Playing With My Sexy Atha (Aunt) In Her Kitchen


Hello guys! This is your Rocky Raju, back with another story after this story. Thank you everyone for your amazing feedback.

This next story is a real-life incident that happened two months ago between me and my aunt, Lakshmi. My aunt is wheatish in color, with 34C boobs. She usually wears sarees at home. We already had some sexual feelings for each other, and we used to touch each other regularly.

That day, my grandma was at her sisters’ home and my uncle had gone to the office. I woke up late and found my aunt cooking in the kitchen. Knowing that nobody was at home, I went and hugged her. She told me to go and freshen up. I quickly got ready and went back to her and hugged her again from the back.

She was not resisting, so I put my hand on her waist and started kissing her on her neck. My hand was touching her all over her waist. My dick was pressing against her ass.

Me: Atha (Aunt), you are so sexy in this saree and I cannot control myself.
Aunt: Wait dear, let me finish the cooking.
Me: No, I want to do it like this.

And when I started pressing her boobs from inside her saree, my aunt started moaning, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!”

Slowly, I turned her around and we started eating each other’s lips. I made her pallu fall off her breasts. She started removing her hooks one after another. I could see her full, red bra on her wheatish skin. I put my tongue in between her cleavage and kept licking her for 10 minutes.

Then, I put my hand behind her back and removed the bra. I could see her boobs pop out and hitting my face.

Aunt: Ahhh! Do it slowly.
Me: Don’t worry atha, and kissed her boobs first.

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I was moving one hand on the left boob, squeezing it, while the other was in my mouth. My aunt’s moaning got even louder, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” After sucking on her tits for 15 minutes, I moved down to her legs and pushed my face inside her saree. Everything was dark so nothing was visible.

So, I sent my hand searching for her pussy and I could feel a little hair. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I pulled my head out from under her saree.

Me: Atha, you forgot to wear panties inside.
Aunt: I removed it for you, Rocky.

When I heard this, I was flying in the air and quickly pushed my head back inside her saree. I put my tongue out and started licking her pussy and she was moaning.

Aunt: Why don’t you come out and lick it?
Me: I like it this way, atha.

After some time, I came out and lifted her saree to her waist and made her hold it. Here comes the horny part.

Aunt: What happened, beta? Why did you make me hold it?
Me: Just hold it for a second.

Then I caught hold of her, lifted her, and made her sit on the kitchen platform. I could see her dark pussy, with its hair shining as the sunlight was exactly falling on that spot. I put my face forward and started licking it.

Aunt: Beta, please do it slowly, I cannot bear your tongue.

Without listening to her, I was vigorously eating her pussy. When her pussy was completely wet with my saliva, I opened her pussy lips and touched her clitoris. She gave a sudden jerk ad I asked her, “What happened, atha?”

Aunt: Nothing beta, your touch was so strong.

I continued to eat her pussy and pushed one finger into it, then started going in and out. Later, I introduced two, then three fingers, and she was screaming.

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Aunt: Aaahhhhhhh! Stop it!

But I was in no mood to listen. After a long time, when she was about to squirt, I stopped, to tease her, and she suddenly looked at me and asked, “Why did you stop?” And with an innocent face, I replied, “You asked me to stop.”

She got off the kitchen platform angrily and set her saree back in place. I pushed her down to the floor and made her sit on her knees.

Me: Suck my dick and return the favor.
Aunt: No, you stopped in between, and I am not going to do you any favors.

But I grabbed her head and pushed my dick into her mouth and started moving it to and fro.

Aunt: Blurrppp! Lurppppp! Blruppppp!

I was enjoying it and after 15 minutes of mouth fucking, I relieved her and made her lie down. Then, I removed her saree and got completely naked myself. When I got on top of her and lied down, my dick was touching her pussy. I teased her like that for some time.

Aunt: Please stop and put it in. Give your dick to me.
Me: Beg me to get my dick inside you.
Aunt: Please! Please! Push it in!

When I heard this, I got completely horny and gave a huge thrust at once and she let out a muffled scream. I was going to and fro while she kept moaning. When I reduced my pace, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started moving her legs so that my dick was entering her pussy.

After fucking her for 30 minutes, I was lying on the floor and she was adjusting my dick to enter her pussy. She started jumping up and down on my dick continuously, at full speed. While doing so she leaned forward and I could see her boobs near my mouth. My naughty brain, I caught hold of those boobs and squeezed them hard. I was about to cum when she stopped abruptly to take revenge on me.

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Me: Atha, what happened? Why did you stop?
Aunt: You did the same to me.
Me: Okay, I am sorry for that. Let’s compromise.

She stood up, and I stood up so fast that I pushed her to the platform and locked her between my arms. Her back was facing me, and my dick was touching her ass. I made her bend against the platform and entered her pussy from behind.

Aunt: Stop it Rocky!
Me: We have compromised. Let’s make a peace treaty like this.

Saying so, I started ramming her from behind. After thrusting for a long time, finally, I came inside her. She was on pills so I am not a father yet.

Thank you guys for reading. Please do share your valuable feedback at [email protected] There is a continuation of this story. Also, any horny aunties in Hyderabad can reach out to me at the same email.

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