs.

My sister was enjoying this and so was me. The voyeuristic desire took over and it seemed so arousing. He kept on moving his hands over my sister’s body in the name of the measurement. Anu didi took his hands and pressed even tighter on her boobs.

She said, “I want it to be very tight. I want them to look bigger.” The guy was enjoying and he glanced over me and saw my hand on my crotch. Anu didi, “I think you have to check my ass too, I want it to be super tight there.” He nodded and bent down on his knees with his face behind her ass and hands on her waist.

The view was outrageously hot and my dick was super hard. All I wanted was to masturbate watching a stranger groping my sister. Anu didi saw me rubbing my dick over my pants. She smiled and brought one hand on her boobs and started pressing them while she pushed her ass on that guy’s face rubbing it.

After a few seconds, he became bold enough and started massaging my sister’s thighs touching her bare skin. I didn’t know how far Anu didi would allow him. He slowly then raised his one hand and pushed it inside the cloth trying to reach her pussy.

Anu didi then removed his hand and said, “I think it’s enough now. Can you get it delivered it to our house?”

He started to gather his breath and senses and hurriedly he replied, “ Mam, it’s Rs. 500 charge for home delivery.” Anu didi took a finger and rolled in his face telling, “Oh is it? But we are so busy these days can’t you come and drop it to our house personally on behalf of me?”

He was very happy to hear the offer and straightly said, “Sure mam, as you wish.” He went out with a smile and looking at me. After the payment, we came out and took a cab back home.

I was horrified by my sister’s actions. She was turning into a slut now seducing strangers. I tried to confront her by saying, “WTF was all that Anushka?”

Anu didi, “What did you say? How dare you yell at me and call me just by my name? All this new dress, mobile, the camera is all because of me. Don’t you dare raise a voice against me! Btw you were enjoying it. I didn’t see this anger then. I did all just to see if you were comfortable watching me with another guy or not. Which now I am sure you can’t.”

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Anu didi, “I will directly go to their studio and shoot with any guy they provide, and then you will sit shaking your dick in your hands.”

Me, “I am sorry didi, I will never repeat it. Please, don’t do this to me. I will do whatever you say.” I was scared by her I also thought it’s her choice and if she is okay with it why am I interfering and no matter I was enjoying all these.

Anu didi looked at me and said, “Its okay baby, I am doing all these for us, and it’s fine if we enjoy a bit in the process its part of the game. And I am not a slut who would let a stranger fuck her with his cock just in front of my dear brother,” smiling and caressing my inner thighs.

Me, “Didi I think we should tell mom about all these because at some point she will know about all this.”

Anu didi, “you don’t worry about it, I will handle it myself.”

After we reached home I went to my room and took a shower. After an hour I came outside for dinner and saw my sister and mom talking about something on the dining table.

Mom, “Abhi, you didn’t even tell this to your mother.” She said with a big smile on her face. Both Anu didi and mom were looking happy and looking at me and I gave them a fake laugh.

Mom, “I am proud of you two my daughter is going to be the next supermodel and my son the best photographer.”

Anu didi “mom, Abhi has some issues with me taking pictures with a male model he is being protective about me.”

Mom looked at me and said “Abhi, don’t be so prude you can’t make movies with females only,” and they both started to laugh. Little she knew what and how we were capturing and how her daughter was so eager to become a model.

Mom “Look I have no problem with it or what so ever. I think you should go ahead and just enjoy it.”

After dinner we all went to our respective room. Till then I had made up my mind to look at it as professionally as possible and remove all the biases for my sister. It was around 10 pm when my sister came inside the room while I tried to sleep.

Anu didi, “Abhi, are you awake?” I nodded and said, “What happened?” She said, “Listen na, Abhi I wanted some pictures of mine can you take some.”

Me, “you need now at night, why do you need it?” She handed her mobile to me and started removing her top. Anu didi “Just get up and take it.” She removed her top and pressed her boobs pushing her tongue outside.

I just took a few poses of her naked breast and gave the mobile to her. She did something on her mobile and she came and sat beside me. I looked at her screen and saw that she had sent it to Vikram. I got to know what was going on behind the scene.

He replied, “Oh, baby those titties are so cute. I want to bite them. Kisses.” She was smiling. He also sent an image of his upper body which showed his 6-packs and wide muscular chest. He had a very manly body and his nipples were brown and erect. His jawline was visible but not his face.

My sister opened the image and we both were looking at it. Anu didi, “Abhi, isn’t he hot? Look at his abs, they look so delicious I want to kiss it. And his nipples are so erect.”

“I am sure you like it too don’t you, Abhi,” she whispered in my ear. I just nodded and said, “Yes his body is nice.” Anu didi brought her tongue on my face and started licking it circling my ear. Another text was received which read, “Babe can you send me your pussy, my dick is dying to get inside it.”

She replied, “Sure babe but you have to send me your dick then.” Wink emoji. Anu didi gave her mobile to me and started removing her pajamas and panties getting completely naked.

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She then went towards the wall and pushed herself on it exposing her shapely ass while looking behind at camera.
Click… click…

She then sat on the bed keeping her legs wide wither two fingers opening her pussy lips. This was the first time I could see inside her pussy lips it was glistening with pre-cum.
Click… click…

Anu didi, “Now send it to him and wait for his message.” She sat on my bed. I received a message, “Babe, your pussy looks so hot I will cum in seconds. Btw, who is taking this picture.” I said this to Anu didi and she told me to reply that it’s you. “Are you sure I should send this?”

Anu didi, “Of course, the baby he already knows it.” So I replied, “It’s me, Abhishek, his brother.” He replied, “Oh, cool man. You take great pictures dude.”

I went near Anu didi and sat beside her waiting for a reply. He then sent an image of his dick after which Anu didi took mobile on her hand and started zooming on the image.

Anu didi, “Abhi, look at his dick, it is so big isn’t it? Can you see that pink dickhead and a drop of pre-cum on it?”

It was huge. I was amazed by his size. My sister caught me staring at his dick and said, “Do you like his big veiny fat cock Abhi?”

Me, “No, I mean, and yeah it’s big that’s it. I am not interested in another guy’s dick.” She chuckled to it and looked at my eyes.

Anu didi “Don’t be embarrassed, Abhi, just because your sister has caught you looking at a big fat cock doesn’t mean you are bi or something. You might have watched lots of dicks while in peeing outside in college and all.”

Anu didi, “It’s just fine to admire such thick cock and it’s beauty. Everybody likes big cock it’s nothing to be ashamed of baby,” whispering in a sultry tone. Her dirty talk got me excited and she knew it was turning me on.

Me, “I am not admiring his dick, you making me look at it” and I looked the other way.

Anu didi, “Oh, am I making you look his dick. So bad just don’t look then. But its better you get used to it as you are the one will be taking pictures of it later.” He again sent a pic of him cumming all over his chest.

Anu didi looked at me and said, “Abhi, look at all this cum. It looks so yummy isn’t it? I would love to taste his cum. I am so eagerly waiting to suck on his cock.” My dick was completely hard till then.

Anu didi “I am so horny now, I want to cum so bad. Btw, why are you so hard is it because of me or this fat cock?” I gave an angry expression to her to which she laughed again.

Anu didi, “Don’t panic bro I am just pulling your leg. I know you are horny because your sexy sister is naked sitting beside you. Now, go take care of your arousal while I will check on my sweet dildo.” Winking she said and started to wear her clothes back.

She went towards the door and turned back, “Abhi, tomorrow we shall have our photoshoot think about some good poses.” She smiled and went.

This is the end, for now. I will be back again soon. Please, email me your feedback. Email id: [email protected]

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