Priya: My Hot Sexy Neighbor


Hello, guys, I am Priyesh living in Kolkata. The story which I am going to tell you had occurred during my recent vacation.

This was the time when my vacation got started. I was all set to go to my native village after a long time. I reached my village around 10 in the morning. In the village, I stayed with my grandparents. They were very happy because of my arrival.

We have a large vegetable farm in which there are many laborers are working and my grandfather looks after the vegetable farm. I had been in my village for starting eight years of my life. So a major part of my childhood was spent in the village.

I used to visit my neighborhood in a frequent manner in order to avoid my studies and used to play too much. Now after this long time many things have been changed. The kuccha buildings were pucca now. I was given the last room which was actually nice.

There were two windows in my room. I put down my luggage in the room and went to talk to my grandma. I felt nice after talking to her. Since it was winter we were talking on the roof. I asked how is the neighborhood? She told me that they are nice and helpful.

Mahesh (neighborhood uncle) also owns a grocery shop in the nearby market. I again asked who is in Mahesh uncle’s family? Her wife Vidya and daughter Priya. Their son lives in town for studies and Priya is in junior college. She lives in the village only and goes for coaching in the nearby village.

After that, I had my lunch and slept. In the evening when I was going to the farm with my Grandpa, a girl came and touched the feet of grandfather. She was hot and her silver nose ring was making her even hotter. Later on, I asked my Grandpa who was she?

He told me she is Priya our neighborhood Mahesh’s daughter. Until that time I had no bad intentions about her. The next day when after lunch I was in my room, I heard the sound of a handpump like someone was taking bath. I just peeped outside the window and was shocked to see Priya bathing.

Actually, she was not bathing exactly in open. The handpump was having wooden walls on two sides. One side was my room and the other side was for a pathway. At first, I went and locked my room from inside so that nobody can enter the room. I started peeping.

Priya was in thin yellow salwar, which became transparent due to water and in a dark blue panty with flowers imprinted on it. She was wearing a bra also. Her ass was facing me. Her clothes were completely taken into the shape of her body. She was having a nice ass and the panty had gone inside her ass crack.

After pouring a few buckets of water she turned around and had taken off her salwar too. It was nice to watch her stripping herself. Her bra was white in color with some design near her cleavage. Her boobs were not so big but not so small too. She was now in bra and panty only.

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Then she turned around to take the towel and put it on her neck. With her back facing me she opened the hooks of her bra and removed it. Her bareback was now visible to me. I was praying for her to turn around and show me her boobs. But she covered her boobs with a towel and went inside her room with panties on.

I was cursing my bad luck. After a few minutes, she came back wearing salwar and leggings. Her wet hairs along with no makeup made me think about seducing her. She then took her wet bra and salwar, washed it and went away. After this, I masturbated and slept.

The very next day I was waiting for her since morning. I didn’t leave my room even for a single time and focused my ears on the handpump sound. Around 11:30 PM handpump started. I locked the gate of my room and reached the window as fast as I can!

Probably I did it in 5 seconds and it was all because of the beauty of Priya.
But I was shocked, it was Vidya aunty in petticoat and blouse both in red. But the blouse was redder than her petticoat. And then Priya came and sat near the handpump with the same salwar and leggings.

Vidya now started washing her saree which she removed. She was sitting and was using her hands to wash. Vidya was a little chubby with a huge pair of boobs and broad ass. While washing saree her flesh near the stomach folded, which was too sexy to watch.

Meanwhile, Vidya asked Priya that does she know that a boy from the city came into the neighborhood. On this Priya replied that she not only knows but also seen him. I then understood that they are talking about me.

Vidya: Where did you see him?
Priya: He was going somewhere with his Grandpa a day before yesterday.

Vidya: How does he look?
Priya: He is tall and fair. I didn’t talk to him neither did he. He looked nice.

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Vidya had now done the washing. She just kept it aside and stood. The petticoat got wet around her ass as she was sitting near the handpump. Petticoat was sticking to her ass and she just pulled it so that petticoat doesn’t stick to her ass anymore.

She then turned her face towards me and started opening the blouse hooks. I was getting very excited. When her blouse hooks were completely opened her boobs unlocked and hanged a little. She wasn’t wearing any bra. Her nipples were dark brown.

Until now she had removed her blouse completely on put it on the handpump’s floor. Her boobs were actually very huge with several lines mark on it. It was a sign that her boobs were used too much during sex and enlarged due to this. I was busy enjoying Vidya’s boobs. She opened the knot of her petticoat.

I thought she would be removing her petticoat too but she didn’t do it. After opening the knot she scratched near the knot which made her petticoat to slide down a little bit from front. Now some part of the pussy hair was also visible.
She turned around and started filling the bucket.

Meanwhile, both Vidya and Priya kept talking about some stuff. When Vidya poured the water on her body her petticoat slid a little bit due to the water force. Now her ass crack was also visible. Just imagine how sexy it is to watch a mature chubby woman with bareback and ass crack visible.

By now I started masturbating. Her ass was getting more visible with every bucket of water she poured. The petticoat was completely sticking to her ass cheeks and taken the shape of her ass completely. After pouring 6-7 buckets of water she turned around to take the soap kept on the floor.

The water drops were falling from her nipples drop by drop made me to cum at the same moment. She was now soaping her belly and then pulled her boobs up and soaped below her boobs. She put her finger inside her belly button and soaped it from inside.

After this, she bent down and pulled her petticoat up soaped till her thighs.
Priya: Mom why don’t you remove your petticoat and apply soap all around. There is nobody watching you.

Vidya then pulled her petticoat down and was applying soap all around. She applied soap on her pussy and ass cheeks. She was having a hairy pussy. After applying soap Vidya turned around and my eyes are now stuck around her ass. She has a nice big fair ass. Her ass crack was awesome.

And her ass cheeks were like that of pornstars, when spanked keep shaking for a long time. For filling the water she has to bend and stand continuously which made her ass cheeks to shake fast. And when she poured water from her head all the foam slides from top to bottom of her body.

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Some of the foam passed down all through her ass cheeks and some disappeared in her ass crack. After washing all the foam from her body Vidya asked Priya for a towel from the room. Priya got inside and bring out a white towel. Vidya started drying her nude body with the help of the towel.

Priya: Mom can I ask you a question?
Vidya: What?
Priya: Mom your boobs and ass are so big and mine is not so big as yours. When I get married my husband will fantasize about you instead of me.

Vidya: Listen you are having good assets and you should not worry about this.
Priya: But mom see the size of my boobs, it is much smaller than yours.
Vidya: Listen, mine was also not so big before marriage. It all happened after the marriage because of your father.

After saying this Vidya went towards her room with her shaking ass. Even Priya was watching her mom’s ass.

Now it was the turn of Priya to take bath. But that is in the next part. Also, I got a blowjob from Priya in my bathroom and then fucked her at her house. But I will write the next part only when I get a response from your side. Your feedback is the only thing that will keep me writing stories in the future.

You can mail me at [email protected] Any women or girl from Kolkata or nearby areas can also contact me for an adventure.

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